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  1. This has really been a lot of fun. I looked forward to seeing these gorgeous pictures every day. Sorry to see it end. Thanks for all your hard work.
  2. #1 for me. I just love the bearded hunk. None of my favorites made it to the finals either so I'm sad. I love both of these pictures but bearded Clay usually wins out for me.
  3. Don't think I can decide. It's usually pretty clear-cut for me, but this is a tough one. Can't do it.
  4. Well, naturally my favorite is losing big time which I can't believe. I just cannot vote against the close-up profile with stubble and closed eyes. I'm really depressed it's going to go down to defeat!
  5. This is toooooooo hard. I agree that I don't want either one to get kicked off the island. I'll have to think about this and vote later, after work. I can't do it. I love then both for different reasons. This is just not fair!
  6. Nothing difficult about this choice for me. #1 gets my vote.
  7. Oh Crap. I meant to vote for #1 but accidentally voted for #2. Oh well. I like them both but #1 always gets to me and touches my heart. Wish there was a way to take back my vote and do it over again. I can't believe I did that.
  8. I thought it was losing but it's not. Whoohoo! Finally something I like is winning.
  9. #2 for me even though I'm sure it won't win.
  10. This was such a no-brainer for me today. #2 all the way. Everything about that picture is so breath-taking. The profile, the stubble, the fingers, the closed eyes! Just gaaaaaaaaah. I love #1 too, especially since I was there but there is just no contest for me. I even had #2 as my desktop for a really long time.
  11. I love long haired Clay too but this particular picture is not one of my favorites. There were several others taken at the same event that were so much better than this one. I think it's the angle of this one or something but it's not flattering. I love his hair long like it was during the JNT 06. He looked amazing during that tour!
  12. I know I said that I wasn't sure I was going to vote any more but I couldn't help myself. #1 for me, no matter which one wins.
  13. I'm sure most poeple will continue to vote. That's just me and I haven't made up my mind yet.
  14. I agree cindilu. I'm sad. I like #1 but I personally think #2 is a much better picture. It's very rare when the one I like best wins. I may not vote any more.
  15. I can't believe I'm first to vote this morning, for only the second time. It's #2 for me. Love love love the darker, longer hair, open shirt, scarf and the little smirk on his face. I love the Snowflake pictures. This one has it all for me but it's probably doomed to lose. I love it anyway!
  16. I should have know the Tyra picture would win, since I didn't vote for it-LOL. I love the Tyra pictures but loved the other one more. Oh well. That's life.
  17. The bearded hunk is the winner for me today too. I love scruffy Clay. The scruffier the better. We're still getting the profile and those gorgeous eyelashes! So far it's winning but who knows by the end of the day. Scruffy Clay is always my choice! Which one won yesterday? Whenever I check back it says the poll is closed but I never know the winner.
  18. I finally made up my mind and went with #2. naturally it's losing!
  19. Crap is right. This is a tough one. Love both pics. Love the GQ look of #! but loved everything about #2. Still thinking about it.
  20. Whoops! I voted for #1 but wrote that I voted for #2. Thanks for pointing out my mistake-LOL. #1 for me, not #2.
  21. These two choices are so not fair. This is the first time it's been difficult for me. While Clay with kids usually always gets my vote, I can't ever vote against any of these particular Leno pictures. Long, lean, sexy Clay with that gorgeous stubble does it to me, I mean for me, every single time. I personally have never seen him look hotter than he did that night, not to mention how funny he was. I was there too so those Leno pictures have even more meaning. #2 for me!
  22. This was quite a bit tougher than usual for me. I love both of these for different reasons. Love "the look" in #1 but #2 is the whole package( yeah, I know!). I love the whole look of #2. Love the pants, hands in pockets, open shirt. My choices hardly ever win.
  23. Is it my imagination or didn't we already vote on these? Regardless, it's such an easy choice today. It's #2 all the way. Love the stubble, the profile, the expressive hands, the closed eyes. Need I say more? I think not-LOL
  24. Not difficult for me at all. I picked #1. Love the look on his face, the clothes, and I was there at that show/concert. Don't care that much for #2.
  25. I also went with #2. I agree about panting ove the pants-LOL. I love long, lean, sexy Clay. I'm probably the only one that never cared for that first picture. It doesn't even look like Clay to me. #2 has much more impact for me.