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  1. I remember someone reported Ben saying that he would be only indirectly involved in Clay's new path, so, is that Ben's music playing behind the Open Door campaign video? There's the famous story of LBJ who was elected from conservative Democratic Texas for many years, and as such, had to play games with the white racist element. When Martin Luther King asked him why he pushed so hard for the civil rights and voting rights legislation in '64-'65 after being among the old Southern Conservative Democrats in the '50's, he said, "Free at last, Free at last." Politicians must cater to their constituents to some extent while educating and attempting to bring them along at the same time. I was greatly attached to one of my congressmen back in 2000 and not because of how he voted. It was because of constituent services and how this representative singlehandedly used his muscle to get my sons returned home from (1) a Naval air station in Sicily and (2) a ship in the Persian Gulf, for the funeral of their father after he suddenly died at the age of 50. Military commanders don't talk with each other, and they don't listen to mothers. The situation was impossible as to the timing and extent of the home leaves. My congressman, Nick Lampson, got it done in one day. My oldest son called and said they were airlifting him off the ship by helicopter. That's a big part of what a representative does. You hope to always have one who values this part of his responsibilities. Unfortunately, Nick Lampson was defeated by the Tea Party and they put in somebody who could care less about constituents. It's now all about what the Koch Bros. want that has them on their toes, i.e., BIG MONEY. The people who stir the mud are almost completely in the corporate media: CNN, FOX, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNBC -- all run by very right-wing entities who play us for fools for billions according to an array of cafeteria politics. Al Jazeera is not corporate-owned, but wholly owned by the government of Qatar, which is the Emir. And it's 10 times better than the other stuff we get. I have to get out of the American news orb to get even close to finding the truth. Our "free press" no longer works for the public good. To a large extent, we are our own investigative journalists now.
  2. I had to hold my nose to watch Clay on Chuck Todd's show because, as anyone who reads my twitter feed knows, I despise Chuck Todd. He's everything that's wrong with political journalism, i.e., all about the ever-present "horse race" and opining about whatever poll just came out, and being a general jerk to people by trying to get a gotcha by any means necessary. In other words, a common lazy demonizer. I quit watching Meet The Press after a lifetime because of Chuck Todd and David Gregory who are more propagandists than journalists. I guess you can see I don't like the man. Clay must have been a deep disappointment to him this morning. I think I know Chuck well enough to say that his motivation for this interview was to "expose" Clay Aiken and then smirk like the asshole he is. He was asking questions that I don't think he expected Clay to answer so clearly. Sorry Chuck! I'll say this, I don't know ANY lockstep Democrats and I'm not sure any exist. I know Rush Limbaugh and Fox News paint a different picture, but Democrats are famously independent from the party. Obama has as much trouble with the Democrats in the House and Senate as he does with Republicans. If you asked me to name a couple of things in which I differ significantly with President Obama, I would have to say the NSA and fast-track free trade deals too, just as Clay did. Which makes him MORE progressive than the President, at least in those two areas. Kill the damned Patriot Act already!
  3. His heart is really in this -- and so is mine. I'd advise everyone to hold on to Clay merchandise collected over the past 10 years. It could be incredibly valuable when he's elected president. :chacha: :chacha:
  4. I have the day off because everything is closed here for a "winter storm warning" because Houstonians do not drive in freezing drizzle. It's our right and privilege as a reward for enduring summer. Schools are closed all day and it's already above freezing at my place. So I'm indoors today with blanket TV coverage by the local media, i.e., the "news" people who drive 100 miles north in search of an inch of snow in which to lie down and attempt some piss-poor snow angels. It happened. A nice outcome was being home to see Clay's run for Congress mentioned (with two or three great pictures) on morning TV. And the tone was positive. I guess he'll throw that bucket hat in the ring next month. I'm so excited. And I just can't hide it. I think Clay will blow away his primary opponents. And I wouldn't underestimate a significant pushback to Ms. Ellmers in the general. She essentially crapped on the federal workers in District 2 when she prominently refused to give up her own paycheck, as her colleagues had done. Said she couldn't afford to lose a paycheck - that her colleagues were wealthy. Yet her congressional salary is way, way above that of government workers in District 2. They have families. They have friends. I don't think for a minute that Clay is in this to lose. He's not guaranteed a victory, and the campaign has barely begun, but I'm looking forward to it. Actually knocking-my-knees-together anticipation.
  5. You mean the guy with the "bow tie?" Still laugh at Al Franken's impression of him on SNL. Also, I supported him in his 1988 run for the nomination. Good man. Couchie, I tell my friends to stop listening to the comments of the punditry after speeches, debates, etc., and think for themselves. I usually watch these things on C-SPAN and I know what I think and don't need a dodo to try to explain it to me with their biases folded in. Sometimes what I hear and believe to be the most salient points in an address are never mentioned by the so-called experts. I hate nothing more than for talking heads to introduce a spin-phrase and in two days time everyone's repeating it. Disgusting! It's a form of brainwashing, IMO. This goes for ALL the news networks. If you think according to what your favorite media newsie tells you, you are wickedly misinformed -- left, right or center. I believe we have good men and women in politics, but there are enough bad apples to spoil the barrel. I don't think politicians can change one thing in this country without it being forced by the people. I think voting is less critical than direct action. People Power!
  6. Clay was protective of his privacy from 2003 - 2008 because he was in the closet. He was protective of his privacy from 2008 on because of Parker. Now Clay is out and Parker is older and in school in California, so I don't think privacy is such an issue right now. Clay said in the blog that he is ready to fly and that the new path is his passion. That goes back to his friend from school saying that Clay wanted to go into politics or journalism. Also, there will definitely be some "opportunities" for fans during the campaign. I cannot believe that Clay won't sing at his campaign events/dinners/etc. He could charge $50-$100-$200 for campaign fundraisers and I'm sure he'd be perfectly happy for fans to attend. Didn't he say in the blog that there could be events before the end of 2013, but they would require travel. I think he put off announcing until the trial balloons and buzz and such. But I expect it, and absolutely know that Clay has the Golden Voice for Fundraising. He can "use his voice" to amass quite a campaign chest. I'm pumped. I cringe at the over-concern of some fans with how OTHER fans MAY embarrass or hurt Clay if they don't act just so. Talk about hubris. If I went to a Wendy Davis rally and acted like an ass, it would embarrass and hurt me, NOT Wendy Davis. Some fans seem to believe that they actually are the Almighty Borg, with powers to make and break. Blows my mind. I'm in for the haul. I don't think the House is his goal. I expect it's a stepping stone to running for governor of North Carolina. Then he could be the "singing governor" like Jimmie Davis, the Louisiana governor of several terms who wrote and sang "You Are My Sunshine." Jimmie Davis was a commercially successful singer and songwriter before he became a politician.
  7. Clay self-identified as a Progressive in my copy of "Learning to Sing." He spoke of the hypocrisy of people who are "pro-life" yet oppose funding for child care for the working poor. As I recall, this was part of his explanation for leaving the Baptist church when he was 18. If Clay was concerned about child care for poor mothers when he was 18, I don't think he's going to be a Johnny-One-Note candidate or representative. In the first place, the gay issue will not emerge at all during the primary. What will be going on is a jobs debate. Un- and under-employment along with income equality issues such as minimum wage will be at the forefront. The Republican primaries will mostly be centered around trashing health care.
  8. When it comes to asking for votes, Clay's a past master.
  9. Clay's not responsible for anything written or posted by fans. Digging into that would make the perp a laughing stock. Opposition research would be looking for illegal things in Clay's background that they could nail him with personally. Some unreported scandal. What his fans have written on fan sites and message boards isn't on Clay. This shouldn't cost Clay too much money. All the congressional races in my area have very little TV or radio. It's billboards, printed material, meet the candidate forums, and speeches to various civic, business, union and political organizations in the district. It's shaking hands at the mall. It's glad-handing galore. But mostly, it's NAME recognition. Clay is local hero in Raleigh. Any attempt to smear him would backfire. It wouldn't happen in the Dem primary, that's for sure. As for the general, the hard-liners on the right supporting Brand X need nothing more than the fact that he is gay.
  10. Clay is and always has been charismatic in the sense of electricity and chemistry and all the jazz. And he's a good man. As Edmund Burke said, "The only thing evil men need to triumph is for good men to do nothing." I'm glad Clay is ready to do something. LdyJ, I'm hardly "active" at anything these days other than getting to work and back. I was half-assed thinking about retirement and they gave me a big promotion and an offer I couldn't refuse, so I'm staying at it. I don't have the mobility for political action these days, but I'll always offer my opinion. Yes, politics is a dirty business. Just as it was back in the day of Benny Frankin, T-Paine, Nate Hale, Tommy-Jeff, and the Adams Family. Some people can get together and make things better for everybody. That's what I'm talking about. Those powerful forces that blow no good and focus on our political system .... just fuck 'em and vote their ubiquitous sycophants out of office. And when they are gone, stay awake and aware. Our country's problems can be solved if we elect people who aim to do just that - and work a full work week as a matter of course. I may not like yard work much, but I know I have to pull weeds so they won't take over the lawn.
  11. So, who said Clay was leaving entertainment? I can't think of anything more perfectly entertaining than Clay running for political office. He'll be in the news, on the shows, and changing his image forever. No way do I think he's done with singing. Did Truman, Nixon and Condi stop playing the piano? Did Bill stop playing the sax? The Singing Senators? And they were all amateurs. Clay will sing plenty - just not for compensation. I remember when there was consternation that Clay wasn't offered commercials. I think he was and turned them down because a future political career has always been in his bag and he wanted to stay clean and not sell out for money. He never has. I believe that as long as people don't follow politics and politicians that we're giving the wrong people a free pass to lie, cheat and steal. I'm glad that MY idol has the courage of his convictions to make a positive, progressive difference for all of his life. Clay is unique. The future is wide open. I'm ready for continuing entertainment from the Great Clay Aiken. Can't you see Congressman Aiken singing the National Anthem at Capitol Fourth and at the Ford Theater Holiday Show? Son of a gun, he's going to use that voice all over the place.
  12. Happy New Year to FCA! I'm looking forward to another year. Is there something wrong with me that I don't understand what's going on with the death watch elsewhere? How did that get started? I read the blog and it seemed forward-moving and progressive to me. So he said some would be excited and some disappointed, isn't that true of every freaking thing the man has done the past ten years? What the fuck's new? Who started the march out the door? Whoever it is, I hope somebody shuts it behind them. I'm just looking forward and always expecting good things as usual. It's amazing how many of them happen. Again, Happy New Year, and Happy New Day.
  13. I really think Clay is sick of some of his more demanding fans. The whiners, the experts, and the regular fucking bitches; you know, the ones who passed "full of themselves" so long ago that they'd need a road map to find that place again. Good luck to 'em. He may have been saying "goodbye" to some people he'd like to piss off enough they'll go away. Just a thought.
  14. I too love ice skating season. When I was in elementary school I read a thin paperback written by Carol Heiss. It hooked me. In 1960 the Olympic games were televised for the first time and I watched Carol Heiss win the Ladies gold medal with Dick Button commentating. Skating was primitive then compared to what's being done, with beauty and precision, on the ice these days. Funniest thing I read today on another board: Someone accusing Jerry Aiken of being "thin-skinned." Pot meet kettle. I think there'd be no issue at all if fans didn't immediately jump to identify themselves with the people there for "only Clay." I don't think he's talking about the dedicated fans who support NIP. I believe he's referencing people who attend in the capacity of "only" a fan of Clay, and NOT the Clay fans who are also inclusion supporters. I don't know who said what to whom, and I've never attended a gala, so I'm just a spectator/commentator at the hair pulling frenzy. The haughtiness and entitlement is not new, but it's staggering at this point. I half expect villagers to begin gathering torches for a midnight march on the castle. Here are the categories: (1) Clay fans only. (2) Clay fans and NIP supporters. Is that so hard?
  15. Clay is joined at the hip to the NIP, but if he's going into the theater as his career focus, he may not be contractually free to take off a weekend to go back to NC for the gala in the fall. And he said it was too expensive to move the event out of NC. This could be a wake up call regarding potential scheduling issues with Clay's new path, and he doesn't want the foundation to suffer in his absence, should that be necessary. I agree, Fear, Jerry is from Mars too. Excuse me. I feel ..... stapled.
  16. Thanks so much Couchie, LadyJ, Fear, JMH, Playbiller and everybody else here that I have missed so much the past year or so. I had to walk away from posting anything due to some severe anxiety issues, which, btw, don't kick in with politics. But the fan frenzies were giving me severe anxiety attacks, which were initially brought on by the stroke and worsened. Never had an anxiety attack in my life until 2010. I decided that walking away was preferable to a Xanax addiction. And luckiest, in no way are you even in the same town as "nastiness." What people are feeling is valid, except IMO blaming Clay, i.e., calling him "cowardly" and "mean" and "cruel" for not opening up on demand to the fans about his January plans, so some read their own tea leaves. It's mass hubris to think that Clay is following the boards and reacting with a cavalier attitude! Why would he be following the boards to take the collective fan temperature when he is "career changing?" He made that decision on his own. I believe he's going somewhere that won't require the services of passive-aggressive fan-critics. If he goes to Broadway, some could criticize the show or his acting skills, but he'll be directed, choreographed, costumed and coiffed by others. He could have something premiering on tv in January from Mark Burnett. Or there's the extreme outside chance that he's going to be part of Idol in some still-secreted way. I did read last week that Clay left his business manager. Can't remember if that came from a credible source, but his business manager was his lawyer, Jess Rosen. So I guess that means he has, or will have, a new lawyer. (Maybe if he's going back to the Idol franchise in any fashion, they made him give up the lawyer who ate their lunch!) Just using the little sense I have left, Clay has never looked better, nor seemed more genuinely happy, and appears large, in charge, and ready to follow his dream. As to the notion that Clay's passion is his family and he will spend more time with Parker, I believe that this is exactly what he's been doing for the past 5 years. Now that Parker is school age, he's going back to work. It could be that he's redefining himself and some of the old mainstays are gone -- he won't confine himself to family entertainment perhaps. If he took on some controversial roles it would be disappointing and disruptive to some fans. Can you imagine the range of reactions If he ever performed in drag? He went into Joseph as a recording artist with personal standards that did not allow him to show skin. I'm just mind-wandering, but I'd love to hear that Clay has a personal trainer!!! If Clay were quitting the business, he'd have no reason to put a hold on such information. Too many variables for anything more than speculation. I've been in the happy car for over 7 years and I'll be damned if I go sit in a hearse on the strength of depressing interpolations of a heads-up blog with details coming in January. If he were quitting, there would be no reason to hold that info til 2014. merrieee
  17. I remember as a kid watching Jimmy Durante on tv and I would cry at the end of every show as he walked off the dark stage stopping to turn back and wistfully wave from the dimming spotlights, and at the end, sadly thanking Mrs. Calabash, wherever she was. Show after show, I wept. I wept for the whole ending of things in general. And I loved it. I think it may be a Southern trait. I also wept because Wendy grew up. That was the most heart-breaking thing in my life at 8, the inevitability of growing up. That said, I can testify that Clay is not being mean or cowardly or cruel. I've read people say he was wrong to blog and intentionally or inadvertently jerk people's emotions, and variations on that theme. People from Venus really don't communicate well with Mars natives. Doesn't mean anything more to me than that he thought his fans were stable adults, but unfortunately a faction who really seem to feel they own a piece of him, doesn't fit into that category. Yes I'm still opinionated. I think Clay's change in career path will be into musical theater. He's saying goodbye to the fans who cannot sustain without backseat-managing his recording career. They must be freaking out.
  18. I was at the supermarket this afternoon and heard the opening piano chords of Without You and wondered why the old Harry Nilsson one is always played, until the first vocal note proclaimed Clay and stopped me in my tracks. Every note was spectacular. The voice was strong and beautiful. His Without You has improved with age, and I loved it in the first place. He sells it to the extent that I was concerned for his life there at the end.
  19. AGT does its shows from New Jersey. What would Clay being in LA have to do with that?
  20. Totally OTT, but Randy Travis just ripped his drawers to shreds, didn't he? Arrested for buck naked drunk driving and threatening to kill a state trooper? No more Christian albums for YOU, dude! I would wish Parker birthday greetings if I thought he were reading the boards today .... or if I doubted his birthday would be totally grand. Since I hope he's not on the boards, and I'm positive his mommie and daddy are making his birthday a fab event, I'll just send best wishes to Clay and Jaymes for patience. Every four-year old that I had tended to have an explosion of tears at some point in the day -- too much excitement overload! LadyJ: That's no father. That's a sperm donor.
  21. Or, maybe I'll tell them I decided to come to Georgia for Thanksgiving! I'll work on that. Especially since there's another Florida date in Sarasota. Jacksonville would be nice too since my kids live about 50 miles north of there. I'm supposed to go to Georgia in October for my son's 40th birthday, retirement party and receiving his master's degree celebration. Can I do two trips? (That's me thinking aloud about flying that much!) I'm jealous. I saw CSN in 1970, CSN&Y in 1975, and CSN in 1978. I've always been a HUGE fan of Stephen Stills. I even loved him when he was "Steve" Stills. Full disclosure, I go back to Buffalo Springfield days. Again, with emphasis, I'm jealous! And if they do Helplessly Hoping, don't even tell me about it.
  22. I wouldn't mind that WPB concert one little bit. I remember the venue from SRHP and it was divine! The problem is that it's the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) and I may have my Georgia family here. Why is there always some little problem when I need to see Clay????
  23. I think he sounds fed up with the BS from fans who need a reality adjustment. Those who have ears will hear, but those who have lost their minds won't.
  24. I think it's funny that Clay said he doesn't want to talk about his hair ... but in the chat he actually showed his bottle of Minardi shampoo! He cracks me UP!
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