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  1. liney23

    this or that

    O.M.G.... both are swoon-worthy... OMWH, cause it was what Clay wanted and created. IWTKWLI Los Angeles or Orlando?
  2. Hey, I wanna sway and wave a glow stick and sing/hum kumbya.... wait for me!
  3. luckiest, my oldest DGS is 16 and has been on Ritilin since he was diagnosed ADD at age 5. He decided when he went to HS that he didn't want to be treated special anymore. Ended up flunking a couple of courses and had to go to summer school. Same thing last year. He did really well in summer school actually cause the class was 3 hours each day and they couldn't work on anything but their classwork. He is very smart, just can't organize to save his soul and forgets homework assignments, etc. Good kid, tho, thank goodness. Unfortunately, his mom is also ADD and does next to nothing to h
  4. liney23 reporting in with recommendations for Baby Got Back 1st place!!! dlh7777's classics medley from Sterling Heights Honorable Mention: Spotlightlover's classics medley from Los Angeles/The Greek cause I LOVE the "Don't kill me, Dad" from Clay plus, I think he ad libbed a bit in the verses leading up to "Don't kill me, Dad." Now, I won't be able to clip the wmv files to mp3 of just that part until I get back to my own computer on the 30th, but... soon...
  5. Somehow I got the idea that I was assigned Baby Got Back when I volunteered to take something... Did I imagine it, since I can't find the post anywhere... Anyway, I am about 2/3 done on BGB and Kandre, if you haven't done it already, I will continue to do BGB.
  6. I am ready, willing, and sorta able (trying to be funny here, I really am able) to take a song is someone has too many.
  7. Sorry, it wouldn't let me delete the info, so I just changed it. That will have to do. Just not understanding why, if that info is required, it doesn't show up on everyone's posts. I'm spechul, I guess... LOL Thanks for trying. Liney
  8. Thanks!!! Off to My Controls...>
  9. When I post, my old boardname and homeboard are displayed... at least on my computer. How can I turn that off. I can't find a way! If it just shows for me and no one else, then I don't care. Thanks!!! Liney
  10. Hi, I'm liney23, liney for short. Home board is CB, tho I started out at Claymaniacs. Found this place by accident and it felt like home after the first page. I am the mother of 3 and gramma of 6 and girlfriend #546,892,168 of Mr. Clay Aiken. LOL I discovered Clay on finale night and fell like a ton of bricks. I am very metaphyically inclined and believe he is raising consciousness with his light, love and laughter. He brings me joy multiplied. I am an office manager by day and do Rieki and teach about crystals/minerals and meditation by night and weekend. Talk about using both sid