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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, FCA! Hope you and yours are having a wonderful day! DON'T FORGET TO VOTE! We have lots of ideas for recruiting holiday guests/hosts in the Carolina blog. I notice that Jerry Aiken took Scarlett's poll about Thanksgiving voting and even added an option! In addition, the blog features a montage by SueReu and graphics by Fountaindawg and A Beautiful Mind. for all needing one. Happy Turkey and/or Tofurky Day! Caro
  2. The new Carolina On My Mind blog stars two sets of printable Pepsi Refresh fliers Scarlett created (color and black/white), queenmama247's wonderful ideas for putting them to use, and last week's fabulous profile of Clay enhanced by Sally. Hope you will drop by the Carolina blog and share your ideas for using the fliers in the comments. I will move them into the blog proper. Have an awesome new week, all! Caro
  3. The new Carolina On My Mind blog presents an overview of fundraising projects currently in progress -- the $50k Pepsi Refresh drive, Celebrity Apprentice, and the 2012 Clay Aiken Calendar. Order deadline on the latter is Nov. 22. Included in the entry are voting tips, the 2011 NIP Voting Widget with partners and allies, calendar samples/reminders, and three of dancerdad's photos from Thursday's Apprentice filming in NYC. I will remove the latter when I post this blog at the OFC. Thank you for your comments, visits, tweets, Facebook posts, and links, all of which help blogs in the Google schem
  4. Sometime after midnight we uploaded the 2011 NIP Voting Widget to the Carolina On My Mind sidebar and to Scarlett's Facebook wall. The links and text numbers will make your Pepsi Refresh voting a snap! I will add a blog entry tonight when I return from music lessons. Meanwhile, you can share the widget at Facebook. You can also help by tweeting the home site: 2011 NIP Voting Widget. The first panel (A) includes the NIP's four partner group plus Union Pines HS Band, one of our faithful NC supporters. I see in my email this morning that SWOOP has added Union Pines to their open spot, too. Panels
  5. Scarlett and I have worked most of the afternoon on a poll that, hopefully, lets the Inclusion Project supporters know November's Pepsi Refresh campaign is just around the corner. The Inclusion Project won't know for sure that it's competing in November until the 1st. Please link to this widget and share your voting plans. If you are a member of Facebook, Twitter, or another message board, help spread the word with this screen cap and link. Check our Facebook walls if you would like to share the poll there. National Inclusion Pepsi Poll Scarlett has added other options to the poll. Long af
  6. I wrote the bottom half of the Carolina On My Mind entry earlier this week, which is in effect a farewell to my three-day blogging routine of the past six years. But then along came all the Celebrity Apprentice hoopla with Clay, so the blog's "change of pace" took second place. I uploaded the edition last night. Thank you to those who have supported the Carolina blog with comments, tweets, Facebook shares, links, etc. I am grateful to all who have provided the outstanding visual art through the years. Several contributors are named. Featured are graphics by Fountaindawg and Ashes. The latter
  7. Been under the radar working on income tax. I always file in October, and the deadline is fast approaching. Hope you are having a very special birthday, keepingfaith! In scrolling through the Focus Thread at CV, I notice that we have lost a good fan to ovarian cancer. RIP, Tesssy. We will miss your sassy posts. Hope to be back with you soon! Have a great week, all! Caro
  8. The new Carolina On My Mind blog celebrates the latest artistic activity within the Clay Aiken fandom. The new Curtis Brown photo, with minute edits by Sally, leads the entry, along with the screen saver-sized wallpapers created by Fountaindawg. Montages by LovesClaysVoice (DWTS 13) and SueReu (UNICEF) are also featured. Thank you for your blog comments/visits, Facebook posts, retweets, links, and support of the Internet Clay blogs. So glad the wedding went well, luckiest1. I think we are all enjoying reading your good news, shortyjill! Have a great week, all! Caro
  9. The new Carolina On My Mind blog features the 2012 Clay Aiken Wall/Desk Calendars and GoodSearch/GoodShop, all of which help raise money for the National Inclusion Project. In their sixth season, the calendars produced by Rosaratana (this year with Tried & True concert photos by toni7babe) generated donations of $965.62 in sales and $650 during the gala auction last fall. Calendar orders will be accepted through Nov. 22. Thank you for your birthday greetings for my grandson Kai in the previous Carolina entry. He has had quite a week with a birthday banner decorating the van, too! Lia an
  10. Today is the Birthday #4 for grandson Kai. He is so excited that he was up at 3 a.m. playing with his trucks. The "party" will go all weekend, so he was amenable to an afternoon nap. Meanwhile, Kai's grandmother is celebrating his birthday in the current Carolina On My Mind blog with a photo/graphic overview from the past four years. This little guy loves anything with wheels and is hoping to receive a Hot Wheels Track, which, of course, is in the bag. Hope you will stop by with a good wish or two. Some of you no doubt remember the day he was born! Scarlett, claysweetea, and I had a Power
  11. It's good to read that the fandom is taking the Gala news well. Sorry about the big buck changes some are facing. I'll be in cantata rehearsals/performances that weekend but will look forward to all your reports. "Network TV" and "Expanded Clay" sound promising! Sorry I missed "your day," shoryjill! I'll join in the extended celebration! Happy Birthday Weekend! The new Carolina On My Mind blog pays tribute to the 10th anniversary of 9/11/01 with a montage by yollie950 featuring Clay singing "Grace of God" and "It's in Everyone of Us." Commemorative artwork for the 10th anniversary by EKT
  12. FCA! Hope everyone is enjoying the day off whether it's spelled "Labor" or "Labour"! Just a note that the I Am NORM/National Inclusion Project Voting Widget is now in the Clayboard and OFC threads for this cause. Scarlett has posted links to the Widgetbox home base, and it will be at the top of the Carolina On My Mind sidebar throughout September. Between Labor Day courses, you have lots of options for casting votes for inclusion and reciprocating partners. According to Jerry Aiken's communication, should NORM win, the National Inclusion Project will receive the funds and manage the program.
  13. Wishing all a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! Happy Birthday to merrieeee! Sounds like a great beginning, shortyjill! Just a reminder that you can vote for I Am NORM - NIP and reciprocating charities from the widget at the top of the Carolina On My Mind blog's sidebar. This group established by the Inclusion Project needs your support. Caro
  14. Yesterday I posted a Carolina On My Mind entry featuring the Dragon*Con Convention with the National Inclusion Project as the designated charity and I Am NORM's $50k Pepsi drive. The I Am NORM voting widget, an initiative of the NIP, is at the top of the Carolina blog sidebar. Too bad Dragon*Con wasn't last weekend! Jerry Aiken has already posted that he hopes to get some text votes for I Am NORM. He also listed some charity partners, which royalle has included in the widget list. In addition to North Carolina causes, there are several groups who voted for the NIP in August. If the foundation
  15. Congratulations, Couch Tomato! Sounds like a very reasonable request with an excellent reward! Happy cruising, luckiest1! Have a great day, all! Caro
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