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  1. Permaswooned just called me from SeaTac. She is on a Southwest flight filled with fans and most of the show cast and crew. Quiana is sitting in the exit row so their safety is dependent on her. *g* Perma stayed on line until they shut the door but she saw neither Clay nor Ruben board the plane.
  2. Asheville Meet and Greet Recap ncgurrl Due to a very generous invitation I was present at the Asheville charity meet & greet during the Timeless tour. Generic instructions to meet at the box office were evidently sent by someone who did not know the Biltmore box office is three miles from the venue. Everyone tried to be helpful but it took a while to sort out the correct location of meeting at the house by the lions at 6:00 pm. Even that led to more hurry up and wait before Jerome showed up to lead us back stage. Off we went down the steps and across the ‘football’ field. For everyone el
  3. I am leaving for Asheville by way of Raleigh tomorrow morning. I will get in at the Doubletree sometime on Thursday. Treenuts, I know how helpless you feel. Strength be with you.
  4. Timeless is the password for the Nokia LA concert preale today
  5. I have my LA ticket in hand. Just a note. The ticket has a start time for the concert of 6:00 pm. Anyone driving from Reno better plan on an early start. It is a long ten hour drive if the traffic is not heavy. There are some bottlenecks so it may be longer. Flying is easy and fairly cheap. Just get a nonstop flight and watch your arrival time.
  6. What Saturday would that be? Asheville concert is on Friday.
  7. I am staying at the Doubletree. I have yet to figure out how I am getting from Raleigh to Asheville. I was supposed to be traveling with my sister but she bailed on me.
  8. Except the one about not beating dead horses. Couchtomato, hope you make it to Asheville.
  9. Group buy information for Asheville Concert has been updated.
  10. The person organizing this said it can be shared. If anyone is interested let me or jmh know and we can pass your name and e-mail along. Since the tickets go on sale in early April the timelines for the group sale are quite short. Read the details if you are interested.
  11. If you are interested in the Asheville concert, check the CH concert thread for information on a group ticket/hotel room sale.
  12. New time helps a lot as I leave in the afternoon. Put me down for one.
  13. Tirnanog Irish Pub is across the street from Moore Square. Some more about the parade and the park fair. Moore Square is also the starting and ending place for
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