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  1. Short recap starting with the Kim story In relation to KimShe did ask him about doing a tour with the three of them. He sort of said, sounds good, knowing his agent would say no. Felt it would be bad for Ruben to be his opening act (Ruben was the winner) and yet he couldn't open for Ruben. He left it in the hands of the respective agents, He was on tour and avoided her attempts to contact him. She announced the tour in an interview. He also had promised two of her friends he would come to her birthday party, but then didn't because he had been in rehearsals for Spamalot for eight hours and was more tired than he expected. At the Idol finale last year she gave him the cold shoulder. After Ricky died, he wrote her, trying to mend fences, but she essentially said, you're forgiven, but get lost. He read the letter he wrote her, Taylor cried. That was the part that was heart breaking. He also talked about how special she was to him because she was the one person he trusted enough to come out to first.Parker got an early birthday present, a cell phone which is programmed so he can only call the numbers of people programmed in. And Parker has a tendency to tell people his Daddy's famous. Tooth fairy section was cute. Bad, bad Clay! He did actually sing a few notes. He'll be back some time in July.
  2. He went to see Cars 3 last nite. Does that mean Parker is with him? Says he'll be on WUWT in July. Interested on others' take on the KLo story. I think he's got it backward why she got so upset with him, but I'm generally wrong. He made Taylor cry, tho. Clay is a real skeptic about psychics, which is currently the conversation. Hillary Duff just came on. I hate spellchek, just sayin
  3. Have someone interested in joining, but I don't remember how. Help!
  4. From the perspective of a six year fan I had never been a fan of anyone, although I had liked many singers/groups. So I wasn't prepared for the intensity of being a member of the Clay Fan world. When I found the Voice, I felt he was done touring. Thank goodness he did the JNT12, so I did have the excitement of one tour. And it Was fun! But since that wasn't something I had experienced, what he's doing now makes me happy. Plus, thanks to shared clack, I have an endless supply of the wonderful voice, and his off beat sense of humor. I'm glad he has his summers with Parker, I'm sure he enjoys the dad part of his real life. Do I wish he would sing in public? Sure. Wish he would go back to tweeting daily, that would be great. Wish he would find a guy. Wish he was on WUWT more often. I have lots of wishes, knowing he will live his life, and I will appreciate every glimpse I get of it. So I will hang out, waiting. (And we do have his guest spot in the shark movie to look forward to!).
  5. He's back on WUWT Tuesday. Never sure when school gets out in California.
  6. Carrie's views do give up some of best of Clay's expressions, however
  7. I agree, I do try, obviously not hard enough.
  8. Loved the red glasses today. Will never agree with Carrie, no matter how hard I try.
  9. Merrieee-have fun! First time Clay and Carrie did a broadcast, Carrie seemed a little smitten. Someone should send her the link to Those Magic Changes. Sexy and hawt
  10. Safe trip Merrieee! Here we're having a nice summer storm, cool so far, only going to get to 82 today
  11. Tomorrow's Tuesday. Am I the only one who can't find the guest schedule for the week on WUWT? Clay hasn't been on for 3 weeks.
  13. Clay tweet: If you don't have alerts set for when I stream live on FB, probably should do that today. Likely gonna try to use that tomorrow instead.
  14. Have a great time, you two. Envious! Bold was great this morning, so interesting I didn't really get good screenshots.
  16. Director's phone call is tomorrow evening
  17. August 6 on sifi network. I will admit, I cheated. Someone posted where Clay came on in Wexler, and I filmed it with my tablet. Just rewatched his 20 seconds this afternoon.
  18. Instagram from this morning's author
  19. Thanks for trying! Clay may think dial-up speed was ok, but I appreciate that I have fast internet. Clay said on Taylor that he thinks he looks bad in pictures. While I would probably agree he looks better if I were to see him in person, I feel this overwhelming urge to post some of his "ugly" pictures.