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  1. Strange, sad turn of events. Clays' statement was just right - sensitive and sincere.
  2. Brrr sounds chilly ! I don't take much interest in politics, not even here at home but great to see Clay following his passion. I also don't take much interest in sports but the olympics are a different matter, only time I am willingly watching sport on TV. Also Australia just got our first medal - a silver in a womens snowboard ...thingy. Yay! Hope everyone is doing well and keeping warm.
  3. Thinking of you all who are in the midst of storm season.
  4. Happy Birthday Ladyj Has Clay said where hes moving to? Obviously not his actual address, but if he might be moving out of state etc? Maybe thats what the changes are? (curious & nosy thats me)
  5. Hey my lovely FCAers! Thank you for the birthday wishes. It was one of the best I have had for a few years, caught up with a couple of girlfriends and dinner out with my sister, her dh and two boys. I have been mia from the board a fair bit lately - rl has been busier than usual and I'm trying to not let my sleep suffer so much. I have a twitch in my left eye that just wont go away and I am told its from tiredness so i am trying to remedy that and stop winking suggestively at strangers! Time to catch up a bit!
  6. Hi FCA. I've been lurking lately. Just a bit tired and blah. I am however giving myself a good talking to, pulling myself up by my bootstraps,lighting a fire under my butt etc etc Going to break out of the work,home,housework,unpaid taxi driver routine I've gotten stuck in. Now I just have to remember what things are fun again?
  7. Happy Birthday Luckiest & Desertrose eta: I meant to do another kissy emotie but actually this one with Clay blowing a kiss is better!
  8. Sounds like it might be a good idea. Maybe a stepping stone to that talk show he has always wanted? I daresay I could see some controversy - but isn't that part of why we are fans? He often doesn't say what is expected and that is a good thing....... or a bad thing depending on what he's just said!
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