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  1. Dropping by to wish cindilu2 a Happy Birthday!! BTW, Cindy, did you know that your montage has been posted on Joni Mitchell's site? Click on watch the video Joni Mitchell
  2. keeping... that was sooo much fun to see that comparison. Boy has he growed up good!!!!!!! merrieeee... BWAH!!! And, in spite of what Clay says about his dancing... he does not have 2 left feet. The picture says so!!! 2 feet is a bit much for me. 1' is plenty!
  3. Thanks, cindilu2, I was hoping you'd do a hi-res of this one. Like you, I liked the first one, but this one is
  4. Don't run away ...... Shane! Come back, Shane! Good lord, I'm old. I immediately pictured young Brandon DeWilde running after Alan Ladd! I'd much rather picture Clay saddling up and blazing a trail...Sheesh! Senility sucks!
  5. Same here, can't see his hands or the top of his name, but everything I do see looks pretty amazing! Took me awhile to warm up to it, though. Didn't love it, didn't hate it...but now...WOW!
  6. Damn, I can't get away the week of Aug.9th....three family birthdays that week, and one is my DH. It's tough being in love with two three men (almost forgot Reed!)
  7. I haven't tried to post in this new format, hope this works. Just testing!
  8. Sending a hug because I was online at CV watching your frustation and not even being able to help. Glad one of our American buddies was able to take care of you! Just because I'm not able to go, doesn't mean that I didn't share your angst!
  9. I don't know of one single Canadian who received the e-mail. Bummer! However, the opening ceremonies of the Olympics sure did us proud. K.D. Lang....WOW!! Does anyone else find it ironic that "Halelujah" is the song everyone wants Clay to sing??
  10. Wow, I really enjoyed this. Loved both Joni and James. Brought back some amazing memories for me too. Thanks!!!!
  11. I can't even go in March, and I'm still a nervous wreck!
  12. I really enjoyed your post, Kim and totally agree. luckiest1, I loved all the song choices, because they are from my own generation, but with Clay's voice the interpretation was very different from the originals. I must admit that my favourite song that he sang on Monday was "They Can't Take That Away From Me" which was a song from MY mother's generation , and even with needing a little help with the lyrics, he did it beautifully. Whoever requested and paid for that song has my undying gratitude. I would absolutely love a whole album of Gershwin from Clay. My dream is to hear him sing "Embraceable You", I would cheerfully to go my grave a happy woman then. In other words, I'm safe for awhile, anyway.
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