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  1. Here are some of the prices. Most of them are a little low as I had added the shipping and then divided by number ordered to get a cost for each. If someone bought only one of the pins then the entire shipping would have to be added to the cost of the pin. So just take these figures as an estimate. Alberta 1.63 CA ChicksForClay 2.14 Central Ohio 1.91 Christians For Clay 2.25 Claytionery 3.35 Florida palm tree 2.25 Georgia 3.35 Hawaii flower 2.50 Hawaii lei 2.50 Indiana 3.46 Kansas City round 2.70 MIClayNation 2.00 North Jersey 3.00 Orlando paw 2.18 PAClayFans 4.88 Pray For Cl
  2. I have noticed that yellow does not seem to be a good color for pins. It tends to be muddy on the pin even when the proof is bright and vibrent. Are there any other colors that do not translate well?
  3. Hi, I am ncgurrl, the Keeper of the CH Pin List. I became a board fan via TWoP and EZPRoC before landing at The ClackHouse. I am a member of many boards but The ClackHouse is my home. At Clay's board I am nigelsmom but everywhere else I am ncgurrl. I am a native North Carolinian, but now live in Southern California.