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  1. I don't know what I love more -- his heart, his voice, or his mind...
  2. NIP has felt the effects of the economy as much as everyone else and I think they recognize that even high ticket donations aren't going to be as high as some past years either. Fundraising is so much harder than it used to be. Volunteers just can't raise the donations we once did. That is why events like the Pepsi Challenge and the Chase giveaway are so important. I am really looking forward to the gala! I may have to do a raffle ticket or two this year for that VIP drawing :-)
  3. Okay you made me count it all up and unless I forgot something, I think I am at about 50 times with 6 more planned right now. BTW, I was in a group photo for the LA gala in 2004 but never had a meet & greet or photo with just Clay. Still hoping for that one day :-) 2004: I Tour (1); NAT (4); JNT (4); Gala-Los Angeles (1) 2005: JBT (8); GMA (1); JNT (6); Gala and Caregiver Conference-Florida (1) 2006: JNAT (2); Jimmy Kimmel & ATDW CD Signing (1) 2007: SHRP (5); CITHL (1); Cap 1 Holiday on Ice (1); Gala (1) 2008: Spamalot (5); Gala (1) 2009: Spamalot (4); Gala (1) 2010: PBS Taping (1); Timeless Tour (1) Planned: 2010: T&T Chicago (1); Gala (1) 2011: T&T San Francisco, Baltimore, Charlotte, Greenville (4)
  4. Posted by Vanessa in News at the OFC regarding the SF change of venue:
  5. I wrote them today.. I told them it could take up to a month for the tickets to get her. Here is the response. OMG they might as well just print two sets now!
  6. You can put us down too -- Claylove, Georgiesmybaby, and Claytonsgirl
  7. Yeah, it will be for sale for $19.95, but I'm not sure how long it takes to get the interviews in the store. InnerVIEWS with Ernie Manouse is syndicated to 80 PBS stations across the country, but I guess you have to check with your local station to see if they carry it. Otherwise it will be mailed out as a special gift for anyone pledging for a Clay Aiken: Tried and True item. If you want to see Ernie in action, he had a recent Facebook campaign to replace Larry King and you can see the HQ Demo he sent to CNN here (below the photos including the one with Walter Cronkite): http://www.facebook....96528017&ref=ts I checked my PBS station and it doesn't look like they carry the show. I'm not sure if I want to pay $20 for an interview yet either. I guess I'll just have to wait. I just checked and our PBS station does air his show, but the showings through Oct. 3 do not include Clay I will keep an eye out but I am not holding my breath as they cancelled some airings of T&T. I will likely order that DVD as soon as it's up for sale anyway. lol
  8. I'm staying at the Belden-Stratford. Not sure what we are doing about standing in line except that I am not up to doing that all day unless it's absolutely necessary. Kinda wish seats were reserved as dinner nearby sounds way more relaxing!
  9. If you validated your FB account with your cell or if you listed your cell in your acct info, FB & your cell are linked.
  10. No, I'll be working tomorrow. Maybe I'll head into the bathroom with my Droid and credit card. I forgot I can't get the OFC on the Droid. Yes you can I do it all the time. You just have to use full URLs instead of the menus: 1st... go to http://www.clayaiken.com/login and log-in and let your phone save the name/password if it asks 2nd... instead of using the menus go to this URL to order tickets: http://www.clayaiken.com/events you can also use these on the droid; just program them in as bookmarks: www.clayaiken.com/news www.clayaiken.com/blogs www.clayaiken.com/forum www.clayaiken.com/users www.clayaiken.com/users/clayaiken www.clayaiken.com/account
  11. Could the sales be thru the OFC site itself and not TM?? I am doing Baltimore-Charlotte-Greenville in Feb. and San Francisco in March :-)
  12. OMG people who had center seats are now finding themselves on the side and Scarlett is in the balcony. I can't believe they did this to people.
  13. I was a little disappointed the shirts don't come in anything larger than an XL. I like my tees to be roomie and comfy. Went to Walmart at lunch today and was so excited to find 2 copies of the T&T Live DVDs! I bought both! One will be for my unopened CD/DVD collection and the other is a gift :-)
  14. Thanks Fear! I am so excited. There hasn't been anything Clay in Sacramento since the I-Tour and they are doing a great job of promoting him. One of the Sacramento PBS hosts went to NYC to interview Clay and they are weaving that interview footage throughout the show and pledge breaks and so far it has been so supportive and complementary. I was not expecting anything but the Chicago pretapes. I am so very happy and impressed.
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