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  1. I love working with phyllo dough - just keep a barely damp dishtowel over it - Back when I had more energy, I would make 4 or 5 different kinds of savory fillings - chili, mushroom, chicken and green onions, stuff like that - and then spend a while making appetizers. I love the idea of Thai chili paste, will have to try using that! Just cut the phyllo into two-layered strips, brush with melted butter, put a bit of filling on the end, fold up in a triangle like a flag, a bit more butter. Then freeze on wax-papered cookie sheets. When frozen solid, put into freezer bags. Then just bake at 350 or 375, until a bit brown around the edges, as needed. Sadly, there is no low-carb equivalent for phyllo dough.
  2. Once I learned that corporations like JP Morgan Chase consider it just good business to walk away from a property whose mortgage is more than it is worth - then I say what the hell. And even more - JPM guy Dimon says it is immoral for homeowners to do that, but okay for his company, because then it is a business decision. Oh hell no - it is a business decision for everybody. I got a complete (free) refi, not the government thing (which is only good for 5 years I think, so glad I did not get it!) and my interest rate went from 6.25 down to 2 and will rise to 3 and then 4 in the next 6 years - but never any higher. I could never have qualified for that refi on my own, even with paying closing costs. I am sure Wells Fargo did not want another Florida house on their hands, I don't think they are all that kind-hearted. But it galls me that the banks are doing dishonorable things all the time, yet telling us we must be honorable. Fear, can your friend declare bankruptcy? It may be easier in Florida, no one can take your home or paid-for vehicle. Except the IRS, and they don't want any more homes, either. Then the property taxes and upkeep start piling up.
  3. Fear, I have seen criticism (not directed at me personally) that getting a modification is just wrong because we signed contracts, banks need profits, should have planned better, and even more snotty crap. My rationale - not that I hesitated for a minute - people have also posted, in so many words, that they do not care if other people lose their jobs in order for their stocks to rise in value. That's all I needed. After all, djs111 smiles, I have had two signed contracts yanked out from under me and sent to India in order to enhance Verizon's stock and earnings. So I figure I am being quite correct in manipulating the American economic system for my own needs, n'est-ce pas? The bank did yank me around since last December, very stressful, they have a game where they say make a lower payment then say oh, no, sorry - and by the way, we need the difference in payment plus penalties in two days or there goes your home. When I finally talked to a real person, things got dramatically better - I intend to call her today and thank her, which may make her look more kindly on the next person - but until I opened that envelope and saw the finalisation and new payment, I was v. resigned to another mountain of stress. Advice to anyone else - underwriter said make all correspondence short and to the point, no need to get testy, don't complicate things, make multiple copies of everything so you can overnight stuff the minute they say for the third time they cannot find your documents. And use your phone contact's name when talking, in a friendly manner. Become a person, not case number 756. That's life, really.
  4. Just want to mention that it took 10 extremely stressful months, but I finally got a really great loan modification from Wells Fargo!!!! To anyone else trying for one of these - send in everything they ask for, and - I think most important - be polite, be friendly, be polite, do not disagree about anything. I had gotten so many foreclosure and mod denial letters from them that I almost tossed the handful I got today - BUT - lo and behold - refi with no costs, dramatically lower payment, I can breathe again. Well lots of other problems, but at least this one is resolved.
  5. To all those poor and very polite souls to whom I yammered on and on about my English boyfriend, at the Florida concerts - Yesssssss. That's all. Oh, and aspirin combined with some other things is v. bad.
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