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  1. :::sigh::: I'm cheating on Clay.....with Reed. He's hot. ;-)
  2. And we got to see Phil in his underwear last week!!! That was yummy. The preview for next week looks a bit frightening. Now there’s a shock. Not. <g> X-Files WKRP in Cinncinnati Sports Night ….and many more. Love TAR, totally agree that it’s the best of all the reality shows. Love DWTS because of gorgeous blond dancer boy. Still digging Survivor (if you watch, you must read Jeff’s EW Blogs – freakin’ hilarious). The Mentalist is my newest favorite – LOVE Simon Baker. Dimples.
  3. I love them too!! I also love Mel and Mike (the father and son). Really the only person I dislike is that moron Victor. And I will watch DWTS as long as Derek Hough is dancing on it – I lurves him verra verra much. It’s my experience that scarlett never answers her phone. <g>
  4. Well, I’m originally from northwestern Ohio. But I’ve lived in Nashville for going on 17 years and from what I understand Nashville is the “mid-south” and Alabama would be the “deep south”. Of course, most of Kentucky is also considered the south. Southerners tell me that anything north of the Mason Dixon line is the north. Actually, they say “Yankee” but that it technically incorrect, since Yankee refers to the northeast. It’s all very confusing. It could be the wine. <g> Annabear!! I’m having puppy love! I want to kidnap him and keep him for my own, kitties or no kitties. To whoever posted that older version of Emanuel - wonderful, beautiful, swoonworthy. What an amazing voice our man has.
  5. Heh, I was planning the London/Paris/Amsterdam trip for the fall – all ya’ll are welcome to join me.
  6. ITA couchie, he seemed like a nice guy and a good friend to Clay. There was some fun, light-hearted shipping going on with John D way back when, just as there have been many fun, light-hearted ships in this fandom. However, some of the “fans” who were convinced he was gay because of his association with John D were trying to use it to shove him out of the closet before he was ready. Just because it turns out he is gay doesn’t make their behaviour any less deplorable to me now. Word. And just because Clay is gay doesn’t mean he’s having sex with every gay man in his path. I prefer the Reed variety. Like someone else said – Classy, talented, etc. Not saying that John *isn’t*, just that Reed is……….Reed. :::sigh::: OMG. LOVE this picture. Love. Andy Dick WISHES he looked this good. Not even freakin’ close, IMO. Word.
  7. Eeee!! We had a discussion here (http://www.realityupdates.com/ftopict-1020.html) about the hottest reality host and Phil and his sexy eyebrow were doing pretty good. Great show!! This board has nice people and is relatively quiet. The big show for them, what got them started, was Big Brother and the train wreckedness of it all. <g> Ya know, I'm not going to weigh in on the topic du jour. I think that both sides have valid points. At the end of the day, who cares? Clay is hot. He’d be hotter naked. ‘nuff said.
  8. I don’t think you can compare the Superbowl to any other concert event. There are just too many valid reasons why they would have people lip sync. The same reason why the Thanksgiving Day parade is always lipsync’d by *everyone* - including Clay. I think it’s even a requirement - I seem to recall a big debate on the boards at the time. The Bare Naked Ladies are apparently so unaccustomed to lip syncing that they TOTALLY screwed up at the parade a couple years ago - they stopped even trying to sing along with their music. Imagine a bunch of guys laughing and the singing still happening. <g> It was pretty funny. Maybe that was even their way of protesting - who knows. As for Britney and Xtina – well, sorry, if you’re in a concert that is a CONCERT and people paid to see YOU, then I think you should sing. If you can’t sing and dance at the same time, then maybe one or the other should go – and you should never do Broadway. <g> That said – I have heard Xtina and Beyonce (and Fergie, for that matter) actually SING and they all three have great voices, IMO. I actually found it surprising. Britney? Not so much.
  9. Big HUGE frigging WORD. Have I mentioned that I just want to celebrate Clay??? Word to both of you. I understand wanting to protect someone you care about, but after you see it turn into a ridiculous mess time after time, wouldn’t you LEARN? Heh. I already had plans for Paris (and London and Amsterdam) in September. I’m back to the debating stage, though, because I have an urge to save money, what with the way people are losing jobs. He’s quite hot, that Reed. If I were in the area I would go see him perform, for sure, Clay or no. Going to Reed's myspace?? That's kinda THE POINT of MySpace. If it's public, then he intends for it to be out there. It is a marketing tool, unless they make it private.
  10. I LOVE the blond, but I do like his look from the other night. Nicely styled (quite current), like the side burns.
  11. Let me just say one thing here. If I am being mentioned on a board I feel I have a right and a responsibility to respond and present the correct facts on that same board without it being characterized as bickering. I am a WYSIWYG person - not perfect but with feelings that get hurt and emotions that run the gamut, rarely PC, oddly opinionated, with a bit of a temper, but with a strong sense of fairness, loyalty, honesty and pettiness, I never pretend to be something I am not. To be perfectly frank, I had NO idea anyone was talking about you until YOU told me they were. And even then, I can't be sure that you were targeted since you yourself said many threads had been started. By that logic, any one of several people could have been the subject. From where I'm sitting you're crying foul about something that may not even have been about you. That's how it looks to those of us not in "the loop".
  12. OMG - those are the cutest things EVAH!!! I think I may find him more attactive now than I did before. What does that mean? <g> ETA: I broke a rib laughing at the "Clay's on Top" comment - I always think "top" when I look at Clay and watch him. <g>
  13. I would like to hurt the person or people who were raving over the Twilight books. Thank you, I am now addicted. Losing sleep to keep reading. :::sigh::: There’s this guy I work with who never fails to annoy me. Why? Well, he’s pretty religious and doesn’t drink. When I mention going out to have a beer, he makes some comment about people getting drunk. I say, Yo, bonehead, it is possible to have a cocktail without getting rip roaring drunk. And you can go to bars without looking for sex OR getting drunk. I was at my local sports bar this evening watching football. Dinner, a couple beers, a fun time was had by all. Why does everything have to be one way or the other with no middle ground?? Now, Clay was a good bit younger when he made that comment and I would expect, in his growing up experience, that he would recognize that things aren’t so cut and dried. I think he looks like he’s been blown. <g> People can only push you away from a message board if you let them. Or you are really bad and you get banned. <g> Jaycee, I personally admire the fact that you recognize without being told that much of what you see in Clay is your own perception – there are SO many people in this fandom who can’t manage that one thing. This is not my first fandom, so I learned long ago (due to many, MANY discussions about truth versus perception) to keep the pedestals low and that what we see of anyone like Clay is but a tiny fraction of who they are. So – yer fine, girl! Awwww….that makes me all sentimental and shit. They both look darling.
  14. I’ve never seen him as a goody goody either. Seems quite naughty a lot of the time, when there is less chance of kids seeing. <g> It’s not two faced to present a different side of yourself based on the age of an audience. Don’t parents try to avoid swearing in front of their children? Set an example? Clay may have a naughty side (thank god), but he’s also been very sensitive to children and any influence him might have. Yep, and I’ve know just as many people who I consider to be just plain awful who were very religious. Was there something sexual about that picture? I don’t think anyone can actually make that claim based on where someone’s arm happens to be when the shutter clicked. Now, if it was his HAND instead of his arm….well. <g> That said – I love the picture and wish I was that guys arm. <g> I do think that statements like those above are also generalizations that are often not fair. Yes, Lotus said “some”, but I am seeing more and more of this lately (which is why I did a paragraph break, so as to not make it about Lotus’s comment specifically) – if anyone expresses anything other than pleasure at something Clay says/does/wears/etc now they must have a problem with some aspect of his being gay. How is that a “better” generalization than those made about gay people? Or those made about Asians (referencing another conversation)? Saying someone has a problem with him being gay is just an easy way, IMO, to dismiss other peoples opinions and blatantly unfair. Sometimes it might be true, but sometimes it’s not. Nothing is ever that simple. I just think we should at least try to be careful about making that jump. I feel that’s unnecessarily harsh, but relatively accurate. I think Jaycee has a right to her opinion, but there is no correlation between the two things. For one thing, The Billboard Awards are televised, in primetime when children are watching, and half the people there were drunk off their asses. Two very key points that can’t be said about Spamalot. Someone else mentioned the mean-ness of the events – also can’t be applied to Spamalot. The Spamalot audience goes into the theater *knowing* that there are aspects of it that are not for children. I’d be willing to bet that Clay’s concern about his mother was more about HIM than it was about her – as a young guy he might not have an issue with seeing it, but seeing it with is mother sitting NEXT to him? A whole different story. He was likely embarrassed. Is he still embarrassed for her to see some thing like Spam six years later? I kinda doubt it, but we’ll never know. He probably prepared her (and himself). But I still think that much of Clay’s reaction to things is more related to the impact it has on *children* than it is to his own personal feelings. Me too, and amen.
  15. I watched the MSNBC feed of the rescue for a while (they had the best view) and it was amazing. The NJ Ferries got to the plane first and apparently started helping people off the plane. The pilot is a hero, for sure, to land that plane, intact, in the water.