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  1. Loved the blog. Love the man! I have a ticket for Chicago, but may not be able to get there. My company is bidding on a HUGE proposal and the next step is rumored to be Oct 11. If true, I could go, but if they slip it until later that week, I will not be able to go, so I'm waiting until we hear the date for sure before trying to buy a ticket to fly. I wouldn't mind camping out to get a good seat. The weather in mid-Oct is my favorite... crisp but not too cold, with crunchy leaves underfoot. Crossing my fingers that the Oct 11 date is firm soon! tree... the 80's with that pushed up his forearm jacket and tight (sometimes) jeans is just it for me. He looks gorgeous in the 60's suit, absolutely, but when he starts off the 80s in that macho phase, I just melt into a puddle. We can duel about it if you like... you're younger, so you'd probably win, but I'm pretty stubborn. LOL
  2. jmh... thread title??? ldyj... I'll double that HOLY CRAP! fo' sure! I right-clicked-and-saved so fast my mouse has whiplash!!! 00lsee... BWAH!!! Fear... congrats on the conversion! Watch out tho, if he starts wanting to go along on all your Clay trips, that could be problematic, maybe??? LOL bottle... I'm so happy for you! Wasn't it nice of Clay to stick out his tongue just for you??? LOL ETA: My fave part of the Timeless Tour is the 80s. Not only Eye of the Tiger, but Footloose has me by the throat and hasn't let go yet. I was watching them all last night and noticed (and, I was there in person, too, but too far back to notice at the time) how well Clay's jean's fit him in Reno. I have five more venues to watch, so I can't say if he wore them again, but wowser!!! I'm visiting Reno again and again thanks to those jeans. Fans self vigorously!!! Whoever shrunk those jeans... thank you!
  3. Fear... what is the number to donate to the PBS station there or UNCTV whatever is putting this special back to back to back. I thought I'd call and give them my support. keeping... was that gentle teasing or sarcasm? Whichever, you are probably still too high on Clay to care.
  4. Caro... I LOVED this blog with the recaps and the pictures! I left a comment for you, too. N.I.C.E.!!! Even though I've never met the man, I can see that in him. Someday, someday...I will get to experience that in person. Question: how can I go about making a donation in order to get that interview? I wanna see! Ernie said the interview will air in two weeks. There should be some clack available from that when it happens. Now, THIS picture I cropped. It just happens to be 3/4 of our Biloxi roadtrip. 00lsee, where were you last night? It struck me after desertrose mentioned last night on the way home that it seemed the magic began in the Beau Rivage elevator when we were singing "The Time of My Life." It was just getting started! Great summer girls, or WHAT??? Orgasmic summer! We flat out had Clay Aiken all last night. Just fucking unbelievable. I signed up for this thing last night when they STRESSED to us, repeatedly, that Clay would definitely NOT be there. Oh My God. Was he ever THERE! keeping... your excitement just tickles me. I am sooo very happy for your happening with Clay and friends. Your recap is fantastic! LOVE your new avie... I'll bet that one stays up for a long while. Mavelous, dahlin', mavelous!
  5. The ass inside those jean, weren't too bad either, huh? And the stubble so close to my face, I could have licked it. And I can't spell while he's standing over me barking orders on how to fill out the form. At that point I couldn't find backspace on that computer to spell Ms. "Love"'s name correctly. He knew what he was doing to me. He knew I knew he knew. Merrieeee knew. Close contact, he was breathing on me, an autograph, a picture ... Jesus Christ. Best night of my life. keeping... Thanks! I have the biggest grin on my face reading this. I'm so happy for you! What a great night!
  6. Well, my life is beginning to get back to semi-normal after the rush last week. keeping and all other FCAers with Clay tonight... may your phones ring your ears off and may Clay blind you with his sexiness and funny (and everyone else who watches). I was out of work when the AI2 finale aired on my tv. I recorded both nights, but zapped the last night as I couldn't believe Clay lost and didn't think I wanted to keep it around. The first night with his three songs became a blankie for me. Everytime I would feel down about the job hunt, I would play that tape, starting from the makeover, which blew me away. Then fast forward while counting to 25 to get to the second song, then fast forward 22 seconds to BOTW, then rewind and do it again. I wore that tape clean out. After 8 months of unemployment, I found a job I really like and am still at and intend to stay at until they throw me out. Once I fumbled my way to the message boards (funny story, that), I have never left. I have thought about it before and Clay was the first time I really allowed plain unadulterated joy into my life. He still brings that joy. I have learned a lot of computer stuff, of course, but most of all the friends I have made have added so much to my life. I am no longer afraid to travel anywhere by myself. It's so cool to know that even if you really don't know anyone where you are going, you soon will. In seven years, I have only met one Clay fan I didn't like and it had nothing to do with her being a fan. Here are a few pictures from this tour that are my faves... On my desktop at home... On my desktop at work... If he looked at me like that... Perma again... Shorty...
  7. merrieeee... verra verra nice DH you have there! Glad you worked it out. It would have been just toooooo awful to have missed Clay upclose and personal! Why am I on this thing at 10:37pm when I have to get up at 4:50am???? Cause I'm Clazy!!!!!!! LOL
  8. I got the HoustonPBS official pledge instructions last week. It didn't say nuthin' like that. Nowhere on the page did it prohibit licking. Don't go making up cumbersome rules now, LadyJ .... Speaking of licking, this picture makes me want to blow it up, I mean enlarge it, yeah that, and, and, and, keeping... thanks for this treasure... of course, it's a Perma picture. The onlyest one in the yellow shirt that I like!!! Yeah, Perma! For some reason, we tend to be "the licking board" from time to time. Now is one of those times, so....have at it shortyjill! OK, so licking is allowed, eh, kf? Did it say anything about sniffing? Oooh sounds good to me! Heheh A super sexy fave...talk about lickable! Those thighs... those thighs!!! Lickable is right! bottle... thanks for the store link. I got the t-shirt in Reno, but I wanted the bag, so now I can get it, too!
  9. shorty... WELCOME!!! When you bring purdy pictures, you are welcome any ole time (well, actually, you are welcome even when you don't bring the pretty!). merrieeee... I really like the looks of your house. Congrats!!! I have to ask, tho... is that no cell phone thing temporary? I know you can use your landline, but still... no cell phone??? I bought a ticket for the Oct 14th concert in Chicago cause I had a good friend living there and my family lives there (well, part of it). Now, I have to have a thousand dollars of dental work done and I am having expenses around moving back into my house and I'm thinking it would be cheaper to eat the ticket than pay the extra to fly and stay there. My friend will no longer be there, so that adds hotel. I'll probably go, since I told my brother I was coming, but not sure I should, just from the financial point of view... but... a 650 seat Clay concert... how can I not?? What's debtor's prison like???? LOL
  10. keeping... BWAH!!! Well, I think we're a great kind of damn cult!!! justclay... Nomads for Inclusion is a fan group that raises money all year-round for National Inclusion Project. They started in North Carolina, but have decided to ask some other smaller fund raising groups from around the fandom to join them, so dropped the NC from their name. They ran the ebay auctions, among other things. tree... double BWAH!!! I love his sense of humor, I do, I do!!!
  11. {{{{{{couchie and family}}}}}} Had fun yesterday afternoon... there was a gathering of Clay fans in Santa Monica for lunch. Went with Permaswooned. We ate on four 10 people tables under a weeping willow tree in a large backyard at J's house. We had to keep moving the tables to stay in the shade and dodge the willow branches at the same time. Susz used her hair bands to tie the branches back. LOL I knew about 10 of the 30 people who were there and recognized about 10 more. Spooky was there and announced that the NC Nomads for Inclusion was expanding to the whole U.S. and taking the NC off their name. I saw one of the pictures Perma is donating to the Gala... a gorgeously framed, breathtaking Timeless Tour picture. It was similar to this one... YUM!!! We discussed how he is so frickin' gorgeous now, that his hair usually doesn't matter... now that's gorgeous!!! LOL We had a talk about the skills so many of us have learned through being a Clay fan. Her fab photography, cindi's graphic design, etc. It'd be neat to know if Scarlett took video with such skill before Clay. Caro's fantastic blog skills??? Lot's of computer skills for many. I know I wouldn't be able to burn music cd's if not for Clay. Perma was talking about how she now knows the way to get great seats at the Greek. LOL How many of us are now at ease in traveling almost anywhere by ourselves for concerts, tho we're not usually by ourselves once we get there! It's been a great seven years... and that's not even factoring in the fun the concerts are and the friendships made. So many of us never did this before with any other performer and I, for one, will be forever grateful I did it for this performer.
  12. Yeah I saw that..gave me the warm fuzzies! Kim Me, too!!!
  13. Lotus... now that needs some gif-maker extraordinaire to make it into a gif, hint, hint!!! LOL
  14. ldyj... BWAH... I read that as, "Check back this week for exhaustive details!" BWAH! I need a vacation, stat! aikim... once you break down a scary big task into smaller pieces, it always makes it seem more manageable. I read once, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time." and try to remember that when I get overwhelmed.
  15. Fear... CONGRATS!!! 10% is awesome in this day and age. 00lsee... I L.O.V.E. the bigger gif... man, those shoulders KILL! The Big Bird shirt not so much, but it doesn't stop me from watching over and over! Thanks!!! Desertrose... I think it was part of this shtick for the show. I think he sang a couple of the 60s songs Ruben sang in the JBT, if I'm not mistaken and, of course, he killed. LOL
  16. keeping... Amen to that sistah keepingfaith! (I just watched SueReu and your posted Rival youtubes, can't you guess????) gbm... thank you for posting this link. I laughed my head off. I absolutely LOVED when the mic when down into his drawers... BWAH!!! cagney... I remember Jack Jones, but he was a voice only to me. Never saw him perform. Besides a fantabulous voice, Clay has personality and is funny!!! I remember laughing at Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr trying to do skits and they had great voices, too. I liked Dean Martin and laughed a lot at his shows, but I adored Sammy Davis Jr. Now that I think about it, he and Clay have some similarities... big voices out of skinny bodies and f.u.n.n.y. However, Sammy could dance circles around any other vocalist I know of.
  17. keeping... I'm not sure Clay cared enough to do that on purpose, but I agree with you that he did it, on purpose or not. Clay is kewl! So many interviews afterwards asked him why he wasn't there. haha! jmh... Thread Title!!! 00lsee... I was so glad to read how great a time you had. RL has been kicking my butt lately, but it should settle down just a tad now... well maybe not. I just signed up for a once a week class for the next 6 weeks and am already taking an online workshop till Sept 9. During Sept/Oct I am also going to be moving. In Oct, I'm going to Chicago to see Clay and family. I really have to stop finding these really interesting things to do... nah! I'll just have to cope with being excessively busy... LOL
  18. Side note: Surrender Night Club is at the Encore at the Wynn in Las Vegas. I'makinda hopin' it's "work related" and it is the ONLY way I would go to Vegas again! But GO I WILL IF CLAY IS THERE!! We shall see... tree... if you go, I will follow and roomie wit ya' agin. LOL By the way... thanks for those youtubes! I loved them. I loved the three theme songs... they were all excellent! keeping... now I would say the first few weeks will be well watched to see how it works. If it is a trainwreck, that will end that. They are both musical legands and if their personalities are decent, it might work. If they are both diva's, if it is funny, even roll your eyes funny, that may work too. People used to watch Pauler to see what wierd thing she would do or say every week. We'll have to wait and see.
  19. Nothing less than 5 and a half hours drive for us Claynadians (at least those in my neck of the woods). That's a long drive at that time of year. I don't want another Erie scenario. Good thing I grabbed those Charlotte tickets when I did....at least I can get to an airport in 2 hours. Yeah, but Cleveland is a Saturday. Just sayin :clay: So now we only want him touring on weekends? Heheheh. Either that or we all quit our jobs so we can follow him around, LOL! Kim Aikim... weren't merrieeee and keeping talking about a cult??? Whatcha think of robes the color of Clay's eyes? If we chant nicely, he might let us sing back-up. LOL cindi... I'm shocked, I say, shocked at your behavior, missy! Impersonating a lesbian (How does one do that, anywho???) BWAH! Swallowing the sun! Doing something kinky with shirts! Well, ok, maybe not! In fact... it kinda sounds like a whole lot of fun! (I wanna do that!!!)
  20. Kim... are you in for it now... there is no.thing in this universe that is sweeter than rocking a grandbaby in your arms. Smoopie doesn't begin to describe it. Your heart just plain melts. It is also fun to leave them to their parents after a visit... LOL This story about Cathy is what I was referring to in my (very brief) recap of the M&G. I was so hoping her story would be told because for me, it was really something special to see unfold. The subtle change in Clay's demeanor once he realized the situation was beautiful to watch. He was still teasing, snarky Clay, but just that much more gentle. I really did fall in love all over again in those few moments. The other very cool thing was the silent communication between Clay and Jerome (when indicating that he should go find the daughters). Jerome really never takes his eyes off Clay and there is no doubt in my mind that it wouldn't take more than that crook of Clay's finger for him to take you out. Also the 'take your t-shirt off' thing was me. OMG it was funny - I would have sworn that was what he said. In fact I actually leaned back out the door and asked him (laughing of course) to repeat it. I said dang, didn't realize it was that kind of meet and greet. He said 'you're gonna get me fired.' cindi... at least you will never forget a moment of that whole experience, even if some of the funny is on your shoulders. It sure would have been interesting to hear what he would have said about your design abilities! You might have been hired on the spot... LOL He would have for sure if he'd seen some of your fantastic work! Next tour, you need to give Jerome a scrapbook of your work to show Clay. I love the relationship Clay and Jerome have developed. I wonder if Jerome ever dreamed when he took the job of guarding Clay during the AI2 tour where it would lead. I bet Parker thinks he is another grampa. My life has been so enriched by knowing this Clay Aiken guy!
  21. You cannot see his reaction from the straight on video. But from the side, he turned to the band and was quite animated and talking, then turned to Ben and lip readers reported that he said Casey was trying to French kiss him. Explains the jerk away. I love Casey. keeping... thanks for the added report. That sure 'splains it. LOL AND, I absolutely LOVED your recap. Just like almost everyone, I love to hear NJU stories, but one's from Southern men... I'm smiling all over, so thanks! Half a pitcher of Koolaid left? The hell you do, I guzzled down that nectar after you went to sleep Saturday night. I'm now awaiting instructions from my Guru, Sri Clayananda. I think she did get a hold of him. You didn't notice his immeasurable pulchritude in Biloxi? I did. Om Guru. BWAH!!!
  22. Holy crap. It just never ends.... Oy vey... and I'm not even Jewish or Yiddish or whatever that saying came from. LOL Delusions of gran.du.re are great things, are they not? At work... must get back to it. Proposal is out the door on Wednesday afternoon. Then I can get to the wonderful multi-tudinous clack.
  23. What?? It's not every day Pinocchio falls out of the sky at your feet! It's a sign I tell ya! Not sure exactly what it's a sign of, but it's a sign! - - I can't believe it's almost over. Thanks, Clay and Ruben and company for making this another summer to remember. It really was about damn time, and we really are so damn lucky. I honestly did have the time of my life. cindi... now that is definitely a thread title! (see bolded above) And, you have to tell the pinochio story... curious minds want to know!
  24. Caro... loved your blog! I was rockin' here at home to that youtube. Footloose has to be my fave of the show! I love that movie and just watched it last month, so it was very fresh in my mind. I cannot think the new footloose could ever be as good. tree... N.I.C.E. and then some!!!!! Five more days of work until the proposal is on its way and I can have a life again... except I can't cause I'll be in front of the computer every night trying to catch up with all the clack I have missed. LOL Oh, poor me, right??? NOT!
  25. Hey, you need at least a little friction to enhance the experience, dontcha? BWAH!!!! Good one, bottle! 36 hours and the hotel couldn't come up with better than that rearranged seating? Stooopid! At least that MTV idjit said they had great voices. The show didn't sell well in LA and NY, but other places sold out or almost sold out, especially two over 4000 seat places. Sounds like the "too cool for school" crowd still doesn't get Clay or his kind of entertainment. Their loss!
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