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  1. love that pic - must remind self to get tv guide next week!! This place looks great - thanks Ansa and company!!
  2. Wacmom

    New Clay sites

    I already posted above in the "Tell us about your board" section but I'm going to post really quickly here because our Wild About Clay (WAC) board is somewhat new - created in December 2004 for the former members of Clay Aiken Forums (CAF). We're a small but very loving family and we welcome all new members with open arms!! Join us if you can - you won't be sorry (or maybe you will think we're all crazy!!) Wild About Clay (WAC)
  3. Our Wild About Clay board is fairly new. It was created in Dec 2004 after our old board shut down because the owners were getting really busy with real life. We felt like orphans wandering around in the internet world but luckily we had a plan to meet at another board to try to regroup. I had been working on a family forum and thought that maybe, just maybe if people were interested I could create a board for us to gather in. The hardest part was trying to think of a name but Wild About Clay popped up and I loved the acronym which describes many of our members WAC (or WACky or WhACked ). Please come and visit us if you have some time - we welcome everyone with open arms and answer every post - you are definitely more than just a screen name there. We have some strange "conversations" in our chat thread but we definitely go off-topic in all of our threads. We talk about Clay and ourselves, post pictures of Clay and ourselves, and just have a good old time!! Thanks to the FCA creators for giving me the opportunity to ramble on here about our wonderful little board!! Wild About Clay forum (WAC)
  4. Hi everyone!! My name is Lora - you can find me mostly at the Wild About Clay board - a small but very friendly, fun, and crazy place:WAC I live in So. California and have a hubby who thinks I'm a nut with all my Clay mania and two girls who I drag along to concerts if and when he ever gets out to the WEST COAST (REMEMBER THE WEST COAST CLAY???) I started watching AI2 after a friend mentioned it to me and that she was rooting for a skinny, red-headed, spiky-haired guy named Clay. I got hooked after he sang "I Could Not Ask For More." I want to thank Ansa for so promptly posting our WAC pin design (and boy did the orders come in after that :o ) and even thinking to post the order closing without me asking her to (insert hug smiley here). That pin page has been the best thing for us Clay fans - such a nice quick way to view all the available pins. Thanks to everyone who thought of that idea and for taking so much time to keep it updated!!! *insert flowers smiley!!* Lora