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  1. Anyone with a FB account who has not voted twice for NIP? I have 3 gift votes available. *waves to everyone*
  2. Happy Birthday Fear! Hope it was wonderful because you deserve it!
  3. OMG. This CD is stellar. I can't pick a favorite....and Clay made me cry y'all...and I am not a crier. So beautiful. Love, love, love, it! BTW, I finally went over to the OFC and really spent a little time. Friended a few people but for the life of me I can't keep up with people's different screen names, so please do friend me. I'm Georgiesmybaby there, too.Same name almost everywhere just makes life easier...for me.
  4. FromClaygary, can you please add one more guest for me and Cheri? Michelle Starks is going to be with us. So that should be, me, Cheri, Sammie, Terra & Michelle ETA Oops, I thought we had Terra down already, but didn't see her I just missing her? Pam
  5. Lotus sorry, these weren't regular seats. I had posted prior to the presale regarding accessible issues, but suppose I should have clarified that these were accessible seats. They only have 6 accessible + 6 companion seats in the auditorium...and once again we were left hanging as to how/where we would be able to purchase accessible seats in the presale...hence calling the theatre. My friend has two daughters with disabilites-one in a wheelchair, but the other not able to sit alone either, so the 2 ticket limit was a problem. Her "other" daughter is going to use my "companion" ticket, which w
  6. Ditto as far as the ticket front FromClaygary. I was searching for two for Claylove and there is nothing coming up except occasional back balcony...mostly getting "nothing available." So glad she decided to take the mezzanine that came up in the presale. Whew. Getting any Progress tickets is truly luck and good fortune, I think. I *did* manage to get accessible seats for myself, Karen, Vickie & Jessica the other day...but ONLY because I called early. They started selling them at 11:00AM so if I had called later...I wouldn't have a seat. They were nice, but that policy SUCKS. I felt badly
  7. Good luck with the ticket tango everyone! Hope you all get great seats! I am so nervous that I couldn't even sleep. There are only 6 accessible seats in the entire theatre. The only area that is even accessible by wheelchair is the dress circle-everything else involves steps. Color me worried. Very worried.
  8. :nature-smiley-014: *waves* I am so excited to see everyone March 12 weekend! And Claylove's coming for a visit. Whoever is handling the FCA breakfast, if you need some help let me know. I would be happy to make some calls...or help in any way I can. Good luck with tickets everyone! Historically Progressive is not the best place for purchasing accessible seating, so I will have to make some calls. Meymandi, one of the other Progressive venues, where the 04 Christmas shows were held, doesn't use ticketmaster at all for accessible seats. You must deal directly with the Box Office, and for
  9. {{{jmh123}}} You and your family are in my prayers.
  10. AOL kept throwing me off. I tried to post this three times already, so I hope it posts on Happy Birthday Canfly!! :2164:
  11. Trying to get in touch with Lori..the link she posted is is the link that is cut off and leads to Rockdale's for profit store. This is the link for our Deck the Halls for Inclusion store: It is a re-directed link from their main store so if it asks permission say "yes." FYI: Our store is 2 pages and the banner says "National Inclusion Project." ETA The problem we're having is that you cannot use the "add link" function where you get a pop up box and then can rename the link...that truncates the link and/or misdirects at most sites. Instead j
  12. Posting this here because this is a running problem, and it is very important: RE: Deck the Halls links If you are posting anywhere in a blog or FB, please use this link: For some reason, online sites truncate links (cut off the last part of the link) and in this case, that's the part that identifies our National Inclusion Project store. Just include a message for the buyer to list a Beta Alpha chapter or group in the comment section, if they have a preference. This link will not do it automatically. Also, many of the message boards do the same thing
  13. To all of the clack gatherers, thanks so much for doing what you do so incredibly well. PermaSwooned, your photos are gorgeous! Thanks also to the Houston posse & friends for providing a lot of laughs today. Clayizzy Canfly, feel better soon. I need to get a message to the main blog owners RE: Deck the Halls. Carolina Clay...or anyone who there some sort of contact list?
  14. What a great weekend! So proud of the National Inclusion Project, which truly is making a difference in the lives of thousands of children nationwide. Loved meeting everyone at the Gala and brunch. It's always wonderful to be able to put a face and real name to board friends. Sometimes at events such as the Gala or in restaurants and crowds, I am at a disadvantage because my chair prevents me from manuevering around and mingling the way I want to, so please come by and introduce yourselves and speak, if you have a chance. I really would like to meet everyone and I don't bite...well not most