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  1. Is anyone watching "The Choir"? I believe its on BBC America. We get it here on UKTV and I am a bit addicted I know! A show about choirs....But it grabs ya.....
  2. If I ever make it to the same concert, I vote that I stand next to you jmh !! Welcome shorty! All five-footers welcome here!!
  3. Another Good Wife fan here.. and Criminal Minds and House and Bones.....and NCIS and 18 kids and counting and old episodes of "Sarahs House"..........Is there any room on your couch, Couchie?
  4. Just saw the add for the new season of Criminal Minds. It starts here in Feb. Can't wait!
  5. Good luck Couchie! I used to be with a temp agency and I like the variety and also not having to work with the same people every day.
  6. LOL Couchie - your "hate" list is the same as my "fave" list!
  7. {{From Claygary}} I know all is different over there, but is there some professional organisation/association, or union, or government dept that is involved in workers rights or could tell you what the "industry standard" severence package might be? Sending good wishes to all those on a job hunt.
  8. Luckiest did you ever find out about house? In case you didn't, the priest had some genetic condition (Whistler something?) and the boy came in and apologised. The priest had this revelation about all the coincidences that led him to House and his faith was restored. Voila! The End.
  9. Lovely to hear your news Luckiest. Congrats to you both.
  10. Yay one up for Luckiest! ....isn't it funny though that complaints, chastisements etc are usually done loudly and with an audience but the apology is usually private and quiet?......
  11. Hey jmh I can totally sympathise about having to rely on other people for work questions etc :thbighug-1: One thing I have learn't through experience is to ask questions in email and save them and the answers for future reference and evidence when the you know what hits the fan!!