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  1. oooo new pics!!!! great timing! coming in for a short visit to greet my BFF !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY COUCHIE Hope the next year brings you much joy and excitement!!!! :bdayparty2:
  2. Kinda proved his point....hee or if the shoe fits..
  3. With all the drama around the fandom and the board I thought I would post for the first time in months to show my support for two of my favorite people.... Couchie and Clay!!!!! Couchie...you are the best admin ever ...luv ya!!! Clay...what a guy!!! I love his honesty, his candidness and he is fearless. I never really like going up in arms when a celebrity criticized or even dissed Clay cos I figure they are entitled to their opinion, so now I think Clay is entitled to his opinions too. He is so right about AI...I still enjoy watching it but only because I like the soap opera quality...but
  4. Yup he is a keeper... but can I say that he is also...very very CUTE!!!!!
  5. Great timing for me to check up on the boards...Clay Blogged!!!... Hi all! sorry for being away for so long but trying to balance having two jobs, being a mom and having hubby away seriously cuts down my internet play time... I still have a lot of pages to wade through...but its great to see Clay was being his usual funny and natural self. :thbighug-1: to all!!!
  6. This was just the funniest thing...lucky Karen eh for that cute conversation. So was it scarlett that said she was from the Philippines? HEE His comedic timing is perfect...love his comeback to the Houston answer and Montreal and the comment on gas prices. ...GAH he needs a variety/talk show!!!
  7. After being away from the boards for about 4 days (due to work and bad cold) I get on this morning not really that excited about the gala...went straight for the last page and those you tubes... DAMN IT...he made me cry again!!!! OMG I TOTALLY LOVE RHW!!!! I have to admit I was never too thrilled for that song....but this version had me bawling!!!! SO sweet and seem so personal!!! haven't read any reports yet or read any posts (ack I think I have over 20 pages to catch up on) I just wanted to say that EIDN and RHW were fantastic...the voice is a great as ever...I need mp3s!!! OK....now I
  8. wow our colors are pretty close...couchie and I are a day apart in our birthday...thanks a lot... this is the color according to photoshop...how close are they...
  9. In honor of Canadian Thanksgiving and Fall... NEW BANNER!!! Thanks Cindilu2!!!
  10. I just think that the ranters and ravers have had their chance and their continuing to rant and rave is more like propaganda right now. They know very well that they are not going to persuade the people that are posting to counter them. But they are there to influence that silent majority that continues to follow all this drama. Those that are silently trying to figure this out. That is why to let them simply have the run of the show over there can be very dangerous too. It will give the illusion that this is how a LOT of fans feel and may generate a group mentality to those that are silently
  11. Hey, chach, I recently started reading the Twilight series, too! And finished all four books within a week of starting the first book. Those books are thick, too! I enjoyed them a great deal. I wouldn't call them classic, great literature, but they sure are a fun read! I'm looking forward to the movie. I've seen the trailers, and it looks like it's going to be really good! Twilight got me and my girls together this summer. Pretty much like the HP books. It was cute cos we read at different times...daughter 2 and I read it first so we had to keep some things from daughter 1 so we don;t
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