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  1. Please add me, my mom & another friend for Reno :-)
  2. I just wanted to post to those looking for work to say, DO NOT GIVE UP!! Keep at it! After 9 months I FINALLY received a really good job offer which I accepted today. When I opened the email and read it, my eyes just welled up. But now, I am so excited! I start on Nov. 16th. I decided to celebrate by making a donation to the National Inclusion Project on the last day of the America's Giving Challenge. It has been killing me not to be able to contribute, but today I was finally able to. Just after that, one of my closest friends sent me a text and when I opened it Clay was singing "O
  3. Hey All, just wanted to give an update on my job hunting. Unfortunately, I did not get the job at the non-profit that does disability advocacy. I got a rejection letter last Friday and was pretty bummed. But now that I have had time to think about it, it probably was for the best. While this is a cause I feel personally passionate about, I think there are some good reasons why this was not the position for me. About 75% of the situational questions in the interview were what you would do if.... questions and they all implied a constant high stress, high demand environment. Don't get me w
  4. First... FromClaygary wanted to add my CONGRATS on your new job!!! I have also joined the group looking for a new job. I have been working since May at a contract position which was supposed to go to a full hire but unfortunately my position was eliminated due to budget cuts and last Friday was my last day. This was not a job that I loved, but it did pay well so I was hoping it would last until the market improved or until I found something else I liked better. No such luck. I did go on an interview last week for a job that I really want though. It's an HR Assistant at a non-profit that
  5. You can add me to both shows Jan 3rd and the last show Jan 4th and also add georgiesmybaby to the evening show Jan 3rd and the last show Jan 4th. Thanks
  6. I got my tickets for Oakland, CA today and I got decent seats! YAY!!!
  7. Okay I admit I joined about a month ago and I have posted very little, but I know I posted in a TBAF forum and now for the life of me I cannot even find where that is. Was it moved?? Can somebody help me please? Am I losing mind or what? Oh and I read someone had put all their clack for the month into a folder to easily burn a DVD?? Oh, I am so guilty of this! I have a folder on my ClayDrive (yep that is the external drive I bought just for you know who) and in there a ClayTV folder, and it that a folder for each month of 2004 and 2005 with all the appearances on TV and such. It makes bu
  8. Hello There - I am new here. Actually I was asked to stop by and provide some info in the TBAF forum but I figured I might as well come by the main thread and say hello to everyone here too! So I have been lurking a bit today and this seems like a nice and friendly board you have here. So glad to hear you are loving the JBT as much as I have. It never gets old. I was lucky enough to do some travelling and I caught ten shows, but would have gone to every single one if I could have. I was still sad that I missed New Hampshire, because I just adore Clay in glasses. (I am sorry that he scra
  9. Yes, I will regularly check here for questions. We are starting to recruit for volunteers in September. I have a message into the Project Coordinator to see exactly who to contact if you want to volunteer (just to be sure its the same as last year). I will let you know as I receive a response. As for supplies, that would depend on the needs of your geographic location. Some cities have merchants that provide wrapping supplies (such as Borders) and others need to provide everything. So you'd need to ask your state coordinator about that. Each state has a state coordinator, then we have
  10. Hello There - My name is Cheri and I am a state coordinator (volunteer) for TBAF. I was asked to come by and talk to you all about TBAF and Wrapping For Inclusion, which I am thrilled to do. I am not sure what you know and what you don't. So if you ask questions or give me an idea of what you would like me to cover, that would be great. Wrapping for Inclusion is just now getting going. State Coordinators will be working with existing and new City Team Leaders to schedule wrapping locations and recruiting volunteers. We've kind of held off since everyone is travelling for the JBT but I s