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  1. Well lets see ..There where 3 guys & a lady that started the Brotherhood of Clay...we wanted a place where women could be mods & admins..{unlike some male boards} its a light hearted place to crash away from your regular boards..yes i co-own the BOC & i have a "home" board too...but i love the way our members cut up with one & another..ALLSO we have a un-moderated section thats by invatation mods or admins at all its wide open for any subject..just 1 rule don't leave mad at another member...well thats 'bout it check us out & see for yourself...due to recent spam by some of the haters sites you have to join to view the board ...thanks ...hope to see y'all there... claypappy
  2. well for starts i go by claypappy 'cause while watching Ai 2 i told my wife i am old enough to be the name stuck..i am a board member of a lot of MB ...this is one nice board that you have here very large...i am also a member of theLBFCA ..yep a brude a member of the clack house and just started a new male MB called the BOC.. ma proud of this endevor..because it takes what we all want no barrier's towards men& women ...well i have 3 dalmations & 9 cats no kids....thats about it thanks claypappy