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  1. Wow bottlecap, that's a boatload of hyperactive bananas upthread!! Decaf, I say. Nice to see Clay again. Interesting hair. It definitely achieved the surprise effect I'm sure was intended.
  2. bottlecap Awwww, you're too sweet. I've been enjoying diving into other areas of my life over the last few months. I was talking to a friend today and telling him about some of the fabulous adventures and some of the moments on the tours that have touched my heart. It was a fun conversation and neat to be able to give some depth to his one-dimensional view of "Claymates" and Clay himself.
  3. I saw Michael Buble last summer and it was a great concert. He does mention Clay. It's in the context of women screaming "I love you Michael". He responded "Sure sure. Last week you were screaming "I love you Clay"". Not bashing. Just teasing his audience. He's definitely more crass than Clay. There was some unexpected crude language and I wouldn't bring children to it. He's an amazing singer and a really great entertainer. Here's a link to my photos from the concert.
  4. You should definitely have your own travel show. This is fantastic literature.
  5. Here's a little something to entertain everyone while we wait for CD news.... New pictures from the Dec. 2 New York concert. Come Hither Sigh Teacher Clay Wow Happy Clay Good News The Full Album: First New York Concert Feel free to post these elsewhere, just not at the OFC. Thanks.
  6. Happy Birthday Bottlecap. Hope your day is full of Clay and penguins!
  7. Just a minute - was Michael Buble on the Dancing with the Stars results show?? I didn't tape it because that's usually the most boring thing ever. I love Michael Buble! However, I maintain I am neither a Bublehead, nor a Claymate....
  8. Perhaps the discovery of some top secret clack in the bunker on Lost??
  9. Let me tell you just how much I believe Sony's disclaimers.... The other problem with Sony is that they aren't playing nice with iTunes. If the album isn't on iTunes, it could miss a lot of sales. I know Switchfoot was pretty bitter about how their last album got caught up in the whole Sony/Apple powerplay. Maybe getting sued by Texas shook some sense into them.
  10. Can I ask a dumb question? How did this album end up coming out under Sony? This is new right? Here's my problem - I was one of those people who were badly burned by the last round of Sony CDs that took a computer science degree to rip and get on your iPod. Then, after that mess we learned that when we ripped the CD it dumped a bunch of spyware on our computers? I spent ages cleaning it up and vowed never to buy another Sony CD. What to do????
  11. People need to realize that Clay's romantic attachments will have no bearing on the chances he will walk down into the crowd and sweep them off their feet. Two ice cubes' chance in hell are not that much greater than one ice cube's chance in hell.
  12. What? Is this universal "Bad Hair Day"?? Mine too. Though not so bad I'd let John D. near it (not a slap at John - just that I'm allergic to hair products). No more penguin jokes bottlecap?
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