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  1. :garfieldodie-grouphug: for annabear! So sorry to read that you were off work for two weeks and developed pneumonia. I've found I have to take antibiotics almost as a precaution when it seems I'm coming down with something. Glad to read that you are on the mend! Happy Birthday luckiest1!!!
  2. I know that feeling!! Good luck! Eighty percent of success is showing up - Woody Allen
  3. Good luck! I think it sounds like fun. And if you forget to turn it off, you won't be the first one (*remembers reporter at CNN*)
  4. on frying eggs on the sidewalk. I think the heat makes people really friendly too. *g* People are too busy trying to stay warm where it's cold to talk to each other.
  5. Did anyone ever tell you that dreams are really good for expanding your mind and being open to other possibilities? Maybe you should try exploring the world of dreams, and that is encased in something called "sleep". *g*
  6. Me too! ausdon, sorry to read about your back, and annabear, {{hugs}}, keep counting the days until Christmas and let's hope for a happy new year (I wonder where this year has gone to too!).
  7. I'm impressed! "Cute and helpless", huh? *g*
  8. ldyj, love the "new' bath pics! The rose color seems so energizing. It looks like the type of bathroom to make you want to go out and face the world. *g*.
  9. :04: Happpy Birthday Kareneh! Wow, Scarlett, what helicopter photos! That is an amazing view! couchie, great news on the insurance and the pills.
  10. {{jmh and family}}, my sympathy and best wishes for strength at your time of loss. So sorry to read of your mother's passing.
  11. On an episode of Sex and the City, a cut tampon was used to treat a bloody nose. When I was contemplating deviated septum surgery, the doctor also described the recovery as having a tampon in my nostril. couchie, between the bloody nose and the flat tire, you have had a tough week! I would like to get an H1N1 shot, but nothing is available in my area.
  12. Happy Birthday cindilu! O/T: If interested in women's empowerment and hearing the thinking of some very prominent speakers, the Women's Conference 2009 is streaming live today from the West Coast (an afternoon session on grief, healing, and resilience is supposed to include Lisa Swayze, Patrick's widow): http://www.californiawomen.org/
  13. ldyj, I imagine that you are very good at the reference desk *g* I think combining these two observations makes for another interesting comparison to a legal distinction: The difference between an employee and an independent contractor. An employee works at the employer's direction whereas an independent contractor works at his/her own discretion to create a result within certain boundaries. In other words, "you don't own me" is appropriate as Clay or any other artist is akin to an independent contractor with their buying public (* "You Don't Own Me" just happens to be another song I love too; another old soul, musically who is completely in love with "Moon River"*)
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