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  1. It's Christmas Eve, which is when my family gets together and it's RAINING cats and dogs. I have to drive 45 minutes to my daughter's house and out here in Southern California, if someone spits out the window, there is a 5 car pileup... LOL My son has to drive an hour and a half on freeways in this mess. Maybe it will stop by afternoon... yeah, that's what must happen! I wish all of you a very happy Christmas and a very merry New Year!!!!
  2. The Aiken fog got me pretty good and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to remember any details to give you. I took care of the dog/cats and was ready to leave when who should appear but my Navy grandson. A friend had driven him from the airport. He has lost the key to the padlock on his duffel bag AND his ATM card and wanted to go with his friend right there and then. We tried a couple of things, but the lock wouldn't budge. Finally I gave him a pair of men's sweats that I had gotten years ago, so weren't womens, and some money and he was out the door. I was exhausted! LOL That is just soooo normal for him. That made me later than I wanted to be. I LOVED that the concert was so close to me for a change. 25 minutes. 10 of which was bumper to bumper Friday night traffic. Found my table with 15 minutes left to order my dinner. I got these cottage fries that had beef, sweet onions and feta cheese on them - delicious! It was a very good seat in the first row of tables. Ellenpoppy was my table mate and since I had never met her before that was totally cool. I got to reconnect with Perma and we vowed to make a date for dinner soon to catch up, so that was neat, too. The theater was pretty full and when he asked, I think Clay fans and NJU were about even, which was fantastic! I had heard about the start of the show, so was prepared, but I think he didn't do the bit as well as some of the times I had heard about. It kinda fell flat to me. But, OMG that voice has never sounded better, nor has he ever had such fine control. WOW!!! The bit with the little girl and the 12 Days of Christmas was great. Watch that. He accused her gramma of bringing her just to get his attention and the granddaughter, who was 8, ratted her out and agreed with him. LOL She was pretty big for 8, but she had a great voice and surprised Clay with the strength of her voice and how she was not the least bit nervous to be up on stage with him. I think that was my favorite part of the show. He mentioned that Arsenio was there, but you could tell he didn't know where he was and Arsenio didn't stand up or anything. When he did the last song, he exited right by my table, so I got to see him the closest I ever have... about 3 feet... S.W.O.O.N!!! He was absolutely gorgeous and I LOVED his slacks for that last part of the concert and how they fit him. Whew (fans self)! His hair was GOOD! Didn't particularly like the narrations, but he got a lot of mileage out of his mother doing the one with the pig's tail story. He was very proud of himself for not messing up the words to any songs for the last two shows and for the fact that he only did 2 "end of the world" gags last night. He is just such a great singer and entertainer that it boggles my mind that more people aren't slurping up that voice. What's wrong with people???? Well, I managed to write a respectable amount after all. Happy Holidays, everyone! I was very proud last night to say my board was Finding Clay Aiken!
  3. I'm leaving work in 3 minutes. Have to go home and feed and potty the dog, change clothes then drive a whole 20 minutes to Anaheim and get dinner and see CLAY!!!!!! Haven't seen him since Reno/LA. Couchie, I'm sorry you couldn't come... I was hoping. Next time, maybe. I'll try to remember all the good stuff. My grandson comes home today for 2 weeks from the Navy Training facility in Great Lakes, IL. I can't wait to see him and he is really looking forward to California weather. It's dang cold up there! LOL For the end of the world, it's a pretty good day!!!!!!! LOL
  4. Couchie, I only watched Diane a little bit, but she was talking very slowly, moving very slowly. My first thought was what medication was she on? I didn't like watching her seeming struggle, cause of that soft spot, so I switched to MSNBC for the rest of the night. Nothing I've seen in explanation yet, but there was definitely something going on.
  5. S'ok! I got a seat at the middle table on the right in Tier 2. Call the theatre for tickets rather than go thru Ticketmaster. Less fees and better help with seating. I'm excited, as I have not seen Clay since he and Ruben came to LA. Got a BIG grin on my face!
  6. Couchie... anyone (hint, treenuts) who comes to Clay's Anaheim concert from FCA is welcome to stay Friday night at my house, which is a half an hour from Anaheim. As long as you're not allergic to cats or dogs, as I have 1 dog and too many cats. I have 2 bathrooms and multiple sleeping spots between beds and sleeper couches and chairs. Please say yes, as I would LOVE to have guests. Long lost liney (but keeping up) Waves to everyone...
  7. Yesterday, I got a call at 7am from the husband of T, who is my Admin. T was pregnant and due in early Oct. She had a seizure and lost consciousness, so he rushed her to the hospital. Her blood pressure was extremely high and they couldn't get it down, so they took the baby boy early to save her life. T is fine now. Baby is 1lb, 5oz and doing as well as one can at that size. Please keep baby in your prayers. Anyway, since she left unexpectedly, I am doing her job in addition to my own for awhile and will not have time to breathe, much less keep up with Clay or visit here. I will be back when I can. Liney
  8. merrieeee... her mom will take her to buy new shoes and she'll be fine... LOL Fear... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  9. ldyj... thanks... God, I love his hair in this style. I hope no one tells him that, so he'll keep it that way for a long time... LOL The comments on the first page of comments on the Oreo cookie link were just sad. I've got to quit reading them! If I could eat them, I'd buy 10 packages of Oreos today... hmmm, wonder who I could give them to? couchie... darling nieces and nephews and your rehearsal pic was like wow!
  10. About Ms. Aubrey... there just are no words. What a mess of a person. Keeping... so nice to see you around here. ldyj... sorry about the cold! The Twitter Wars... LOL You could tell from the start how much Clay and Ruben got along and liked, then loved each other. You could see some of that with Clay and Arsenio on TCA, so we'll see now if it is true or of a temporary nature. I'm very happy about the Sandusky verdict. I hope it encourages more to come forward about abuse. Children might enjoy the attention in a way, but they instinctively know it's wrong and it makes them feel there is something wrong with them. That has huge repercussions in a person's life. Been there, done that. I hope they don't drag out the appeal process, but get him in jail pronto.
  11. Couchie... Time flies with kids... I remember that lion picture. I have 3 granddaughters. One is in dance and has a recital this weekend. The other two are in a play, singing and dancing, so Gramma gets to have lots of fun going to shows this summer. Some of the costumes in the dance companies are pretty risque for 7 yr olds, but that's the way it is now. I don't approve, but she loves the dancing so I support her and grimace at the costumes. Luckiest... I taught all 3 kids and my oldest grandson how to drive. I took all of them to the industrial park near me on the weekends and evenings when very few are there. It worked very well, as they could practice all kinds of parking/unparking situations, right turns, left turns, stops, etc. wtih no one around. Good luck! ladyj... what a problematic ending to your vacation. Bummer! Start taking Vit C and Zinc immediately and maybe you can stave off the cold. Crossing my fingers for you. Clay is such an interesting, multi-layered man and such fun to be a fan of, that I have a hard time understanding how people can get so upset with him. That makes it all about them and not so much about him, in my opinion. Whatever... LOL
  12. shortyjill... Sorry I messed up your name! The first and last letter was the same... LOL Good luck! A scale is a good thing, but don't weigh every day. Up and downs happen and you get sooo discouraged when you hit even a small up, says the voice of experience! I just wrote my first letter to my grandson at naval boot camp at the Great Lakes Naval Training site. I am going to his graduation the end of July. He is ADD and has had a rocky start to grown-up life. He made it thru high school, but flunked out of college (more because of a bad relationship than his smarts or ADD), so he was excited to get in, but scared, too. Crossing all fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyes and anything else that will cross that this works for him.
  13. Love this, treenuts. Couchie... I had to come out of lurkdom to wish you a Happy Birthday!!!... Liney I cannot believe how upset some people are cause Clay got their expectations up, then it was just Arsenio news. Geesh! FCA, I salute you! ladyj... your vacation sounds very fun! luckiest... fingers crossed for your son! Shadylil... good luck on your diet. I have lost 47 pounds and have 10 more to goal. I only had to get ulcerative colitis to change my eating habits and cut out everything but chicken, turkey, fish and vegatables for 6 months. Colitis is down to just inflammation now and I feel better than I have in years. I scared myself straight... LOL It feels good to be posting again.
  14. Thread title? Every bit of Clay news comes with an adjustment period. LOL So how long before we can start adusting to CA or cross it off the list. Isn't there some announcement coming soon? Couchie... that (the bolded above) is so true and I've never thought of that. Smart lady! keeping... BWAH!!! Of course it's all about treenuts! Who else??? Also, not suprisingly, I agree with you about Jaymes and what she said at the OFC. I remember cheering at the time. It was so exciting to come back today (I am trying to get here oncet in a while.) and hear about Clay's new single. Maybe Scarlett should ask to be official videographer for the Gala, giving them the card afterwards, to be returned to her with the single release. Couldn't hurt to ask. I have never watched Celebrity Apprentice, but did watch parts of regular apprentice once and think Clay would be perfect for that show. You have to think fast and well and be able to lead others and Clay can do both of those with one hand tied behind his back. We'll see. Keep fingers crossed... my grandson is taking his physical to join the Navy today. It would be soooo good for him.
  15. I knew Tesssy personally from our first years in the fandom and I am very sorry she had to endure ovarian cancer. May she rest in peace! Thank you all for the Happy Birthdays. I have just been so swamped with RL the last months after moving back into my house with my daughter and grandson that I only lurked occasionally to check the calendar and make sure I didn't miss anything. When catching up today I realized how much I have missed you all. I'll try and get back a little more often. My grandson is in process of joining the Navy, so cross your fingers that he passes everything and makes it through boot camp. He's smart as a whip, but is ADD and that makes things so difficult for him. This is so common, tho, that someone told me that the armed forces know how to handle this and help find what they are best suited for. He wants to become a nuclear technician. He'd be going to school in SC, which is next door to NC where Clay lives... LOL And, he would be going to boot camp at Great Lakes Training Camp in North Chicago and I would probably go to his graduation, ldyj! I needed a short break a few days ago and watched some of Pala again. THat was soooo hysterical! And the video of when he got the mic down his drawers! Top of my list of funnies! Guaranteed to lift your spirits. I love that man! Can't wait to find out his big news! Whatever it is, he must think it will boost his career significantly to endure a new photo shoot and spiff up OFC. Just sayin' Love you all!!!!! Liney
  16. bottle.... where are we in the Pepsi Challenge??? One more day in December! I get tomorrow off. However, I already worked 51 hours this week. It will still be very nice to not have an alarm go off for 3 straight days! I read elsewhere that they heard a local radio station play Crying. Whoooo hoooo!
  17. lilyshine... I LOVE the books and the films. My favorite of the three movies is #3. I thought the acting of Frodo and Sam was awesome. However, I love parts, mostly involving Legolas, who was my screensaver before Clay. LOL I LOVE it in #2 when he flips onto the horse and when he skateboards down the stairs. And the play between Legolas and Gimli. I do have the extended versions and would love to watch them again, but have to wait until I can get someone to hook up my DVD player since the move. Fear... that sounds like fun. I've always loved watching ice skating... especially, Clay ice skating! tree..., HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :bdayparty2: May 2011 be your mostest happiest year ever!!! I am actually finally going to see Harry Potter this Saturday. Can't wait!
  18. bottle... N.I.C.E. tongue pictures for Christmas. Thanks! Shorty... Thanks for the great wallpaper. My likey! couchie... Good News... thanks for the reminder! I LOVE that song on that tour! bottle... that gif of the twinkly trees is really beautiful! Thanks! Scarlett... snow covered trees are especially beautiful to me, as I live in warm (and wet this year) climate and never see them anymore. aikim... that cardinal pic was beautiful. It just stood out so clearly. As you know, it rained here for several days straight. I am soooo tired of rain. Every time I have to let the dogs out, I have to wetmop the floor where they track in the mud whenever I can't grab them when they come in. My Christmas day was reading a book all day. All the family stuff was done. It was very relaxing. On Sunday I paid for it by unpacking all day long. I should have my bedroom in order by the end of next weekend, finally! I have too much stuff!!! Let's get the Pepsi Challenge for NIP this month!!!!!!! It's our month!!!!!!!!! Go voters!!!!!!!!
  19. shorty... and fear... Congrats on the money raised for NIP and the chilun'. It's a proud thing to do... and fun!!!
  20. I voted for Hold Me, Kiss Me, Thrill Me or whatever order it is in. Loved his blog and I would love to know why he put Touch on there. I told him to remember to take turns nicely with Parker while playing with his toys... LOL Loved the blogs and it really is wonderful that DADT is on its way out officailly. It has been raining here for 3 solid days and nights with one more day to go before we get some sunshine back. I'm so sick of everything being wet. My dogs HATE going out in the rain to do their business and who the heck can blame them. I got what I thought was my last gift today, then remembered I still needed a gift certificate for my DD. So, back out into the rain and crowds. I had to buy gift wrap when I have LOTS buried somewhere in the boxes in the garage. I will be soooo glad when I am unpacked. I still haven't found my alarm clock. Geesh! My other DD asked me what I wanted for Xmas and I cannot for the life of me remember what I asked for... LOL bottle... I was just on the OFC and the ecard looks like an old one Clay did years ago that you can send to friends. I sent it out to a couple of people who are tolerant of my fandom... LOL
  21. aikim... CONGRATS!!! One down and 8 to go! Grandbaby, come to Gramma aikim (when you're ready) Fear... BWAH! So true, too! bottle... I so agree with you. The suit is great, but the coat and jeans are out of sight scrumptious!!! Back to work for me! Keep yourselves warm and dry and safe, ya'll.
  22. Thank you, bottle, for the pictures. I am sooooo busy. $10 million dollar proposal out the door tomorrow, so I'll be working late tonight. I NEED to watch some Clay Christmas to retain my sanity in this insanity... LOL luckiest... wow... that's a lot of snow. Waving as my break is over and I have to get back to proposing! Love you all and miss you all sompin fierce. I'm hoping things slow down a bit in January so I can join in again. Consider yourselves hugged!!!!!
  23. So cute...but can I just slap the makeup person for ignoring Clay's natural skin tone? *SLAP!!!* There, I feel better. 00lsee... may I say I agree with you totally and then some. Geesh! I thought his hair didn't suck, but his makeup sure did. The man needs to care enough to say no when he needs to. To me it really detracted from the message, but for most people who don't know how gorgeous he really is, it was probably fine. Well, my unpacking is coming along fine.... NOT!!! However, my son and a friend of mine came down on Sunday and I now have all my bookcases up and only one more cupboard to clear/clean, so I can really start unpacking now that I have some place to put things. Hopefully, it goes quickly cause I now have to start packing our office up since we're getting new carpet laid between Christmas and New Years. On top of that we have a proposal and a report due on the 17th and I worked 11 hours on Saturday on it and will probably have to work overtime to get them both done on time. ACKKKK!!! Couchie... to help you decide you need a pet, it rained/thundered here last night starting about 10pm. Apparently one of the dogs is scared of thunder and everytime it thundered, Max barked like we were being attacked, which in his mind we were. I even tried sleeping in the recliner in the family room where he sleeps to see if that helped. It didn't. Thankfully, my DGS came home and took Max into his bedroom and I was able to get a few hours sleep. Ausdon... my wish for Clay would be using his Lover All Alone in a movie/tv show. Surprising... doing a commercial for Apple, or anything cool.
  24. Clay... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :bdayparty2: I'm hoping having the last day of voting being Clay's Birthday sends the voting over the top into 10th place!!!
  25. I hope it will too, couchie. I hate snow but maybe once the white stuff hits the ground it will start to feel more Christmasy. I am going to have to bite the bullet next weekend and dig out the decorations and the tree. luckiest... my living room is packed to the rafters with boxes/etc and I don't know if I will have room to get a tree up this year. LOL I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. Moving sucks major!!! I still have my plants to move and a few things in my garage, then cleaning by the 1st. Then I can start to unpack. I could not for the life of me find my alarm clock so I had to use my cell phone alarm for the first time this morning. It worked fine. I still want my alarm clock... it has a snooze button. I can't find my jewelry or my makeup. I thought I was so logical on where I packed things, but the movers were not logical on where they put the boxes. Sigh! I know right where my DVDs are, but not the player nor do I know how to attach it to the TV even if I knew where it is. I figure it will take me all of December to unpack. WOW! I had no idea I had so much STUFF! Plus, I need to be two people at work right now, too... end of year and so much is due, plus we're re-carpeting and everything in the office has to be packed up by the 24th. Ack!!! I am going to have such a New Year's party just for this year being over. LOL
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