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  1. Yes, have a wonderful time. So nice that Clay sang at the wedding. If I don't get here tomorrow I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  2. Everyone heading to the Gala, have a blast!!! Safe travels as well. I've never been to one, so I live vicariously through all of you.
  3. A very happy birthday, shortyjill!!! Your BD present to yourself sounds wonderful! I so hope your sister is safe, idyjocelyn. Such a worry. Hugs.
  4. I am so worried about all of our Clay friends in the path of the hurricane. We don't have hurricanes up here in ND, but we certainly know what it's like to have flooding. I just can't imagine 30 to 40 inches of rain. If that happened here, the whole eastern part of the state would be underwater since we are so flat. Stay safe those who are in the path.
  5. Aw...how sweet of Clay to post that message to his beloved son. And that pancake breakfast with the whipped cream and the sprinkles is just what a boy of 9 would want. Happy Birthday, Parker!!!
  6. Oh, man! Sharknado is a hoot and a half! I know the humor is not everyone's cup of tea, but I thought it was so campy it was fun. Clay's part was great! I really dug his accent. The hair was...um...interesting. LOL
  7. I love the Great British Baking Show. Such talented bakers! I also love the hosts. idyjocelyn, it's hot here, too, but I imagine it's relative. Hitting 90 is hot for us up here in ND. Unfortunately, the western and central part of the state are under a severe drought. So many ranchers have had to sell their cattle since they can't feed them. Here in the eastern part, the Red River Valley, things are quite good. What a cute banner. Thanks to jmh and all who make this board such a great place.
  8. YAY!!! What a great bio they have of him on the site. And a kick ass picture, too.
  9. idyjocelyn, cute! Since our kids are all at their respective lakes, we cleaned house. Yes, we are pathetic. But...we did pull at T-bone steak out of the freezer that my DH bought the other day. That and a baked spud and a tossed green salad shall be our supper. It's 90 degrees and super duper humid up here in Boondockville today so staying indoors is a good thing. I just hope he doesn't pass out cooking the steak on the grill. LOL I hope you all are having a safe and happy holiday. When I was teaching my juniors American literature, we always read the Declaration of Independence and discussed the events surrounding its creation. If you haven't ever read it, I'd recommend it. It's a masterpiece of a document and truly revolutionary in its views and beliefs.
  10. Thanks so very much for the recaps, everyone. Personally, I don't think Clay had any reason to apologize to Kim L. at all. She was way out of line to say anything about a tour before she confirmed it. I can't imagine any entertainer would have had any other response than what Clay did. Sometimes friendships can't be mended by just one person. Both have to forgive and forget, and it seems Kim L. didn't and won't. Too bad, so sad... Gosh, the banner is HAWT!!!