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  1. Thanks Merrieeee, great effort! He's lit up social media
  3. XThis was an interesting article-The Shady Side of Kelly Rippa. Clay got first mention, and they got most of the story correct, if someone can catch the link.
  4. Hope you had a great time! Speaking for myself, I was good.
  5. From Clay this morning I can't believe it's been 9 years! Growing up to be such a respectful and happy big boy! Happy…
  6. I hated his hair when it was that cut, yuk
  7. Ok, got home from work just in time to miss all but one minute. Luckily, on again at 9
  8. This is such a sweet picture of Clay. Can someone erase Scottie and replace her with Tyra or one of the many ladies we all like
  9. Think a month in NC with Parker, and with his mom feeding him, agreed with him. He looks great.
  10. WUWT tomorrow, too bad my free sirius has expired😅
  11. I'm just not ready for him to go grey. Then blonde layering into the darker hair works for me. He looked great today, except No Tie. I love his ties. Clay said on WUWT that he wouldn't watch Snarknado. But I bet Parker would like it.
  12. Feisty is the Word! Think he's pumped for Politicon this weekend. Plus if he stayed up for the Senate vote this morning, he's running on little sleep. Besides feisty, he was gorgeous. Love his hair.
  13. That is seriously hard to cap. Finally gave up.
  14. Saw Crowder on the View. He's a hoot. He and Clay together would be fun. Crowder has a heavier accent than Clay.
  15. So Clay is supposed to be back in NYC by Friday for Bold. He said he would be back on Wake Up With Taylor in July. Only two Tuesdays left. Politicon is the last weekend of the month. The man shall be busy! Yuku sites are down for their transition to taptalk boards.
  16. Clay skyped into Bold from NC. He didn't look much more awake than I felt! Might have seen a little stubble .
  17. From Billboard, article about entertainers going into politics 9. Clay Aiken. A musician, politician, activist, actor, author, and television personality - Clay Aiken can seemingly do anything life throws at him. At only 38, the American Idol star is still exploring his career options. In 2014, he ran for Congress in North Carolina's 2nd congressional district and went as far as winning the Democratic Primary. Did he win? No, he was not an idol of choice for the voters. Where is he now? Performing and discussing his political opinions on TV.
  18. Bold tweeted that Clay is "on the road", but will skype in tomorrow.
  19. Clay got a mention on the View this morning.
  20. I've been called, just never chosen.
  21. My thought was WAY too high. He did say all her spam and emails she had sent for ten years were still there. I haven't ever used an apple product. My email server is supposed to dump spam after 30 days, but you still have to empty the garbage. And I thought he posted her email number for one day, but I probably misread that. Was fun, tho.