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  1. Yes, I thought that was unfair, also. As usual, Clay, second place!
  2. Clay will be on The View as Meghan's friend in the next half hour. That's why he wasn't on Bold this morning.
  3. For anyone who enjoys Randy Rainbow, he has a new video out. Elton John is in the new movie Kingsman 2. A small part, but more than a cameo.
  4. Faithfully passed Ashes for 1st place & Falling is a VERY close 3rd-Vote by 3pmET tmrrw #VoteforaSong #ChampionsGala
  5. Read somewhere Clay will be on WUWT tomorrow!
  6. When Taylor was on her friend's podcast, she commented on his hair. That before he looked like a boy (or young man), now he looks like an adult (she said older, but then said "oh, don't tell him that!). Don't think she meant he looks old, just that he looked like an adult male.
  7. I actually watched on periscope, cuz I got that notification first. Love the hair.
  8. Looking forward to seeing the fabulous silver hair!
  9. Got a google alert this morning. New cast member on SNL is a little known comedienne whose claim to fame is a song entitled Clay Aiken Should've Won (or something like that).
  10. You can submit a song suggestion (this next week) for Clay to live stream from Gala. Sorry, don't have the link.
  11. Trying not to watch weather channel. Mexican earthquake-dreadful. Hurricane Maria is massive and headed toward Puerto Rico tomorrow.
  12. I think I actually listen for his laugh and sometimes we get a few notes!
  13. Watching Hurricane Maria. Hoping to hear WUWT later. The one thing I find most annoying is when callers get cut off before the end of a good story!
  14. Never anything I actually can put my finger on, just an occasional comment that feels like male superiority. I'm sure he would be shocked, but I know a few other die-hard fans who sometimes feel it, too.
  15. Someone explain to me the last tweet. I understand the next to last one, watched that happen. I don't know how to tell him, sometimes I feel he is a little sexist, but doesn't see it. (No tomatoes please)
  16. First time I haven't retweeted him. Sorry Clay, not a Bernie fan.