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  1. Bye all, this was a lot of fun. Don't forget the repeat of Clay on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. {waves}
  2. Wonderful song, wonderful vocals! Can't wait to hear this one in person.
  3. Is the one with all the vid.clips from HOUSE?
  4. OOOO DAH!!! (hits self in head) Thank You.
  6. I can just see this song being used in a Disney movie now.
  7. off topic.......... I have 1 teenager and 1 cat up for grabs....anyone interested??
  8. I like this song but not a huge fan. I can see this being a wedding song.
  9. I noticed that too, glad I am not the only one.
  10. It's funny how everyones taste are different. I love that part of the song. IMO it makes you think.
  11. I love the words to THESE OPEN ARMS!!!!
  12. That is too funny, I have a cat in my lap too, but her name isn't WALDO. Her name is NICKI from a Prince song. (Darlin Nicki......bad bad cat) I also agree the song isn't my fav. and I often skip it too.
  13. Love your story Aspiegirl!! It brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing.
  14. I agree KAndre'.....this song does seem so effortless for him. It just flows from those sweet lips.
  15. I think it is soft, sexy and romantic.
  16. Good night all, this has been a lot of fun. See you next week.
  17. Back at ya SilverAngel.................(waves bye)
  18. Welcome back Zany...........just in time for LAA
  19. Absolutely love love love this song. It stirs up many emotions!!!!!!!!! The fact that Clay helped write it means a lot.
  20. ATD.............really liked this when I first heard it at the JBT.
  21. I love the cd. Right now I am listening to the one I got today that I won from the Fox news contest. ( I got my 8 copies..LOL )
  22. I think this whole cd is soft and relaxing. A nice change of pace. But I am still looking forward to his next cd being a faster more peppy one.
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