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  1. I have two forums that are fairly new, one I opened in January of 2005 and the other I just made this morning, it's still under construction, but it's open. Java Monkey Free's Fan Fic World
  2. I made a fan fic board several months ago, and it started out being strictly for fan fics only, but then I slowly added new forums and subforums, such as a games forum, jokes forum, prayer/support forum, picture forum, Clay talk, and just plain fun stuff to do. All guests can view the board, I even have a guest book for non registered members to leave me feedback, it's kind of slow right now, but hopefully it'll pick up soon. Registration is by admin approval, and once registered and you post 25 times you may ask for access to the fan fic section. Feel free to check us out sometime! All members that register must reply to the email that I send to your email address before you are approved, so I know that it's an active and valid email. http://s7.invisionfree.com/Frees_Fan_Fic_World/index.php
  3. Hi, I'm PoohBear99, the Clayboard is my home board, along with IDF and the fan club. On IDF, I'm free4all2522, on CB I'm Pooh99, and on the fan club I'm PoohBear99, if you see those three usernames anywhere on the boards it's me! I'm from Illinois and I've been a Claymate since American Idol season 2!