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  1. O HOLY NIGHT So am I too early with my picks? Is six months long enough for these lovely versions of O Holy Night to coalesce into something resembling "favorites" -- I've changed my mind on these over time, because O Holy Night is the dearest Christmas song ever to me, going back to the first grade. Could be the choice would have been easier if the song meant less to me than it does, but I requested this one, and listening to Clay's interpretations on any given night was pure joy and wonderment. I don't belong to any organized religious group, but if I did it would be one that makes it a
  2. I did read a few days ago that the two child actors and their families are being moved to Dubai after the boys finish their school term in early December, and that The Kite Runner is scheduled to open in the US on December 14.
  3. Ditto on The War, KAndre. I'm going to buy it for my dad and hope that he will watch it. I really appreciate a show that is told from this perspective ... the people's history of WWII -- not the generals' history, or the reporters' history, but the soldiers and their families at home. My dad was a Marine and fought in the invasions of Saipan, Tinian and Okinawa, and was sent into Nagasaki only weeks after the atomic bomb. He doesn't talk about it. Ever. He doesn't watch war retrospectives or documentaries, or WWII movies (he has always said that John Wayne-type glory shows are fairy tales and
  4. In evaluating three of the songs from The Classics, I found that what I judged to be the best audio for one was usually the best for the other. Therefore, for Bills Bills Bills, 1999, and She's Thinks My Tractor's Sexy, the clips I chose cover all three songs, if not for top favorite, then for honorable mention. I made a top 12 for each song, burned them to a CD and listened to them in my car for a couple of days to determine the best sound, according to my ears. Here are my picks: Bills Bills Bills San Diego - jojoct - This is a nice full sounding audio in my car with a strong bass. San Die
  5. liney , Clayglo , Bratz and Bookwhore You all sound like beautiful people and I look forward to getting to know you all. I'm a relative newcomer to the Clay Nation, having fallen hard over AI5. And I've just experienced my first Clay tour with the first three and last three concerts, and I'm still all aglow and stammering for words to describe it. I've been reading some of your posts on main, and your intros here, and it makes me excited for the dynamism at FCA right now. Hats off to Couchie, Ansa, LadyJ, the mods and the members, for creating a vibrant board that attracts wonderful peo
  6. Thank you, Thank you!!!! A thousand times Thank You!!!!!
  7. Add me to the list going to Frisco!! I'm actually beginning my entire Clay concert experience with an opening three-fer! I'm ready.
  8. You're welcome! So, does that mean you want me to make you some final templates? That is a definite affirmative! The above two and then one more ..... Clay Aiken Frisco, Texas - July 4th, 2007 Fireworks, Baby, Fireworks You can format with whatever fonts, colors, sizes will look best on a white shirt. Clay in Houston will be a white t-shirt. Clay in Tulsa will be a black t-shirt -- if that makes any difference in the coloring. I promise, that's it!
  9. YSRN!!!! You did a great job! It's so cool to give you requests and have you bring them back looking so nice! I love I did Clay in HOUSTON ... and he was HOTTER THAN TEXAS and I did Clay In Tulsa Between A Rock and a Hard Place! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
  10. I think he said 'between soft rock and a hard place' .... now just what that 'hard place' is should be easy for this board to figure out!!!
  11. I did Clay in Frisco and saw fireworks ... I did Clay in Houston and heard a symphony ... I did Clay in Texas ... now I'm roped and tied I did Clay in Houston and he sent me to the moon ... I did Clay in Houston and I'm spaced out .... Clayzor, I like 'between a rock and a hard place' -- I'd buy that one!
  12. I definitely would like a template for I did Clay in Texas and it was HOT except now I'm thinking maybe it should say ... he was HOT instead of it .. Yeah, HE was hot! Wait a minute .... I did Clay in Texas and both were HOT! Now I just don't know. What sounds best? I have to order one of these t-shirts ... somebody please help me make a decision. Libra with too many options ... in crisis ... needs help!
  13. Couchie, on further reflection I think less may be more. I'd love to have a shirt that says: DCAT 2007 Magnifico! Virtuoso! Molto Passionato! Maybe have the last one be the Eye-talian translation for "Hot and Sexy" or something on the suggestive side, perhaps?
  14. All the ideas are good ones ... and I'm good to go with whatever is decided. I'm easy ... which is a no-brainer since I'm doing Clay a thousand different ways this summer!