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  1. Why would someone join a board in March and do a swan song in June with only 25 posts? She knew all that when she joined. I hear she's over at the CB stirring the you know what. She's making the rounds to maybe cause trouble for Clay. JMHO
  2. I love Clay Aiken and I messed up my reply. Sorry, nothing here.
  3. QUOTE ---From CH--I thought this was so true. ellenpoppy wrote: Clay Aiken took the high road for six years. Six years of slams and digs and rotten comments and slurs and targets and ignorant remarks against his voice, his personality, his perceived sexuality, his looks, his taste in music, his fanbase--absolutely anything and everything. Six years of people digging into his past, making up stories, elaborating on his comments, creating false personas, fake Clays. His response? "People can say what they want. It doesn't bother me. People have a right to their opinions. Ignore them. Let the
  4. I didn't see this anywhere. CANN has all the clips from last night all in one place.
  5. CANN has a slideshow of Parker pictures. Sooo cute.
  6. From joanie/ ChP- I was reading AOL screen for ways to keep produce longer by Curtis Stone; scroll down on the left side of the screen. Parker is a litle star. He has a little picture quiz on the AOL living page. LOL!!!
  7. I imagine Parker has sunscreen on his face. He has the "it" factor and he needs his own fanclub. How cute can a baby be? He looks just like Clay. Jaymes looks so happy and healthy. I'm thrilled for them both.
  8. QUOTE (merry @ Apr 22 2009, 09:11 PM) This is the caption at the Family Equality site under the videos from CANN--Let's give them a lot of hits and comments. I think they like us. LOL!!! Hat tip to the Clay Aiken News Network for posting these clips and recognizing Family Equality Council. Many friends and allies were made among Clay’s devoted fans over the past few months preparing for this event.)
  9. The new blog at CANN has 3 videos. Have you seen them and the other things they have.
  10. They have a slideshow and video posted on CANN now from the show. Also. a video of I Can't Make You Love Me from the Juke Box Tour.
  11. Here's a poll to vote for Clay for the singer that sounds the best. Clay sounds sooo sexy. You have five choices. See if you can pick him out. ------------------------------------------- Scarlett- So sorry you've been ill. -------------------------------------------- Don't forget ET today. I think Clay will be on. EEEEEEEEEE for Tyra and Clay on my TV tonight.
  12. There's a nice article about entitled - Which Side Helps Clay, at CANN- Also some new videos. On April 3, published an interesting article on the on-going feud between radio and the recording industry.
  13. CANN has a great art. about World Autism Day. Another new article. Also the video of "I Will Carry" You from Oprah.
  14. The official GLAAD video is up at CANN; also the answers to the Clay puzzle questions if you tried to see how Clay smart you are.