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    Various Animated Gifs--
  2. Thank You Luckiest1!! Do you think you can post an mp3{HQ} of Jesus Medley--NB JojoCt? I believe it's not in any CH/CV vault,. In fact, most of Jojo's clack is not converted to audio, although I wish it were. Pax used to do it sometimes--I miss her site. Thanks again. I love what you guys recommend--Keep em' comming-- I love this kind of clack! :F_05BL17blowkiss: ETA: Thanks!!
  3. I just want to say "thanks" in advance for the CITH lists, because your audio lists' rock! The SRHP/DCAT Tour recommendations were fantastic, and often you picked songs different from the other fan lists with many great ones missed by others-- Also, the fact that you give 3 or 4 choices with reasons-- allows for off beat tastes, like mine-- but the lists are always THE BEST of choices anywhere.... ThankYou ThankYou. I especially love when someone lists a song version that is a favorite just because it has some xtra special something [emotion-delivery-changeup-unknown?factor] that cannot b
  4. Hi All Here is the link I found to NYC 106.7 FM I have dialup and have not tried to listen yet, but here it is anyway. Right now I'm listening to the DF Gala MP3s--Thank you Scarlett and Deborah, but for those near NYC and currently listening, give it a try so NYC can be counted in ClayNation. http://www.1067litefm.com/cc-common/mfeatures/clayaikenSP/ Nice to finally join everyone here. I will be back to add my 2cents when I have given a listen to the album.Although I am not against spoilering myself to the album, I am still waiting for Sept19--so far. If you haven't done so yet, Go g