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  1. He was also very, very beautiful... Lashes! If you want to know why I love him so, it's in his kiss! Slideshow
  2. Terrific recap, laughn. I'm in awe of your recall. :bowdown: aikim, congrats on your autograph. My photoshop skillz are being put to the test with the few decent Ft. Wayne photos I got
  3. Can't wait to hear more deets from laughn. One thing - I thought he said about the transition between the Who's Sorry Now madness and the next song. Either way, it was so cute how he just blurted it out. He's such a boy sometimes! ETA: if he's that sensitive to the crowd reaction then we'll never again get Misty as an encore I'm sorry we didn't get to chat (again). We pretty much ran from the venue to get on the road home. If Clay should hire Scarlett for Clack taking, he should absolutely hire luckiest1 for her mad chronicling skillz. I am very glad that I travel with her on most of my Clay adventures. Typing yeah, that is so much easier!!!
  4. Just in case y'all missed it.... CLAY SANG THE REAL ME TONIGHT!!!!! Where is the cartwheel-into-heart-attack emotie???? Why, oh why was I not there? I wants it. I neeeeeds it. Precioussssssssssss.
  5. Hey Caro! I heard back from my friend and she said 'go for it'. LOL! Then she asked me about his hair. She is SO in the cult!!!
  6. Just got a text from luckiest1 in the PBS M&G. No autographs and a group photo of 10. Dang - luckiestdaughter was at this one with hopes of her first Clay up-close. She said there were more like 200 than 75 people. She said he was great though - shook hands, asked names. Not much he can do with that many folks. Hopefully they get a great concert experience though! Hehehe, just got another text that reads: Jerome said 'no squeezing the booty cheeks', and he meant it!! BWAHHHH!! I'm afraid to know what instigated that one!
  7. What is really odd is that right now, it looks fine. But then I'll come back and it will be all bold again. I am using Windows 7 and FF here at work, but was the same at home last night on my laptop with XP and FF. Now I'll hit submit and see if it's all bold again! The cellcert/participation stuff - guess it is what it is. There were 197 people on the CV thread at one point.
  8. I was there for a while, but it's not much fun to be all alone (tm King Arthur). Excitement needs to be shared to thrive. Can you stand a truly 'not just us' story? A little background: I have a friend in Germany that I made through another fandom (not music related) and over the course of our 'getting to know you' emails, I told her a little about my 'other obsession' (Clay) but honestly didn't go OTT or even really explain much about him. I asked first if she was familiar with AI, and she said she knew Kelly C, but that was pretty much it. She hadn't heard of Clay (or Ruben for that matter) at all. So after my excitement over FL and Cleveland, she asked a little more about him and I sent her links to "Where Do I Begin, Love Story Theme"/Love Story, Crying and "Mack The Knife" from Cleveland. She was v complimentary about the vids but didn't really say much more. This morning I got another email from her, in response to something I'd asked her (again, unrelated) and this is what she sent back (edited the unrelated parts). Keep in mind she is just learning English (from the message boards no less!). It really made me smile! Welcome to the cult, honey! Does anyone know why all the posts appear to be bolded? If you 'edit' then go back out, even if you don't change anything, they revert to normal text.ETA: until you exit and come back - then it's all bold again. *scratches head*
  9. Wow, those are some gorgeous pics (snix). *vows henceforth to leave her camera in her room*
  10. Last of the Cleveland bunch. The dark background was the hardest to get focus with, but they're worth it just to see his hands.
  11. That is just too funny, cindilu2! I am sending this story to Sally. ETA: cindilu, I read your post to Sally, and she said, "Ah ha ... When Harry Met Sally!" luckiest1, headed back up to read your recap. Many thnx to all for sharing! Caro Heheheh, it was indeed a Sally-ish moment. Except for I wasn't faking it.
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