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  1. ... And now, for a A beautiful picture of our "Bright" star-- both inside and out-- He is a beautiful man. from SmartyPantzSuz This is great!! Now this guy makes the fandom fun again! Love him. :garfieldodie-grouphug:
  2. Happy New Year FCA and Clay!! Looking toward 2010-- The beginning of the Decca Decade! :09: From MTV New Years Eve 2003
  3. Wishing Everyone a very Merry Christmas With Love Have a happy. safe. and loving Christmas!!!
  4. I still like my margaritas with lots of salt, but this is still interesting.... Speaking of Ruben and Clay~ I agree with needing lots of salt, but.. I myself would enjoy a concert/SpecialPerformance collaboration very much-- I think their voices blended beautifully together on many past songs of AI2 & AIT2, and, like this awesome JesusIsLove AMA "moment":
  5. TimetravelerPax


    Various Animated Gifs--
  6. Happy birthday, cindilu2 Hope it was a happy/healthy/ Day full of smiles and laughter. You are the FCA Queen of Banners--- ThankYou always for all the pretty you bring us.
  7. LUCKIEST and FearofH2O -- recaps were terriffic!! Carolina Clay--loved the recap blog! canfly--your audio clack sounds wonderful! Mine too. Thank You Shamrock. Thank You everyone for pictures, recaps, clack and just plain sharin'.
  8. Loved how he jazzed up As Long As We're Here. I would deeply appreciate for Clay to do a real full jazz album some day. He did a great job tonight. I loved hearing his voice again. He certainly knows how to overcome and triumph during difficult cirumstances. I love his heart Moon River was great too! Thanks to all for a fun night of comments, recaps and fan excitement..
  9. Hot Clay in Fuggly Jacket: This is from FountainDawg/ClayAikenKids Site:
  10. I honestly shed a tear seeing that go. I loved it! I would have bid on it for sure, if.. well.... surely my favorite thing tonight. 33,000 is a bargain> By by Fuggly jacket. :em0200:
  11. Reallynice pics bottlecap~ Youve inspired me to celebrate some of my fav Hot-Cute-Humanitarian Clay pics : Cute and Handsom all at the same time and...Just Plain Hot
  12. :nature-smiley-014: Just to answer you from my own experience as my Mom lived with me the last 3 years of her life--(and no expert): 1. She was terribly fearful of falling{even though I had a special shower chair} and 2. She felt xtra- sensitive to hot and cold. and 3. Being all raised catholic, she way shy for me-her daughtr-- to bath her and did much beter when I had an outside lady do the bathing part. Cenovia, my moms friend was a godsend. Happy Thanksgiving Holidays, Claynadians!!! :09:
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