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  1. Between The Grinch and Clay and Ruben I haven't laughed this much at a promo run in ages!! 😂😂 Unfortunately I'm unable to go (working in retail doesn't exactly allow taking vacations in December) but I am loving everything that's being brought over. Thank you for all the hard work!
  2. Hi there, long time no see! I hope this post finds everyone well this evening I'm posting because I'm in a bit of a bind... I do come here a few times a week still to see what's going on, and I thank you all for posting the tidbits that come out! (even his tweets, because while I follow him I don't always catch his posts.) Occasionally though I like to read from CV as well since sometimes there's things there that don't always make their way here.. and that's where my issue is. Apparently I can no longer sign in, it's telling me my username or password is wrong, and when I go to reset my password, the captcha is outdated and doesn't give a code to input. So I am currently stuck. I'm wondering if someone here could relay the message about their captcha being inactive? And to see if that will allow me to reset my password. Other than that, all I can think of is I got locked out perhaps as well. I did try a few passwords before finding my correct one lol. Or lastly, have they maybe been deleting "inactive" users? I don't post there, I rarely ever did, but I do like to lurk and occasionally read, and I have just within the past month. I can't think that this happened though? Any help to get back in would be appreciated..
  3. I'll probably be the only one to do it but I'm submitting an Ed Sheeran song ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I can be thanked for not choosing a song by my favorite Japanese band at least lol (even though I'd love to see Clay try)
  4. thank you!! it's been great so far. not a lot of fuss which I like, and when I walked in the door getting home there was a nice bottle of wine and a birthday card waiting for me! Last weekend my mom and I drove out to Cheesecake Factory since that's what I really wanted most in terms of a birthday dinner. my big birthday presents to myself are an Ed Sheeran concert at the end of this month and.... cross your fingers.... meeting Benedict Cumberbatch this weekend in Toronto! If I don't, I'll at least get to see him in person (which I'm not ready for if I'm honest hahah). OT to this post but I gotta ask quickly, what's this Bold episode drama I missed? 👀 I haven't had time to watch them...
  5. thank you!! I finally got to see it now itsfeastintheBenedictfandomwithDoctorStrangepromofinallystartingwoooo
  6. Soooo does anyone know if the 2 clips from The View posted here is the whole thing (completely forgot to tape it)? or know any reason why CV doesn't have it in the vault yet? I found the full Bold episode, plan to watch that later (also surprised the vault doesn't have that yet either). I don't really go on CV unless I need to so if I missed something.... ? Thanks for all the hard work you do ldyj and merrieeee to bring things over, I've been keeping up with his segments with Megan McCain, I really enjoy them!!
  7. Amazing, an appearance I could catch! lol been keeping up with all the stuff lately and I was always too little too late and had to wait till just the other day when CV finally got everything up. I officially feel multi-fandom lol hope everyone is doing well!
  8. It's a bit slow so I hope you don't mind me sharing these... I was going through my Benedict folder the other day and came across this image I forgot I had. The resemblance of it to an old photo of Clay makes me giggle every time http://i.imgur.com/hKfBTsp.jpg Then there's also this one..... http://i.imgur.com/wJu0WUK.jpg Not the same photographers fyi. But the coincidence makes me laugh I'll scuttle off now, have work later and a few things I want to get done before I have to leave. Anyone who's in the path of the storm, stay safe!
  9. Caught the web concert last week and loved it (of course!) and wondered when he was going to be on. I got my dvr set!
  10. So I'm kinda lost on this Politicon thing. How many panels is Clay doing and when are they all? Is there a list somewhere? While I'm here I should mention some RL news.. I got kittens! It's been a week and a half now and are 8 weeks old; a boy (Thor) and a girl (Arya; guess the references! heh) from the same litter. My god do they have energy!!!
  11. Wait, what? When? I must have missed it haha I was just peeking in cause the gala was this weekend Saw the Periscopes too, of course! Really nice to see Nick come aboard. Not much going on with me, just work mostly. I went to see a band named Alt-J in concert last week, they're currently like my spirit animal, if animals were bands lol fantastic show though! Made me love them more! Hope everyone's doing well!
  12. I live in the district Melissa Gilbert wants to run for... I kinda wonder if she'll come by our dinky town lol
  13. Detroit's a pretty happenin' place these days merriieeee (: I hope you enjoy your return!
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