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2011 NHL Playoffs


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Let's have at it. *g*

I correctly picked each team that won during Round 1 playoffs (it wasn't that hard, some of them were pretty obvious) but Round 2 has been a little tougher.

The Lightning have come almost out of NOWHERE against the Caps, and that series I was shocked to see a sweep! Stevie (Yzerman; former Red Wings captain, current living legend and general manager for Tampa Bay) isn't disappointing at all, quickly becoming my backup team, and easily my Eastern Conference Finals pick.

As for my home town loves, the Red Wings....we have always struggled against the Sharks. *glares* There's no doubt they're an amazing team, well organized and Niemi is a beast! But I'm greatly excited for our win tonight, and now we NEED to make history with a 4-straight win! Odds still aren't that great but I learned about a new thing tonight called "Puck Luck", which we start needing!

I could also start drilling into Coach Babcock though, benching Mike Modano...and complain about Howard in the net and also how it would have been REALLY nice if we had gotten Nabokov earlier this year. We'd be pretty much unbeatable if we had him. Our team is good but there's kinks we need to work out for playoffs and I think defense and goalies are the problems. (RE: goalies -- Howard is good, but Niemi has a 95% save average. I don't think Howard's matches that. Osgood would be WAY better in the net during playoffs, but he's currently off under injured reserve. Joey MacDonald [our 3rd] is NOT experienced enough to put in the net, IMO.)

Really though... I'll take this Game 4 win tonight and pray for the best on Sunday!

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What do you want to know? I can teach ya! hee

Last year the Sharks and the Wings met in Round 2 and kicked us out of the running. I believe in both 2008 and 2009 as well we had to play the Sharks in Round 1 or 2. Both of those years though we did get lucky to beat them out and eventually move on to the Finals. Game 5 is tonight and it's Do or Die on our side.

ETA: Game 5 in our favor!!! Playing game 6 at home! :) We can do this, we can make history!!

I won't say that I was thrilled with the entire game, we were in a slump for the first 2 periods but we definitely played our heart out in those last 20 minutes...I wish we would play like that for a WHOLE game because then we'd be unstoppable!

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Vancouver clinched their series and are moving onto the semi-finals!! I picked them for going this far on my bracket so I'm not doing too bad on the Western Conference half. :)

Detroit/San Jose Game 6 tomorrow night at 8pm EDT, looks like I'll be missing my usual Tuesday shows, but it'll be SO worth it if we push the series to a Game 7!

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Well, we lost. :( Congrats Sharks and fans. You got the better of us, though I didn't really see our team playing with desperation tonight. Not like in Game 6, which this should have been a repeat of. I'm just thankful there wasn't an empty net goal scored on us in the end, that would have been like rubbing salt in the wound.

Now to push all my support behind the Tampa Bay Lightning. Steve Yzerman is at least still in this thing!! Woohoo!

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Huge huge HUGE game 2 tonight for Tampa Bay and the Bruins!! WOW! I missed the first full half of the game (1st period and half of the 2nd) but I'm finding a way to see it again...final score was 6-5. :) None of them ever slacked in their plays or their game. Both teams are doing great but I'm still guessing we'll (hoping to) see Tampa take it in 6......

I missed Game 1 between Vancouver and San Jose but I was glad to see Vancouver take that one. :P I'll be watching their Game 2 tomorrow!

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