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  1. That is so very beautiful to see!!!! Congratulations and THANK YOU!!!
  2. I also have an extra ticket for sale to the Magical Mystery Date (that is no longer a mystery!) Also couldn't find a separate thread for ticket listings! If interested, please PM me! Section J Orchestra Right (behind Dress Circle front section) Row K Seat number 9 (This is 10 rows back in Right Orchestra and 5 seats from right center aisle; there are 8 seats on this row and another small section to the right.) Price $71.15 paid; will sell for $50 The ticket is via TicketFast. Thanks!
  3. I like that, duckyvee, the board got a make-over!! Looks good! Thanks to all involved for effort and time. It seems there's always lots of that when something like this is done.
  4. I'll be there too, coming in Thursday afternoon and leaving Saturday morning; am booked at the Marriott!!!
  5. The very best of luck to you in getting well. I hope you feel much better very soon. This mess is not nice. Get lots of rest!
  6. Congratulations, Couch Tomato!!!! That's wonderful!
  7. I haven't had this much fun in a LONG time!!!!!!!! :04: :04:
  8. Of course! I shoulda known that!!! Of course, that makes it an hour sooner here, so that's always a good thing! (Or something like that.)
  9. Which time zone?!!! Now that's looking on the bright side of life!!!!!!!!
  10. Makes perfect sense, and that was how it felt to me listening in on the stream at home!! What a wonderful in person evening y'all had!
  11. Oh oh oh, I can add something!!! Instead of the cellcerter (hippoga) saying Reed was mesmerized, she called him "the curly-headed one" was mesmerized watching th man on the stool! It was such a beautiful sentiment!!!