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  1. Thanks. Is anyone going to do the "best of video"???? .... seems like I recall that being done for a previous tour.
  2. I know I am a few days late, but................... I have a M&G in Asheville!!!!!
  3. I seem to recall reading here (or someplace) that there might be a get together in Asheville.......... I think it was a breakfast Saturday morning. I cannot find any info on this....... is it happening?? My group is interested......
  4. Reed has a beautiful body. Clay is sexy without trying....... and he doesn’t even realize it.
  5. I am going and bringing 2 friends. We signed up for the package. Really looking forward to it. I have been to the Biltmore several times..... the house is wonderful and so are the gardens. The Azalea garden is beautiful in the spring.
  6. What is sprouted wheat products? I was diagnosed with colitis quite a few years ago. I found a book with a diet for it and other things..... I went off sugar, dairy, and gluten. I slowly went back to sugar, but limit/substitute the dairy and gluten. Mine went away even tho my doc said diet had nothing to do with it and said I was probably just lactose intolerant. I use soy milk and yogurt, millet bread...... cereal is the most difficult to find..... one that taste decent..... as I want oat bran.
  7. My husband is 74, has COPD, Diabetes and a couple of other issues. His infectious disease doc told him to get the regular flu shot, H1N1 shot and the pneumonia shot also. I take my chances.... hope I don't regret it.
  8. I am looking at the new iMacs....... I have the eMac now. ..... which iMac do you have....... and do you have Leopard?? It looks to be quite different. I have the 20 inch, 2.6/2GB w/chrome finish. I have Mac OS X Version 10.5.6. It's my first Mac so I'm not sure if that's Leopard or not. From the website it looks like it. My daughter purchased one last year and she loves hers too. I knew I was a goner the minute I walked into the Apple Store. Hee. Although I was really very happy with my Dell, I'm just so over Windows. eta James Ingram, I Don't Have the Heart just came up on my par
  9. I am looking at the new iMacs....... I have the eMac now. ..... which iMac do you have....... and do you have Leopard?? It looks to be quite different.
  10. I would say yes....... A friend of mine, who was not a fan, used to say he was too pretty. He does have fine features. There are times when he is gorgeous and times when he is handsome..... and then there are those other times, like we all have.
  11. Sorry, I am a few pages behind. Are we still taking about makeup??? I don’t like the make up either, but I have a feeling Clay does. I have followed Clay since 2003 and read everything I could get my hands on the first few years......... the need to read everything has tapered off now, but in the course of all my reading, I have picked up on a few things that have stuck in my mind....... Clay has very light eyelashes and I remember reading that the little girls at the YMCA teased him about his “white eyelashes”. According to the article I was reading, one of his coworkers was quoted as
  12. I'm on a Mac and Safari and it looks OK for me. So does this mean we are back to it being just my computer?????? Possibly, but not necessarily. Depends on what version of Safari you have, what OS you have, and so on. All our techie people are otherwise occupied; a whole bunch of FCAers are away in NYC. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but the folks who are here just haven't got a clue how to solve your problem right now. Can you wait awhile? I used to run a small website for my job, and I would do the code on my laptop, and then get to work on my computer there, and it would be all