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  1. I'm attending the first show, and am pretty much a photography nut (a show is so much better when I can take pictures.) So I will let you know as much as I can. I know on the Toms River site they say they will announce before the show if cameras are allowed (isn't that a little late?), but it's the first show, and one of (if not the?) first shows at this particular fair, so hopefully they won't be too strict. I have no idea what my seat will be like, though, but I'm bringing my good camera. I've been burned recently at non Clay concerts by not bringing my good camera, and then pictures being allowed. And I'm annoyed, and won't let that happen to me again.
  2. Thanks so much for this thread! I'm in the process of getting orders for my own board's pin (non Clay, so I hope it's ok to even be posting this here!) I'm the designer and the one working with Jeff (who has been very prompt whenever I have a question! I hope I'm not becoming a pain, but I wonder if he's just glad to not be working on a Clay pin for a change, haha.) But another member is going to be doing the accepting money/sending out part (I've dealt with that in the past...not this time!) I was going to ask here for advice about shipping, but I've already gotten some great advice from what's been posted! Any other tidbits that might help, I'd be happy to hear about it. OMG, I didn't know that! I'm definitely going to have that done. I've ordered so many pins, have had about 10 arrive so far, but haven't even taken any out of the plastic bag yet (crazy, I know.)