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  1. Hey, y'all... I'm mostly a lurker, but you guys gotta see this Clay artwork for sale on ebay... Triple GUH
  2. Thought I'd drop off a little visual stimulus I found at youtube... for when y'all are reading Clyra.
  3. Coming out of lurker mode to say hey! I recognize many of you from other boards. I've been around here awhile, but don't post much. Someone else usually says exactly what I'm thinking faster & more eloquently than I can. Just wanted to go on record with my proclamation that - in a thousand different ways. Holy crap, after swooning, studying, analyzing, drooling..... over that delicious package pic, I do believe my lost libido has been found. Oh yeah.
  4. Heee - guess Andy handed off the baton to Felix!
  5. Grrrrr - Patience is *not* my best virtue!!!
  6. Pardon me while I slink off into a corner to whimper - This is killing me... I can't go to any more concerts this tour........
  7. Bummer about the sound - what speech are you referring to?? the intro?
  8. STILL wishin' I could be there! Last night seemed like pure magic. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> CouchT - I can't recall - have you been to one of this tour's performances yet? I was at Seattle and Chicago - was great to be able to see one show with Jacob and one without. *um*... Jacob who??????
  9. STILL wishin' I could be there! Last night seemed like pure magic.
  10. TOO funny! G'nite all!! Thanks for the fun
  11. The ornament used in the show is available at Michael's Craft store, in case anyone didn't already know!