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  1. Thank you so much for the hi-res version, cindilu! :thbighug-1:
  2. Gotta second those emotions, ldyjocelyn! That banner is gorgeous and so is Minneapolis Clay. Gotta love a lip bite!
  3. {{{jmh}}} Please accept my condolences for the loss of your Mom. merrieeee I've been meaning to tell you how much I love your siggy. It's sooo true and I smile every time I see your posts.
  4. *raises hand too* And I'm right there with you on the way he says 'yonder'. 'Shine on' doesn't grab me so much but that 'yonder' rings my bell! I'm so excited about the gala I can hardly stand it! I'm leaving on Wed. from MI, and flying to Atlanta where I'll meet up with my daughter. On Thurs., kcudawg is driving to my daughter's to join us in our road trip to Raleigh on Friday morning. I think we may be slightly crazy, cause kcudawg has to drive about 5 hrs. in the opposite direction from Raleigh to meet up with us. But what the heck, we just had to have our road trip time. We miss it
  5. jmh123 Thanks so much for the link. That site is full of very useful information! back atcha!
  6. Does anyone know if the restaurant has it's own parking area? Typically, I would just walk from the Marriott but this year I have a bum foot. TIA.
  7. Hey bottlecap, thanks for the kind words. Just wanted to remind everyone that the very nice folks who oversee the silent auction every year will now ship your items for you at a very reasonable cost. I even framed my mosaic using Plexiglass instead of regular glass to make shipping it easier, safer and lighter/less costly. So bid away!
  8. Soooooooo hard to choose! Number 2 has that darling crooked smile with those darling teeth of yore. *mourns the teeth still, just a little bit* Makes me want to just pinch his cheeks, he's so adorable. But Number 1 has those jeans. Those jeans...those jeans...they speak to me. I try to turn a deaf ear, but I can't. I'm only human after all. weakening weakening *succumbs to the power of the jeans* Number 1 it is.
  9. lindylo posted this info at CV: Jamie posted on her public professional Facebook that she will be out of her salon from October 20 to November 9. It could be for a vacation but I wonder if maybe Clay is doing some promo appearances. Speculators R Us Those dates seemed familiar so I did a search. Coincidence or...? Hmmm. Here are the dates of the David Foster and Friends Tour. Tour dates are as follows: 21-Oct Chicago, IL Wed Rosemont Theatre 23-Oct New York, NY Fri WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden 24-Oct Newark, NJ Sat Prudential Center 25-Oct Boston, MA Sun Agganis Arena 28-Oct A
  10. If anyone can make this picture bigger, I'd certainly appreciate it! Sorry for the postho-ing. I forgot about the request for the larger pic. Not much to work with in the way of resolution so it gets grainy if I take it much larger. Did anyone else get a load of the length of that thumb? ETA: Thanks for the info, ldyjocelyn
  11. Thanks so much Scarlett. I sent her an email explaining that you had to work so she wouldn't worry. Backatcha! ETA: Can someone tell this greenhorn why I have this extra stuff under my name over there <<<< like "home board"? I've tried to make it go away and it won't.
  12. Someone I know is looking for an extra $250 gala ticket. I posted about it in the gala breakfast thread, but I didn't know if many people would see it there. So if anyone has a lead on one for sale, please drop me a PM. TIA! Hope you can forgive this newbie for interrupting.
  13. Thanks, FromClaygary! I'm so excited to be going and looking forward to seeing everyone!
  14. If there is still room, I'd love to attend also. My daughter and kcudawg are traveling with me so we would be a group of 3.
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