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  1. AI2 Atlanta Audition reconstruction compiled by Hosaa a must keep and watch again and again I have found this only recently. Thank god for Hosaa. I can't compile anything. I had all the clips though. Seashell living and loving on Clay
  2. Well, there you all are. What a lost feeling that was huh. Ok will get the Group 4 back up will have to redo the results. Kinda forgot where we were. Group 4 performance Group 4 results While I am doing that here are some interviews. 1) after Atlanta audition in back yard. Wral interview 2) I think Ansa wanted this to revisit. top 32 advancement interview w/friends 3) you have to close your eyes or live though anomaly again. But you get to hear clay sing a little more of his Audition. Be back in a bit with the Group 4 results seashell ETA Do you want the auditions from other cities? I will start on that soon.
  3. Group 3 performances Group 3 results Group 4 on Monday
  4. I have all of them. I am glad to help out. Where are you putting them and Which do you want me to start with.? Group 1 performance Group 1 results will keep adding as they finish
  5. I have all these episodes. Where did you want to start. I load on yousendits However, full epi's take awhile to load. ETA I also have keys to CV vault.