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  1. i'm logged into the new OFC, but can't find UM....where is it?
  2. Hi Kim, I'm here reading! Thanks for bringing that info over!
  3. Luckiest- Hope you have a wonderful day! Happy Birthday!!
  4. I was a rinkrat with Luckiest and just came home and read this on the cb: tweeted by clayaiken just now: Clay will release his 1st album on @deccalabelgroup in summer 2010! It will be a collection of classic songs from the 50s and 60s
  5. Luckiest- do you mean EZ rock 97.5? They are playing Clay!! I've heard him on there a few times and I don't listen all the time. They play Winter Wonderland and Sleigh Ride I think. And once I've heard Silver Bells (is that one with Kim?). I wish they'd play Clay's MDYK, but instead I've heard Kalan Porter's and I don't like it nearly as much.
  6. Good luck Luckiest1!!! You were correct in how you saw that commercial. I've seen it a few times, and did a double take and watched more carefully the next time and it is a gay couple. It is nice to see.
  7. Are you guys in the same neighbourhood or the same building now? Hope the move went well Cindilu2!
  8. Your bathroom is lovely Idyj! Thank you treenuts for that utube link. I've never seen that before and it's hilarious! I sure do miss Clay. Haven't seen him live since Kalamazoo Christmas concert- 2 years ago tomorrow!
  9. Congrats Cindilu!! Where can we meet up for lunch now?
  10. I agree Cindilu2- the entire calender is freaking amazing!! I can't imagine how much time all that research took - great job Goldarngirl and Cindilu!
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