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  1. I too had "issues" last night... Of course, compounding them was the fact that we had just gotten our computer back from a friend who was resolving a trojan issue that we had... We had to load the operating system and other stuff back on and JavaScript was one of those things. When I first got the website to come up (took a couple tries), it kept telling me that I needed JavaScript - there was no movie, no songs. So I muddled around until I figured out where to get what I needed and got it downloaded. Geez. But once I got that resolved, I could at least see the commercial and hear the songs! I liked them very, very much... Then, when I tried to log in, I got what everyone else was getting with it not accepting my password. I must have done the retrieve password tango four times and never got an e-mail. I said the hell with it and didn't think about it until today. I had more important things to do, like going to the Casino to grab some Milwaukee tickets! Got good seats so I'm happy! When I got home this afternoon and checked my e-mail, I found the e-mail that must be the mass one... I have Yahoo via AT&T also so maybe it's coming to you yet? But it worked like a champ. Updated my password right away and logged out and it let me back in so I guess it's all good now. Maybe later I'll figure out all the rest of the stuff.. I'm tired - all the excitement between the new fan club and getting tickets done worn me out...
  2. Wheeeeee!!! Totally loving these snippets! Especially loving the jazzy, big band sounds! Love the horns! I'm so excited for him (and US!)! I fully expect to see a Clay Aiken who can be himself, be excited about and celebrate his music! Fun times ahead!!
  3. My gosh, he has grown into one really good looking man!! I'm feeling pretty good about how things are going. We are getting "stuff" - whether ferreted out by fans or put out by IM/Decca/OFC. I missed the snippets, but such is life, they'll be out soon enough I'm sure. I'm not going to get my panties in a twist over stuff I can't control - I figure there's a plan and it will all work out. I'm having fun being a fan!
  4. ldyj - thanks! I just spent a bunch of time at Oprah's website watching video after video - I love Glee! Was at Barnes & Noble over the weekend and noticed the cast is on the cover of Rolling Stone, so I plopped myself down and read the article! And then, I also watched the new episode of my very favorite show, Criminal Minds. Disturbing at times, but really a good show. I think this cover looks better, more professional. But as I've already said, the cover really doesn't matter so much to me so I'm easy. Once I get it and put it on my iPod, I'll probably look at the cover only rarely anyway. So it's all good for me.
  5. Clay reference by chance ?? back to posting, deyabird! LOL - sadly, no... I was too lazy to look to see if we had the "beating a dead horse" emoticon... but your version works too..
  6. Hi deyabird! Welcome! This is a great board to be on... you can get all the important news and avoid 99.9% of the angst. Not that folks can't state their less than joyful opinion here, what you won't find are dead horses...
  7. Yes, feel better Ldyj! ausdon - so the trick is selling your house? Yes, who knew? LOL Well, I did OK. Very, very small portions of most stuff - like a tablespoon just so I could taste it. I did have a bit more of my SIL's german potato salad - I only eat it there and it's very good (easy on the dressing so you can taste it but the potatoes are not doing the backstroke). And a small piece of cheesecake - that was more than a tablespoon - LOL. Amazingly, I do not feel hungry and I don't feel stuffed. Not sure that I think AI will have Clay. I'd love to be wrong but won't get my hopes up. I may DVR it just in case and then just delete if it's not him....
  8. Happy Easter everyone! Off to BIL's shortly for a late afternoon meal. Made a pretzel cheesecake for dessert. Doing WW (again! - I found that darn weight I lost!) so really not looking forward to this dinner.. I want to eat everything!!! (I haven't met much food I don't like!)... but will try to just take tastes of what I really really want. Have to remember that most of the food will be stuff I can have anytime so it's really not that special. Did that sound convincing??? :clay: But it's always good to see the family so I'll make the most of that and do my best to ignore the food that will be sitting on the table calling my name!!! Have a great rest of the day everyone!
  9. OH YES! (tm Sir Robin - I am remembering that correctly, right? Darn, Spamalot seems like eons ago!) I'd love to meet you! And CONGRATS! on making the first show! We were able to do that somewhere... darn CRS, if I can remember where - I think it was a Christmas tour maybe? It really is fun - the anticipation is great! Good luck with your ticket buying - I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get in the house!
  10. I'll just add my vote to the "I'm really liking the cover" club!! Interesting conversation to me that people are so worried that this cover won't entice folks to buy. To me, it's so different from what it out there now, I think that's enticing! I remember this type of cover from years gone by from albums that my Mom had. Total retro feel to me. As I've thought about some of the stuff I've been reading, I thought about the covers of the CDs that I've bought in the last year or two. And while I might be able to picture in my mind what a couple look like, I couldn't tell you what most of them look like and I can guarantee you that the cover had absolutely nothing to do with my purchase. I really can't remember ever picking up a CD to look at based on the cover art. Maybe I'm just weird and people say "oh, pretty picture, let me look at who it's for and then I'll buy it?" I'm obviously missing the point about that. I look for the name of the artist and I may or may not look at the CD if I don't recognize the name. And I don't buy CDs at the store from someone I'm not familiar with anyway - not in this digital age. I'll go home and look them up on iTunes and play some clips. Then if I like enough of it, I'll buy the CD (either physical or digital) - or I'll only buy the tracks that interest me. It's either name recognition or content after I've heard some of it that gets the sale. I don't look at or buy books either based on that cover art... I buy those based on author, title or synopsis of the story... I think Clay has enough name recognition that when people see/hear his name, coupled with what I think will be great promotion by Decca, people will find him and buy him. I want this CD to have legs anyway, I'm not going to worry this time if first week sales are not kick-ass. Really the only time I've given more than a moments thought to a CD cover is for Clay. And I've already spent too much time of this one! I'm pretty excited that Clay and Ruben are coming to Milwaukee! I've never been to the Northern Lights Theater/Potawatami Casino venue but my husband and sister have both been there. Very nice, intimate venue. I'm just hoping to get Sis and I in the door with only 500 tickets available. And we're looking at doing Hammond too since it's a Friday night. It's a pretty easy drive from Milwaukee so not sure if we'll stay overnight or not. I'm looking forward to seeing Clay again (gosh it's been a while!) and seeing Ruben for the first time (I never got to the AI tour). It's fun to have stuff to look forward to and be excited about!
  11. Kim, if you come to Milwaukee, I'd love to meet you! I know Sister and I will go to that one since we live here and will definitely think about Hammond because that's a pretty easy drive from here! Yippee!!!
  12. aikim - I'll be here on Friday. I don't talk much but I'll be around... Have fun to everyone going and travel safe! And YIPPEE for a release date on Tried and True!!! Suppose I should mosey on over to Amazon...
  13. Hope I did this right! New look to the board has me even more confuzzled than usual! I can't see any colors unless it's an emoticon or an actual picture. It's been like this since we got this new computer (which came from my husband's office - he didn't need it for the business any longer). I've tried every setting I can think of and still can't get the board to look like it used to - color-wise. It's fine on my work computer but this one is weird. Every board I read is "plain"... Beats the hell out of me. I was getting used to it - not as fun to read with evreything basically black and white - so I'll get used to this after a bit too. I'm going to see this on Sunday, the 28th - it will be in Wisconsin... I've actually got decent seats - first row, dead center in the balcony. Managed to snag them in a pre-sale (cheap too - $25 each (before TM charges...)) I hope Ace is there too as I was looking forward to seeing him... I wasn't a big fan during Idol but he's a name/face I recognize. Don't really care about/for Taylor (oops!)... it will be interesting to see what kind of attendance there is here... Thanks for the info!
  14. Happy Birthday luckiest1!!! Congrats on the quick sell, merrieee!!! And hugs to everyone who needs them due to sickness, ticketlessness and other stuff....
  15. Congrats to everyone who got tickets! And hugs to you all too for the ticket buying angst you had to deal with... I'm jealous as hell (of the ticket getting/trip taking, not the ticket buying angst!) but going isn't in the cards for me this time. So I'll be waiting on the 12th (in case we hear anything about the dress rehearsal - won't hold my breath on this but you never know) and the 13th for reports after it's over. Or maybe I mean the 11th and 12th - I'm easily confused! Not feeling too bad about not going cuz I know at least I'll get to see it some way "soon".... heh. If my local PBS station doesn't carry it, I'm hopeful that there will be some way to order a DVD from some other city's PBS station. If my city isn't smart enough to carry it, you bet I'll help some other station stay on the air!! Loving Clay's sense of humor over at the OFC... he's quite the smart ass and I mean that in a totally loving way! Besides, I like that kind of humor... And it's definitely nice to see him answering the questions and dealing with concerns. He's a keeper! Oh, and YAY! to finding the "lost" files! :04:
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