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  1. keeping.... hummina, hummina, hummina!!! That'll give you N.I.C.E. dreams for sure! luckiest... thanks for the recommendations! Downloading now! cindi... good luck on the black shirt! It has been strange to me, seeing as how they make good money on merchandise, that the merchandise areas haven't been very convenient or prominent, except in Reno, where they were right by the doors into the concert. In LA they were in a little corner off to the side that you could miss very easily. ?????
  2. tree... keeping... DITTO!!! Been there, done that, keeping. Just one more download! Just O.N.E. more... look at the clock! Sigh! I can sleep at work tomorrow! LOL I loved Claymatron's recap. I wonder if Clay has ever received a Clictionary? I have an almost 87 year old very good and long time friend. I told her to watch Clay's PBS special Sunday night. Today she sheepishly tells me she turned it off after awhile cause she wanted something with more of a beat and she was bored... BWAH!!! I told here we'd play in YouTube next time I come to visit and I'd get her beat for her. What a riot!
  3. luckiest... I love your recaps! People should hire you to write their recaps. LOL keeping... loved the story about your DD. Maybe there is hope for my not-clay-loving kids. Naw... probably not. bottle... dancerdad takes good pictures! I just changed my screen to the Eye of the Tiger one. Sooo cute! I like the idea of making TOML a sortof encore. A show this good needs an encore! I certainly hope they enjoyed the show enough and do want to do more of it. Maybe a Sept/Oct few spots... and I could definitely do Vegas! Happy Birthday, Parker!!! Well... back to work! Some idiot decided we should propose on two other jobs, one due the 12th and one the 16th while we are trying to retain our biggest client ($24MM), due on the 18th. I can't complain since my boss paid for my trip to Reno. I might just move a cot in here to save the drive back and forth. LOL On top of that, I'm moving in September. I hope I survive these next two months, but if I do.... I'm going to Chicago for Oct 14th.
  4. luckiest... great recap! Thanks! keeping... BWAH! I'm happy to aid in your illusions... I wish that shirt would come open more!!! I bet he has light cinnimon chest hair... drool!!!!!!!!! tree... I've asked myself why I was not born independently wealthy many times. I never have a good answer, dang it!
  5. O.M.G... that Rivival clack has me laughing so hard! I may have to watch it a few more times tonight. Dang, it's f.u.n.n.y!!! I wonder if they will try to add it to the bit now? I guess we'll hear soon. Clay is on my PBS station Sunday at 9pm. I think I can make that. I can't record it, tho, since I switched to digital phone thru my cable and so my TiVo can't connect without a regular phone line. Geesh! They didn't tell me that when I signed up for it. It saves me $35/month with unlimited long distance, but I haven't decided if I need to get the cable company's DVR cause that costs $20/month, thus reducing my savings to only $15/month. Almost hardly worth it. I'm thinking about it. Hope luckiest is having a blast tonight!
  6. bottle... BWAH!!! Hi.ster.i.cal!!! Sounds like Canada got the creme de la creme of a show. And, I thought Reno was the best... well, for me it was! cindi... I'm so happy it was good for you! I'll amend that to G.R.E.A.T!!! I do expect a recap when you are coherent again in 1 or 2 years. LOL
  7. First picture....isn't he just so adorable! Third picture -- what the hell is going on? Last picture....love Ruben's face. He plays that portion of the show so well! ldyj... third picture. That's when Clay has the black sheet on and is afflicted. He must of decided that night to lean on Passa Studdard. Funny! Just wanted to say... YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Prop 8 was overturned!!!!!! I got home last night after my third night of working until 8:30 and past and I was dead tired. I turned on the tv and watched the end of SYTYCD. The news came on and my whole being got energized. To say it made my day was an understatement. For those who don't know, California passed Prop 8 last election against gay marriage. It will go to the Supreme Court eventially where it will be the civil rights issue it is instead of the emotional issue so many make it. I'm so happy!!! Taking a break... back to work... dang it... I wanna see Clay again. Oct 14, Chicago. Aikim knows how many days that is away!
  8. O.M.G... that is sooo funny (him kissing Casey). Wouldn't it be fun to know the back story on that! My PBS station is playing Clay Friday night at 7pm. I can't wait and wish I had a better, bigger TV. I have my DVD from Chicago showing, but it's still in the wrapping.
  9. ldyj... can you go back to any of the other threads and rip off the second place'ers? Other than that, we'll just choose between the two we have. No biggie! Jenna... I was not surprised at how funny Ruben was. Clay and he became fast friends and I figured Ruben was funny when he tried to smother Clay with the pillow on that talk show right after Idol. Ruben just doesn't show his funny unless he's with Clay. I bet by the end of this tour, Ruben will hence forth be more personable on stage than he could manage before. Clay is showing him that it's ok to be himself and even flub lines and still have fans and fun. Not a shining moment, for sure. Wonder if his mother ever forgave him? Sorry, my memory is too long to take this guy's backhanded compliments and grudging enjoyment as worthy of anything but disdain. Meh. cindi... gotta agree with you. He hurt his mom so badly in public that I have no respect for him at all. I will say that, for him, that was a positive review. He did say that the show was not full and I do admit he was right. It was a small floor and not full. The balcony was bigger, but I didn't see how full it was. However, I tried for closer seats an hour before the concerts and there were no tickets available. Interesting. I had great seats for seats that were not in the first few rows. I was in the first row of the risers on the floor and there was an empty seat in front of me (after I moved because of a noisy cellcerter in front of me at my assigned seat) so my view was unimpeded. The sound booth was at my back. A couple came and sat next to me and the gal said, "he's much more handsome in person and so thin." I thought to myself... JennaBush picture or SRHP/DCAT tour. LOL There were a few differences in dialog and the preacher bit was a bit different, too. Ruben had a fan section that stood up for him after every solo. No interaction with the audience, unfortunately. Reno's audience was much bigger and louder. They used the same bit of that night was the first time Rube had seen those wild hammer pants and Clay said that LA had some great shops, too. They did get a great reaction from the audience. If I hadn't seen it the night before I'd have believed it was true and I think it was true in Reno. I am still high on seeing Clay and entourage at the airport. It just makes me feel all fuzzy inside. keeping... I'm so glad you are feeling a bit better and that you found the Clay DVD. Were you a good clay fan and put them all front and center??? LOL I worked till 9:30pm last night and have to work late again tonight, so back to it...
  10. JennaZ... Ditto to the above!!! Fear... I figure you and I are the audience for the folks who post so throughly. We're always appreciative and that's important, too! Man, I take one day off and I am flat out inundated with work today and may be putting in much overtime to get caught up (and I don't get paid for overtime, dang it) tree... you told those people we only wanted appetizers and drinks??? Did the rest of us know that??? LOL I have no idea how the final bill came out, but I hope they made some good money off of us, cause everything was the best of the best. I have a conference call in 3 minutes, so must go. Not sure when a more detailed recap will happen. I'm still so high from seeing everyone and then capping it off with seeing Clay, et al. Kewl
  11. Flying post, as I am leaving for Club Nokia in 20 minutes and I have to eat first... tho I read they have Wolfgang Puck there, so maybe not. LOL I'm not going to remember half the show, but I will say it is now tied with JBT for my fave concert Clay has ever done. I'm was thrilled beyond to not see the massive yellow shirt! Clay doing LLVL in jeans and tucked in shirt was definitely a highlight! Yummmmmy!!! If I do say so myself, the audience LOVED the show!!! BULLETIN... I saw Clay, Devon, Ruben and Jerome at the Reno airport. Clay was playing the slots and the rest were watching him. Clay... scruff... OMG! I didn't have enough nerve to ask for a picture, but I did say, "good show, guys" and Ruben said thank you. Made my day! I will go into more detail later, but I had a blast meeting and hanging with ldyj, keepingfaith, treenuts, couchie and couchiemom before and after the concert. (We ate the best food I think I've every had and the cheapest for such good food at midnight for pete's sake.) I was challenged by United losing my luggage Friday and my having to shop at walgreens to make it thru the weekend. I got it back at 1am this morning and left the hotel at 7:30am. Geesh! I bought a $2.99 t-shirt at walgreens and cut it up to have a clean top to wear. The only thing I really minded was not having my binoculars... but I'll have them tonight!!!!! Off to Club Nokia!
  12. ncgurrl... great recap (hope I spelled your name right! bottle... thanks for bringing over that recap... I love recaps!!! I'm gonna do one early next week. 2 shows in 2 days. I hope I don't mix them up... LOL tree... I finally got all my messages. I got your cell number, so we're all set. See ya' tomorrow! Off to the airport!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeee!!!
  13. tree... I did not get a pm from you yet. Did you get mine with my cell number? Clay content... tree and I are roomies for the Reno concert so we're going to swoon together. Hehe! I'm not very proficient with my ipod, but I synced it tonight and hope to high heaven I got Scarlett's Clearwater vids on it. Cross your fingers!
  14. bottle... I know from what Pink said at CH that the stations like people to call in during the breaks to make it look like LOTS of people are pledging. Maybe, since your company matches, they wouldn't mind if you took a moment to call during the pledge breaks. Course how you're going to know when that is could be a problem. LOL My ears are stopped up, which means sinus problems for me and I can't get into my doctor's office before the trip. Helpful girl there told me to go to a walk-in clinic. Like I have that kinda time... NOT. We'll see. Dang it... bad timing. I'll just ignore it, that's what I'll do! Nothing comes between me and Clay Aiken. Nothing!
  15. bottle.... thanks for bringing the deemer composites! I love them and now have to figure out which one to put on my desktop first. LOL KAndre... Happy Birthday!!! (p.s. I made your HB gray as that is the closest I could come to silver bling on this color palette. LOL) I got my new computer today. I can't use it until they get some files uploaded, but I have a 19" screen and man is it BIG! I put a Timeless Tour pic on it first thing and it looked a little weird, as it is widescreen. I thought I would hate having to learn MS 2007, but I already found a couple of things I think are kinda cool, so maybe I'll not hate it afterall. LOL Only 2 more days before I get to leave for Reno... I have to pack!!! It's going to be pretty hot there according to weatherbug.com, but the concert is indoors, so I have to think about this. It's important! Ok, not! In Clay's presence, no one is going to give a lick what I'm wearing! LOL Have we figured out where and when we're all going to meet up??? I get there Friday afternoon, so I can case the place and see what's available. I kinda think after the concert would be the most fun cause we'll all be high and it's fun to share that! I don't have a laptop, tho, so have no way to communicate with everyone. Suggestions???
  16. KAndre... YAY!!! for KAndre recap! Love your recaps! Keep it up, FCA sistah! cindi... I so agree with you! OFC has always been so critical of almost everything Clay does, tho, so he should be used to it. The only thing I don't like about this tour is his hair and I'll live thru it. LOL As usual, they are griping before giving Clay a chance to tighten it up and make any changes... which you know he will. If he's having fun, I'm having fun! What else matters? Idgits!
  17. jmh... GREAT recap! Thanks! I can't wait till my Reno/LA trip!!! Thanks for all bringing pics and links! I LOVE the stool banter! It may be slapstick, but I roar when Ruben plops down on that stool. He does it so well, you'd never know he knew it was smaller. I sure hope the mics are better regulated by Reno. sometimes Clay was soft and sometimes they all were garbled. It's so nice to spend a Saturday downloading and watching clack again! I do hope Clay stops with the spikes, tho. I figure he's trying to bring back the AI vibe, but I really don't care for it. Just my taste! Love the man, sigh over the hair! LOL luckiest... 0lsee...let's put together a fund to bribe Jerome to burn it! Just no, Clay!!!
  18. I have been working 12-15hr days and have been reading, but not posting, so I'm not too far behind. Just haven't had time to watch or listen to anything. My boss assured me a bit ago that I could still go on my Clay weekend, tho, so I'm a happy camper! Exhausted, but happy! One more week and I'll be gettin' on an airplane Fri a.m. Whoooeeeeeeeee!!! tree... hang in there with your daughter. I had a tough time with my oldest, but we're fine now and she's fine now (she's 42). Have fun tomorrow night, Ashvillites!!! I cannot wait to read the recaps. Then the clack! I expect it to be an awesome show since Ruben always shows more personality when Clay is with him. Do we have an FCA plans in Reno yet? We should just get together somewhere after the show. They must have somewhere we can commandeer.
  19. Caro... Scarlett... playbiller... mamakeepingfaith... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! bottle... thanks! Not only did I enjoy that, but it led me to a trailer for the next Harry Potter movie! Daniel Radcliffe will be 21 on the 23rd. Nice day to have a birthday! LOL I can’t watch it, but this version has longer clips of the songs apparently, so an EEEEE! in anticipation from me. bottle/notacanuck... again, thanks! I watched it umpteen times with this big ole grin on my face! Nice Saturday night, so far! I finally bought my ticket to the Chicago Oct 14th concert on Monday. On Tuesday, my friend tells me she will be moving back to DC in September. Errrggg! At least I still have family to visit there! I love the Phineas & Ferb cartoon! I can't wait to see it! I hope he voices the character, too, not just sings the song.
  20. jmh... Happy Birthday!!! Kimiye... Happy Belated Birthday!!!
  21. bottle... BWAH!!! I gotta say that rollers bit was verra verra funny!!! LOL Clay has never had trouble making fun of himself and I admire that tremendously!
  22. cindi... I am at my dumb computer at work, but I need to ask you something about changing backgrounds on pictures and I can't seem to pm you. Can you pm me and I'll see if I can work it that way, please? Thanks. Liney I can't wait to see the View at lunch time!!! He looks great in the screencaps!
  23. You assume right...IMO there is a small faction of the fandom that have gotten way too invested in Clay's personal business but no one that I have seen here. I was thrilled that Clay was in a relationship and I am sorry it didn't work out...but that is how things go sometimes...Clay has a complicated life and I give them credit for making it last as long as they did. Kim aikim... I agree completely with the bolded above. I just liked the idea of someone showing Clay that he was, indeed, lovable. Happy Sunday, all!!! This is sunny southern California, but you'd never know it from the weather lately. We've had June gloom so far in July and tho I don't like the heat and smog that come with summer, I am very tired of the overcast. Maybe tomorrow when I have to go back to work? LOL You guys and your cellphones! LOL My daughter has an iphone and my son has a blackberry and I'm very impressed with what they can do, but not enough to invest in one. I use Virgin Mobile for $6.99/month and $10/minute and it cost me about $60/year for all that I use it. It has a camera, too. I just recently learned to text message ($.25 each to send or receive) so I am making progress! LOL
  24. jmh... CONGRATS!!! Whoever went to Reed's myspace, can you tell me what Christina's song is saying, please? I have always wondered how this relationship could work, unless Reed was willing to move to Raleigh and be a kept partner and he is just too young to do that. I think he probably still has career ambitions, too. Reed was wonderful for Clay and I think convinced the man that he really was sexy and brought him to a comfort with his body and himself that he didn't have before. And, he was gorgeous and talented and a fitting partner for a man I love like family.
  25. KAndre... come on now... tell us, pretty please! My mother always had, "the umpteenth anniversary of my 17th birthday." Age is sooo funny. Now that the first number of my age is "6", people in their 70s are not yet "old." Now, I consider my 86 yr old friend old, but by the time I get there someone in their 90s will be old, not me. BWAH! cognito... be sure and download the clack from Bringing Broadway Home. Especially, These Magic Changes. Mack the Knife is great... oh, heck, just do it all, including Quiana's Dreamgirls solo. Enjoy!!!
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