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  1. Oh gracious. Just one of my favorite things ever. Thanks for the heads-up. Lovely.
  2. Seriously!! Calm down! hahahaha Awesome blog. Thanks for pasting it here.
  3. Ah! It was an old photo with Demi Lovato from 2011...not sure why it recently popped up in my newsfeed on FB, and of course when I went back to find it later, I couldn't find it. Dug a little deeper to locate it, since I asked the question. Oldie but cutie. http://i.ytimg.com/v...drcxxYTbg/0.jpg
  4. For those that don't know, Angela (Clay's former backup singer) is nominated for a Grammy! Curious, so I searched and found the audio for Angie Fisher's song "IRS" which actually is about money trouble. LOL Definitely fits the category for which she is nominated. https://soundcloud.c...h/irs-main-eq-5 merrieeee so happy to hear you enjoyed some happy times this holiday season. Got my youngest daughter (age 21) married on December 20th, which went great...followed by our first Christmas with son-in-law, which also went great. Young man made me breakfast, huzzah! Hope all is well with all of you. I have been off-line for such a long time, just lurking, but I plan to post more in 2015 here and on Facebook. My 'end of year' FB slideshow was pitiful. haha Thanks for the great "Timeline" review. Busy year! Did I see Clay was involved in New Year's Eve celebration somewhere?
  5. Aw...if it's the note I'm thinking of, I recall in a later performance how he crossed his fingers and then NAILED that rebellious note to the wall. Nailed it to the wall and slapped it upside the head 'til it begged for mercy. hee
  6. So much fun reading all the recaps and viewing the photos/snippets, etc. I always enjoy a healthy dose of Clay Aiken and he looks (and sounds) gooood!
  7. Fear, I remember those days...I kept several empty laundry baskets available so if we were caught off-guard for a showing, we could run around tossing clutter into laundry baskets, which could then be stashed in our car. Luckily our previous homes sold very quickly due to all the prep work we did before listing them. So, Clay's going to perform on Idol. I no longer watch the show, but will definitely tune in for that, if only on the off-chance that my doing so will contribute to a "raise your hand if you're still interested in Clay Aiken" for the networks. Good luck finding the ipad, ldyj. My dad finally broke down and bought an iPad and I really hope he is able to hang on to it.
  8. Bah on Trump. Yay for Clay. That's all I got at the moment. ((((HUGS))))) to the fans. ((((((BIGGER HUGS)))))) to Clay. And high fives for how gorgeous he looked during the finale!
  9. Someone please shut Aubrey up! I can't decide which I dislike more...Lisa's profane mouth or Aubrey's conceit. I wanted to like Dayana and maybe she is a good person, but her droning interjections got on my nerves. I'm kind of relieved she's gone. Whew. Having trouble enjoying this show, for real! LOL
  10. Bwahaha, well, I know the the...er...feline jokes wouldn't take long. LOL
  11. Got to listen to some interviews this evening, just a couple of quick ones, but enjoyed hearing his laugh again. Since I started working again, I haven't had time to turn around twice, never mind keep up with the forums. Watched Celebrity Apprentice mostly fast-forward, just to see the guy's portion of things. Did I mention I got a job? I didn't? I'm working again, y'all! Thanks to my lovely friend merrieeee, who recommended me and who suggested I apply with a staffing service, I have been offered a 90 day "try out" with a really great company. ONLY downside is the commute (well, that, and it's not OFFICIAL until I'm actually hired for real), but hey, I have applied for jobs all the way downtown before, so I was mentally prepared to go the distance. But yeah, after MONTHS and MONTHS of searching fruitlessly and applying for all kinds of work and getting nowhere, one recommendation from my buddy got me in the door and on my way! I don't know how to say "thanks" enough! Anyway, so, that's a bit of good news. Still nothing near out of the financial and emotional black hole, but at least I am now holding a flashlight. It has been surprisingly painless to reenter the workforce. Feels natural to be doing this work, probably from the many experiences I had while volunteering at merrieeee's workplace...it prepared me to do all kinds of secretarial tasks...so again, I could NOT have done this without my friend making a way for me to learn on the job to GET a job. Topic? Um. Clay Aiken is working, too, y'all! LOL It has been interesting watching him on tv. Had "Under the Boardwalk" in my head for two days after hearing Clay sing it. Y'all hang in there. ((((HUGS)))) to those who need them. Need to go to bed earlier than I've been doing. Playing 'catch up' in the evenings is still very new.
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