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Clay Aiken TimeLine, 2012

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Clay Aiken Timeline for 2012. ldyj will try her darndest to keep this list up-to-date. If you see anything missing/incorrect, please PM ldyjocelyn!

  • Dec 21 -- Concert, City National Grove (Anaheim, CA)
  • Dec 20 -- Concert, Wild Horse Pass Casino (Chandler, AZ)
  • Dec 18 -- Concert, Vilar Performing Arts Center (Beaver Creek, CO)
  • Dec 16 -- Concert, Potawatomi Casino (Milwaukee, WI)
  • Dec 15 -- Concert, Arcada Theater (St. Charles, IL)
  • Dec 14 -- Concert, Fox Theater (Detroit, MI). This show was scheduled, and then cancelled on December 10.
  • Dec 12 -- Concert, Avalon Theater (Easton, MD)
  • Dec 11 -- Concert, Palace Theater (Greensburg, PA)
  • Dec 9 -- Concert, Wilbur Theater (Boston, MA)
  • Dec 8 -- Concert, Luhrs Center at Shippensburg University (Shippensburg, PA)
  • Dec 6 -- Concert, Palace Theater (Stamford, CT)
  • Dec 5 -- Concert, Turning Stone Casino and Resort (Verona, NY)
  • Dec 4 -- Concert, Musikfest (Bethlehem, PA)
  • Dec 2 -- Concert, St. George Theater (Staten Island, NY)
  • Dec 1 -- Concert, Trump Taj Mahal, Mark J. Etess Arena (Atlantic City, NJ)
  • Dec 1 -- Clay appears at the opening of "Winter Sweet," a winter celebration on the Boardwalk of Kennedy Plaza (Atlantic City, NJ)
  • Nov 29 -- Concert, Durham Performing Arts Center (Durham, NC)
  • Nov 28 -- "The Dr. Oz Show" appearance
  • Nov 27 -- Concert, Polk Theater (Lakeland, FL)
  • Nov 25 -- Concert, Capitol Theater (Clearwater, FL)
  • Nov 24 -- Concert, Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall (Sarasota, FL)
  • Nov 23 -- Concert, Kravis Center for the Performing Arts (West Palm Beach, FL)
  • Nov 16 -- Clay tapes an appearance on "The Dr. Oz Show" (syndicated) about gay conversion therapy.
  • Nov 16 -- Sirius XM Radio Appearance: "Morning Jolt" with Larry Flick (OutQ channel). Since he was at the Sirius XM studios, He also appears on "Sway in the Morning" (Shade 45, the rap channel!) and "Broadminded" (Sirius XM Stars channel) .
  • Oct 27 -- D.L. Hughley's Comedy Center special, "The Endangered List" premieres. It features the funnyordie clip.
  • Oct 23 -- funnyordie.com clip called "Save the Black Man," and it stars Dennis Haysbert, Howie Mandel, Jennifer Tilly, and Clay!
  • Oct 20 -- National Inclusion Project Gala concert, located at the National Theater in Washington, DC. Arsenio Hall was Master of Ceremonies, and Debbie Gibson and Ruben Studdard performed along with Clay.
  • Sept 29 -- UNICEF Water for Life Gala at the Hyatt Regency Calgary (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • Aug 28 -- Clay tweets this: "Playing drinking game with my brother now. We drink every time we see a black person on screen at the RNC convention. #soberasamormon" This starts a bit of a Twitter war with country singer (and previous season Celebrity Apprentice winner) John Rich, which is picked up by many media outlets.
  • Aug 20 -- Clay tweets this: "2nd place on 'Idol.' 2nd place on 'Apprentice.' And now thanks to @reptoddakin I'm only the second stupidest Aiken!" This was picked up by several media outlets.
  • July 10 -- OFC Video Chat (Members only).
  • June 16 -- Encore Celebration Gala, honoring Cole Porter, Alan & Marilyn Bergman, and Barry Manilow, at The Center for the Performing Arts in Carmel, Indiana. Clay sang "Even Now."
  • June 14 -- An appearance at Leesville High School (Clay's alma mater) for the Richard J. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Basketball game.
  • May 22 -- Clay participates in the "Harboring Hearts Spring Gala" at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City, participating with The New York Pops Orchestra.
  • May 21 -- Clay tweets that he attended the GLSEN Respect Awards in New York City.
  • May 20 -- Finale episode of "Celebrity Apprentice." Plans continued for the individual Galas, and everything got done in time. In the boardroom, we discover that Team Arsenio raised $167,100, while Team Clay raised $301,500! During the live portion of the show, Dee, Debbie, Aubrey, Lisa and Penn all thought Clay should win, while Dayana and Teresa thought Arsenio should win. Clay and Arsenio sang a duet, "Lean on Me." In the end...sadly, Arsenio was selected by Mr. Trump as the next Celebrity Apprentice.
  • May 20 -- Radio interview on the Opie & Anthony Channel (Sirius XM).
  • May 20 -- Appearance on "The Today Show" as part of being in the final two of "Celebrity Apprentice."
  • May 18 -- "The Wendy Williams Show" (Syndicated) appearance.
  • May 18 -- Clay and Arsenio on "Access Hollywood Live."
  • May 18 -- Entertainment Weekly Inside TV podcast with Clay and Arsenio, hosted by Dalton Ross.
  • May 18 -- Live appearance at the NBC Store in New York City.
  • May 17 -- Media rounds via satellite with Arsenio. The shoot was in the lobby of the Trump tower.
  • May 17 -- Brief appearance on "The Today Show" with Arsenio.
  • May 16 -- Radio interview on Michelangelo Signorile's Show (OutQ on Sirius XM).
  • May 15 -- Clay and Arsenio meeting with Donald Trump at Trump Towers. Donald Trump Jr. tweeted pictures from the event.
  • May 13 -- Thirteenth episode of "Celebrity Apprentice." Within the first 10 minutes, Aubrey O'Day is fired, leaving Clay and Arsenio Hall as the final two. The next day, they are assigned their task: a charity gala/fundraiser, including a party and a 30 second PSA. Their helpers are previously fired contestants. Arsenio picked Adam, Lisa, Paul, and Teresa; Clay picked Penn, Debbie, Dee, and Aubrey. Arsenio's show will be more comedy oriented, while Clay's (with a carnival theme) will be more musical. Drama erupts when Debbie's cousin wants to paint a mural on one wall (without letting Clay see a sketch first) and Adam has his crew film Magic Johnson (on the West Coast) for the PSA -- except the crew filmed Magic from the side!
  • May 13 -- Appearance on "Face the Nation" (CBS), speaking as part of a panel discussion about same-sex marriage.
  • May 10 -- "Showbiz Tonight!" (CNN Headline News Network) appearance.
  • May 10 -- Appearance on "The Ed Show" (MSNBC).
  • May 9 -- "Piers Morgan Tonight" appearance, in regards to President Obama voicing support of gay marriage.
  • May 8 -- Clay appears on CNN, interviewed by Brooke Baldwin. He spoke about the fight against Amendment 1 in North Carolina. (Sadly, the Amendment passed later that evening...)
  • May 8 -- Clay performs at "Night at the Pier" in New York City, a celebration for the Family Equality Council.
  • May 8 -- Dee Snider's album "Dee Does Broadway" is released. Clay joins Dee for the duet "Luck Be a Lady."
  • May 6 -- Twelfth episode of "Celebrity Apprentice." The teams were tasked to create a 4 page advertising spread for the CHI Touch Screen hairdryer (which could appear in ELLE magazine). Team Forte (Lisa Lampanelli and Clay) won, and Teresa Giudici (PM of Unanimous) was fired, mainly due to her nerves during their presentation. Celebrations were shortlived, however, as the four remaining were then interviewed by last year's winner, John Rich, and runner-up, Marlee Matlin. After the interviews, Mr. Trump announced that two more people were to be fired, and immediately fired Lisa. The last shot of this episode: "To be continued..."
  • April 29 -- Eleventh episode of "Celebrity Apprentice." The task was to write and perform a 90 second jingle for Good Sam, an RV roadside assistance program. Arsenio Hall (Unanimous) and Dayana Mendoza (Forte) were project managers; Arsenio let his team (basically Aubrey O'Day) "run wild," while Dayana micromanaged, which caused both Clay and Lisa Lampanelli to blow up. In the end, Dayana was fired.
  • April 22 -- Tenth episode of "Celebrity Apprentice." The teams were tasked with creating a marketing display for Donald Trump's new cologne, Success. Aubrey O'Day was the winning project manager with Unanimous. Clay was project manager for Forte; fortunately for Clay, Penn Jillette came up with the slogan for their campaign (which the executives hated), and he was fired.
  • April 20 -- Clay performs as a guest with Stuffed and Unstrung at the Carolina Theater in Durham.
  • April 15 -- Ninth episode of "Celebrity Apprentice." The task was to create an adult improv puppet show for Stuffed and Unstrung, an offshoot of the Muppets. Lisa Lampanelli (Project Manager) and Clay perform the puppets, and win the task. Paul Teutel Sr. (PM for Unanimous) was fired.
  • April 10 -- OFC Video Chat (Members only).
  • April 8 -- Eighth episode of "Celebrity Apprentice." The task was to create a 60 second spot for the coupon company entertainment.com. Team Unanimous (project manager Teresa Giudici, and Aubrey O'Day back on the team) produced a spot filled with double entendres, and won the task. Lou Ferrigno from Team Forte had his 110% run out, and he was fired.
  • April 1 -- Seventh episode of "Celebrity Apprentice." There were two tasks (and hence two boardrooms) during this episode. The first task was to create a celebrity tourbook of NYC, and then fundraise by selling the guidebooks on the street. Team Unanimous (with project manager Dee Snider) won by $14.00! Debbie Gibson was fired. The second task was to create a launch for "Walk with Walgreens." Donald Trump mixed the teams, moving Aubrey O'Day and Teresa Giudici to Team Unanimous. Team Unanimous won (Arsenio Hall was project manager), but Aubrey felt picked on in the board room, and left the building. Dee Snider (now of Team Forte) was fired.
  • March 29 -- "Big Morning Buzz Live" (VH1) appearance.
  • March 27 -- "Showbiz Tonight" (HLN) appearance.
  • March 27 -- Appearance on "Watch What Happens: Live" (Bravo).
  • March 26 -- Clay appears on the "Just Jenny" (Siriux XM Channel 107) radio show.
  • March 26 -- WNBC (New York City) appearance.
  • March 26 -- "The Frank DeCaro Show" on the OutQ Channel on Sirius XM interview.
  • March 26 -- Appearance on "Access Hollywood Live!" (syndicated)
  • March 26 -- Clay appears on "The Today Show" (NBC).
  • March 26 -- "Steadfast" released!
  • March 25 -- Sixth episode of "Celebrity Apprentice." The task was to throw a party to introduce a "mocktail" flavor from Crystal Light. Clay was project manager, and Team Unanimous threw a "Life's a Peach/Beach" party to introduce the Peach Bellini flavor. Team Forte threw a "Garden of De-Light" party, with Aubrey O'Day as project manager. In the end, Clay's team won, and Patricia Velazquez (who "messed up" the graphics for the party) was "fired."
  • March 25 -- Clay and Aubrey O'Day sing the National Anthem at the Honda Grand Prix of St. Peterburg (Florida) Indy Car Race.
  • March 18 -- Fifth episode of "Celebrity Apprentice." The task was to create a "viral video" for the O-Cedar ProMist mop. Clay stood up to Penn Jillette, which basically allowed Lou Ferrigno to step up to the plate and lead Unanimous to victory. Team Forte lost Tia Carrerre (project manager).
  • March 11 -- Fourth episode of "Celebrity Apprentice." The task was the create a 10 minute presentation and a 10 minute Q & A session introducing the Buick Verano car. Team Forte (!) won, and Adam Carolla (project manager for Unanimous) was fired. However, Mr. Trump was deeply disappointed that Michael Andretti did not step up to the plate as PM for an auto task, and fired him as well.
  • March 5 -- Clay appears on Lisa Lampanelli's special on Howard 101 (Sirius XM radio channel).
  • March 4 -- Third episode of "Celebrity Apprentice." The task was to create a "living window displays" touting Ivanka Trump's clothing line. Team Forte won, and George Takei (project manager for Unanimous) was "fired."
  • Feb 26 -- Second episode of "Celebrity Apprentice." The task for the week was to create a show for Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. The audience for the show voted, and Team Unanimous won (Penn Jillette was project manager). Victoria Gotti was "fired."
  • Feb 20 -- Carnegie Hall (New York City) concert, as part of the "Distinguished Concerts Orchestra and Singers International." Clay narrated the second half of the show.
  • Feb 19 -- Premiere of "Celebrity Apprentice" (NBC) in the US. Reruns will be on CNBC (Fridays) and Bravo (Saturdays) of the following week. Canadians will get the show on the Saturday after the American premiere. This episode had Team Unanimous (the men's team) and Team Forte (women's) competing to raise money by selling sandwiches. Unanimous squeaked by, due to a generous donation from a friend of Paul Teutel Sr. (project manager). Cheryl Tiegs was "fired."
  • Feb 18 -- Clay is one of the judges for the 2012 Nico Castel Internation Master Singer Competition, held at the Weill Recital Hall (Carnegie Hall, NYC).
  • Feb 17 -- Part two of the "Bill and Lynda" interview on WRAL-FM.
  • Feb 16 -- Part one of an interview on WRAL-FM (North Carolina) with "Bill and Lynda."
  • Feb 14 -- Clay makes a suprise appearance at Kelly Clarkson's concert in Biloxi, Mississippi. They duet on "Open Arms."
  • Feb 13 -- A video appears on the ProtectNCFamilies YouTube channel with Clay talking about how Amendment One (a proposal on the May ballot in North Carolina that defines marriage as "one man, one woman") would affect families of ALL types.
  • Feb 1 -- Tracklist for "Steadfast" released on Amazon.
  • Jan 31 -- According to several tweets from Clay, he attends Kelly Clarkson's concert in Raleigh, NC.
  • Jan 26 -- Clay blogs that a "new" album will be arriving in stores soon (no mention of an official date, but listed on Amazon for March 27). It's an album called "Steadfast" with songs from "Tried and True" with new remixes, timed to capitalize on "Celebrity Apprentice" publicity.
  • Jan 19 -- A tweet for Clay indicates he attended Adam Carolla's stand-up show in Raleigh (he tweeted a picture of his tickets). A short video taken backstage after the show appears on Adam's Twitter feed.
  • Jan 4 -- Clay personally starts tweeting.
  • Jan 4 -- Clay appears on "The Today Show" (NBC) as part of the official announcement of the cast of "Celebrity Apprentice." Subsequently, he makes the media rounds as a representative of the show -- CNN Headline News' "Showbiz Tonight" (appearing with Lisa Lampanelli), WPXI (Pittsburgh NBC station, with Dee Snyder), KTLA (Los Angeles CW wtation, also with Dee), a few Sirius XM radio channels, and more!

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