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  1. I'm going to be leaving Friday morning! Hope that Google Maps is accurate when it says it takes 5.5/6 hours to get from where I live to Asheville. o_O Off to read the thread... I have some catching up to do!
  2. Urrp, so jealous. I can't really afford to buy the iTunes download and the physical CD and I really love having the actual CD, so I think I'm just going to have to wait. Y'all are making being fiscally responsible really hard, though! I can't wait until I can listen!
  3. Aw, thanks for the birthday wishes, everybody! I HAVE A COMPLAINT TO LOG, HOWEVER. HOW DARE CLAY KILL ME ON MY BIRTHDAY????? 'Cause I just listened to UM and CTMEOOY and I'm about to die. *dead* Opes. There I went.
  4. Not to beat a dead horse, but what irritates me about the Setoodeh stuff is that people act as though since Setoodeh is gay, he can't possibly say anything negative about gay people or anything that is bad for gay people. Anyway. I better stop before I start ranting. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, album news!
  5. I'm so behind! Let's see... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE to everything! New PICS, new SNIPPETS, new VIDEO! *<i>cartwheels... falls over</i>* (Pssst... that was just a *thud* in disguise... ) In slightly random, but not entirely off-topic, news... I heard OMWH in a restaurant last night! I did the classic Claymate freeze, headtilt, and then exclaimed, "That's Clay Aiken!" My companions were less enthused than I was, but hey. Even though I could barely hear him over the clatter of forks and knives and conversation, I was very pleased.
  6. Hi, claysgalsal! *flails waves wildly* It's fun here! Also, there's a Clay mention in this article talking about AI transformations. It's short, but not too bad. The highlight is probably where they say that his voice is "deep" and "manly". For the image, they used a Spam picture where he's wearing the wig... Here if anyone would like to read. Sadly, no mention of his new album.
  7. I'm strongly considering going to this one! It should be exciting because f I go it'll most likely be the first time I've ever traveled on my own! I'm checking out bus fares and hotel prices right now. The Guesthouse Inn is looking good--close enough to the venue to walk and a good price. I'd love to meet some FCA-ers, if I manage to get there! :^D
  8. Thanks! It's a little scary--I'm looking at bus tickets, hotel rooms... and tickets to the show, of course! Eeeeeeee(k)!
  9. Sooo, Asheville and Biloxi are the only ones for which it's remotely possible I could go, BUT I don't know yet if I'll be able to. Is there any way I could get ticket insurance or something if I bought a ticket and then wasn't able to attend? Would ticket prices increase as we get closer to the date? (Sowwy, guys, I've never been to a concert before...) ETA: Also, should I ask this in a different forum?
  10. O/T, but... I just got a new phone! Slightly on topic... I can't put ringtones on it, just download them from the service itself, but the phone service's website has 36 Clay songs, plus God Bless the USA and O Come All Ye Faithful from Idol. So... yay? I'll miss my current "recognize this voice" though. :'^( Also, the ringtones are $3/ea, so I might end up pretty poor! Let's see... 3 times 36... EEK. I guess I'll have to make a poll: What should Clayzy's new ringtone be?
  11. I made the cover my laptop wallpaper... I used the high-res, though, so the top is cut off and all I'm left with is a big, huge, gorgeous picture of Clay... *thud* Much as I like the other stuff too, I think I can live with this. *thud* Gotta go to *thud* work now. Just as soon as I pick myself up... maybe regain control of my motor capacities... *thud*
  12. *mindlessly noms the new cover art* If this is an April Fool's prank, I will cry. It won't be pretty at all. *nomnomnom*
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