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  1. Yes, losing it bad!!! ETA: Badly, I meant "badly"... it's the adverb that ends in -ly right? right?!! Aaargh!!! Hi bottle! Increasing exposure to Clack day by day until we get to the SOURCE OF ALL THE CLACKY GOODNESS?!!!! Oh my goodness!!! Like you say, it's going to be hard. But bring it on!!! It's for the team! ETA: I wonder how much a "rendering session" with Clay would go for at a gala auction? ROTFLOL!! I had to quote you, Scarlett, cuz you're just too funny. I love ya, hun! And I agree about that picture of Clay making me POIM:SL)(UOM@?<#MN:LIUP)S&)(IH:KL!!!!!! And I WILL be happy to take one for the team, with it being hard, and all. LOL!!
  2. _#)($*O?<>#$ (*S{DPOM<>M !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just logged in to see what's up, and saw the bannnnnnnnnnnnner of GAH. My, but that's a fantastic look on Clay!! Wowza! So glad I happened to stop by tonight! I hope all of my fellow FCAers are doing well. :thbighug-1:
  3. Sneaking in just in the nick of time to wish ChaCha a happy birthday! It's still the 12th Colorado time. :Pogo0:
  4. #1 for me, hands down. Whhhhooooweeeee, is it hot in here from that look he's giving in that pic? Something like, "get in this car now, baby, and I'll take you for a ride you'll never forget."
  5. Hey, my FCA peeps! I decided to check in today on a whim. Sure is nice to see ya'll! It's like being home. :garfieldodie-grouphug: I enjoyed reading Clay's answers. He's still that funny, intelligent, snarky guy I fell in love with! And I hope we get some career news SOON!
  6. Muski, my friend, I must wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY before the end of of the day!! It sounds like you and your dtr. did the same that that my dtr and I did a few weeks ago - orientation and registration! It's cool that your dtr. is so excited, and that it's such a good opportunity for her. Enjoy that massage tomorrow - you deserve it!
  7. That is absolutely adorable! Thanks so much for sharing.
  8. I'm a Christian, too, and agree with you 100%!! To me, Christianity is all about love and grace. Yes, yes, yes! Exactly what I've been thinking lately! *high-fives jamar* And thanks for posting the recently discovered vintage pics of Clay. YUMMY! My fave is the one in bare feet.
  9. Congrats to you and your sons! What great accomplishments for both of them, and for you, too! Sounds like it's a year of transitions.
  10. Thank you, Caro! It was great to see the intro. Yes, Clay did cut a verrrry classy and sexy figure in that tux, both from the front and the back! YUMMM. My family and I just returned from a week in Oklahoma City. We took an unexpected trip there because my hubby's Grandmother passed away. I've known her for 27 years, and she was like my own Grandmother. She was 92, and lived in her own home until a few weeks ago. Anyway, we went for the funeral, and to help with cleaning up the house and getting it ready to sell. It was good to see my hubby's relatives (for the most part!) and to spend some extra time with hubby and my kids on the road! So, did I miss anything this last week? I don't have time to get caught up. Many thanks to anyone who can provide a quick synopsis of Clay events for the last week! :kiss:
  11. Claygary - thanks for the link! That is a very interesting and well-written article. It totally makes sense that the sentiment against effeminate men is really a societal bias against feminine behavior in general. Yes, she did, but the costs are still high. We, too, have money saved up, but of course not enough to cover everything. It will be tight for us, too! College education is still the best determinant of a higher income, though, so I'm glad she's going to college. But if Clay tours, I know I'll still find a way to go to see him! :-)
  12. Yes, my son will be a junior. How did your daughter graduate so early? She must be one bright girl. She skipped kindergarten as she was already a very fluent reader at the time. She was five years old when she started first grade. She will be in the honors program at CU, mostly because she's such a good reader and writer. I'm already groaning about college costs, so I can't imagine having to pay for two in college at the same time! Are your two going to the same college, or did they choose to go separate ways?
  13. Hi, Paulette! She will be 17 on July 1st, so she'll barely be 17 when she goes to college. Eeeeep! She will probably be fine, but it's a little hard on Mom! During orientation there were parent sessions, which of course included info on how to pay your mooolah to the university. But there were also sessions about letting your teen have more independence, letting them make their own mistakes, letting them solve their own problems, etc. I might need a couple of more sessions like that! Do I remember correctly that your son already went off to college? So you'll have two in college next year - your son and daughter?
  14. CONGRATS on your daughter's graduation! It's rather mind-blowing, isn't it? I hope the festivities are joyous. I just spent the last two days at CU Boulder with my 16 year old dtr, going to student/parent orientation. She will start there mid-August, but signed up for classes and got most of the orientation stuff out of the way already. She's so excited to go to college! I, on the other hand, have mixed feelings - so glad that she is moving onto the next stage, but sad that she's leaving the nest. I know that I'll adjust with time! Meanwhile, I'm enjoying all of the delish pics of Clay posted recently. Thank you! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to justclay, who inspired them!
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