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  1. Bold today. Guest loves Clay's Solitaire and wants him to rerecord or rerelease it (unclear which).
  2. Clay looked great on Bold this morning. Was good to see him back. There were puppies in the last segment. Got to watch him with a puppy for about 7 minutes. And saw pictures of Harlem, who Parker wanted to name New York City.
  3. Check out @clayaiken’s Tweet:
  4. Google alert:
  5. Yes, I thought that was unfair, also. As usual, Clay, second place!
  6. Clay will be on The View as Meghan's friend in the next half hour. That's why he wasn't on Bold this morning.
  7. For anyone who enjoys Randy Rainbow, he has a new video out. Elton John is in the new movie Kingsman 2. A small part, but more than a cameo.
  8. Faithfully passed Ashes for 1st place & Falling is a VERY close 3rd-Vote by 3pmET tmrrw #VoteforaSong #ChampionsGala
  9. Read somewhere Clay will be on WUWT tomorrow!