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  1. Welcome, Peyton! Glad to have you here! Caro
  2. Scarlett gave up a center third row seat so she could move to the side and get clack. What a gal! :F_05BL17blowkiss: I'm worn out listening to Toni. Y'all have a great evening. Caro
  3. Scarlett got some video, but not the whole show. GibbGirl got some. Toni and Invisible took only a few pictures. HAHAHA -- Toni asked HD if she wanted to talk to the CV cellcert, and she declined. Caro
  4. Sounds as if time was a problem all night long. Caro
  5. Maybe the encore was cut due to the weather threat ... or the storm brewing on the front row. Safe travels, Cindilu2 and all others heading to Merrilville! Caro P.S. Toni was sitting behind the front row crowd. She's talking to the CV stream now.
  6. No encore! Also, PinkCocoa has posted some great pix at the OFC per CV. Caro
  7. Closest I can get to Carolina colors. Caro
  8. LOL, he certainly is talking FAST! ETA: As in Nebraska. Caro
  9. Right -- I'm talking about PinkCocoa. When this all came to a head a few weeks ago, PC talked with a PI in her hometown. He got in touch with Jerry Aiken, and TC took it from there. There was enough going on that they appreciated her contacting them. Also, I think she may know Faye from the Gala in Raleigh. This has been accelerating towards NE, so I'm sure Faye appreciates her input. 1inNE called her incessantly prior to getting kicked out. Caro
  10. Sorry, I was somewhere else. I knew Pink was in Minnesota (she said she has front row pix coming), and I asked her how things were for tonight. She even talked with Faye, but she said TC was all over this already -- the way they were in Kansas. 1inNE is the person who was banned from the OFC for her threats to Clay and all the baloney she was saying/writing in blogs. She really needs help. That's about all I know. Caro
  11. This is where she lives. I talked with Pink today, and security/Team Clay are really on all this. Caro
  12. Between Nebraska and those three, Jerome & security have their hands full. Caro
  13. Wouldn't that be interesting? I'm not listening tonight, but after the swayfest last night, I wanted to at least check in. If so, I hope Scarlett gets video! Caro