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  1. I'll be going to Lancaster and NYC!! Are there any parties?
  2. a little too early to tell - but possibly Asheville, and possibly NY - hoping for something a little closer tho!!
  3. Just look for me!!! I'd love to go somewhere for a drink!!
  4. I just looked at the list, and it looks like I'll be all by myself tomorrow! No one else from FCA is going to see Spam tomorrow!! Oh well....... me, chachadotter#2 and chachadotter#1 and her hubby will have fun anyhow!! We are crazy for going this close to Christmas, but they (#1 and SIL) are moving to WV right after New year's so this is our only chance to see Spamalot!! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO! eta: just looked at the list again and in case it matters... we didn't make it on the 17th, I don't know if you'd want to take my name off that day or not. Your call!
  5. anna - please add me to the SEPTEMBER 19 list! I might go sometime in October if I can work it out with my daughter and SIL!
  6. By Jove - I think I've got it! I've narrowed it down to three, with one more to consider for very different reasons. First - the THREE: 071130_Kalamazoo_MCWL_ShyGirl.mpg - this one has a nice rich, soft sound to it, and Clay's voice sounds great, nice and soft. Full song, and no audience noise. 071211_Red Bank_MCWL_NYCityClayFan_large.wmv - this one has a little tinnier sound, but it starts with the instrumental intro, and his voice sounds really good on it. 071222_Merrillville_MCWL_canfly172_large.wmv - this one has a rich sound, a little audience cheer in the very beginning. Clay's v
  7. I am working on my song - hope to be finished soon!!! (take whatever definition of soon you like...)
  8. I'll start our first 'representing' list tonight when I get home. Too many interruptions here at work for such important info. I hate to seem negative, but the Y seems to be a good 20 blocks from the Shubert!! A short cab ride, but a LONG WALK!
  9. I have Spam tix for Jan 3 - 8 pm and Jan 4 - matinee (the only 1/4 show)... I am looking for a room mate and can book a hotel room, but am hesitant to do it without an interested party to share it with me! I know of at least one hotel close by the theatre that is not too expensive. couchie??
  10. cha cha trusty

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    Photoshop stuff, wallpapers, banners, pics of Clay, pics of Clay's bits, etc
  11. I love this one - he looks like a movie star! This is one where I think someone might say "THAT'S Clay Aiken????!"
  12. OK - I've just downloaded everything for MCWL from the CH vault. Is that OK? Do I have to search out more versions?? Luckily.... MCWL is not a favorite for peeps to record!! I only have 29 to listen to (so far)! I will try to listen soon. I need to get ready to go to NYC on Saturday but I might be able to squeeze them in!! And let me add an OMG! Has anybody posted theirs yet? I didn't look at page one... OK - I see a couple people are on the bal! ~~~~ I would like to make a teeny suggestion tho. When you post the mp3 files, can you number them in sequence as per the performance
  13. I wonder how they decide which contestant gets which professional dancer?? I was glad to see Wayne go last night, but felt sorry for Cheryl. Wasn't she paired with that black rapper dude (Master P?) a couple of years ago? I thought Wayne, Floyd, and Mark should have ALL gone before Albert! He was hot! Even though he didn't do as well on the second week as he did the first week (hot hip action!) I wish he had stayed around a few more weeks. Not that I voted or anything, mind you! But there was something about Wayne Newton that made me uncomfortable. It just seemed weird. Is it just me?
  14. jamar - if you loved the movie Stardust, you might like the book too!! Neil Gaiman has recently become one of my favorite authors. I loved the movie too!! There's another light-hearted comedy coming out next month. It's called "Enchanted" I think. It's about Cinderella and Prince Charming and the Wicked Witch all getting transported into NYC and becoming real people! Looks like a hoot! I like Jodie Foster too, but that movie sounds a bit intense!! I hope we can go see "Across The Universe" this coming weekend! Has anyone seen it? :F_05BL17blowkiss:
  15. Loved that mega-spoiler blog!!! Off to Raleigh - hope to meet some of you!!