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  1. Kim - that's my problem! Family event that I didn't know about when I bought the ticket. And I thought I was getting off easy getting the $75 ticket! Then my daughter and SIL want me to babysit our grandson - overnight at our house! It'll be the very first time they will leave him overnight - it's their 11th anniversary. I am willing to donate the ticket if no one else wants it!
  2. Speaking of the balcony... I jumped the gun and bought a ticket, and I totally can't go! Any takers?
  3. Hi All! I've been lurking a bit since Joseph started, so I thought I'd decloak and say hi! Wasn't Joseph a hoot!! I loved it!! Sorry I missed any of you up there, I went when my broad friends decided to go and they gave me a ride most of the way up there!! I only had to drive to PA. I miss those road trip days! I hope you all are well, I see some of you on FB, so we are not totally disconnected. Love that Clay has decided that Twitter is not the devil any more. I got in on the big Twitter/follower push while we were up in Maine and got to tell KorywithaK that I had just started following him the day before. Clay was also following me, not sure if he still is, because he said he'd unfollow everyone after the 25th. Brat! I don't tweet much either, but it's a really good way to keep tabs on what my kids are doing. We mostly communicate by twitter, fb, email, and texts! An occasional phone call. LOL I tweeted back to Clay after his pigeon/statue tweet, "Way to be cryptic, Clay!" Love the pictures he's tweeted lately. He seems to have become more comfortable with us! We are getting ready for my daughter, sil, and grandson (18 mos) to come tomorrow and stay with us for about 10 days while their one and only bathroom gets remodeled. I think tonight will be the last peaceful night of sleep we'll get for awhile! I usually visit about once a week and babysit while they run errands, go out to dinner, etc. They live close to DC in Arlington, which is about 30 miles from here.... 45 minute drive on a good day! Rt. 66 can be a real bummer at times! In the process of putting together a crib... Wouldn't it be nice if Clay did another Broadway show... or a Christmas tour!! Keep your fingers crossed!
  4. Hi again to you too Fear! shortyjill - there was a strict no clack policy, I didn't see anyone even raise a camera or cell phone! BUT - there are a few pics on this ClayAikenNews page: http://claynewsnetwo...-wow-just-wow-2
  5. Hello Long Lost Board Mates! I was really happy to meet up with a few of you all at the Gala yesterday! Due to a communication glitch I missed the Elephant and Castle - so sad!! Next time I'll pay more attention. Had a great time all in all - I hope Clay comes back here again next year!!
  6. I'll be going to Lancaster and NYC!! Are there any parties?
  7. Hey Couchie and everyone!!! I have a Kindle and I really like it. I carry it to dr's appts and other places where I'll need some reading material. I think the main advantage of the Kindle is that you don't need a computer to get new books. It's wireless and the wireless service is no additional charge. You can buy a new book anywhere you can get a signal. It doesn't have a backlight which at times is inconvenient but is also easier on your eyes. There are inexpensive lightweight clip-on lights you can buy to go with it. I bought one a couple of months ago and have only used it once so far. Here's a video (and a selection of others) that compares the 3 e-readers - Nook, Sony, and Kindle. I've had my Kindle almost a year now. The kids gave me Amzon GC's last year to help me buy it. Now my daughter has one too. I haven't researched the Nook Book but I've heard that the main advantage to it is that you can trade/borrow books from other users. Good luck!!
  8. a little too early to tell - but possibly Asheville, and possibly NY - hoping for something a little closer tho!!
  9. Just preordered Clay's CD - but the price went up to $18.98! Booo Hisss!!! See ya in Raleigh!! eta: I canceled it... I'm sure it will be available for less later...
  10. I also think Conan is a nice guy - I know he did jokes about Clay, but so did everybody else. Conan basically got screwed by NBC and Leno had a lot to do with it. I boycotted Conan's show forever, but then found out I'd missed a lot of good comedy! I really enjoyed his interview with James Lipton on Inside the Actor's Studio. It was genius. I hear he's putting together a comedy tour which I might be interested in if it doesn't conflict with Clay. FTR - I hate the insult dog and the m'bating bear!
  11. This CMSU Who says the Baptists don't have a sense of humour? Nice to see you, cha cha. Hope we get to say hey in Raleigh! Hey Cindi! Me too! I am riding with my friend from PA who loves to get an early start - but I'm going to ask about going to the breakfast! So excited about seeing Clay sing!!! :04:
  12. Kim, apparently some folks are lacking in that department!
  13. Do you mean in the composition window? Because I can see everything, so it must be an IE6 thing. But how weird that must be for you!! FWIW - I've been using Google Chrome instead of IE recently - it works great!
  14. ausdon - hard work doesn't begin to describe it! Here are some pictures: this is the view from the front door - that little bubble of snow is the birdbath - to give you a clue of how deep is was! The slight depression straight out is the walkway! Here's the front porch all covered with snow. This is the view of the house after I shoveled two thirds of the way to the mailbox! And "Bunco" is a game played with dice, accompanied by several glasses of wine! We get together every month and play and sometimes do other stuff together! It's fun!! The new board is certainly different but I don't see any problems yet! Good job mods!
  15. must tack my wishes onto this list!! LUCKY! I came here because I got the message that FCA was deleted! What a bother!! Thanks for the email with the link, couchie! Things in the RL have been crazy - what with the holidays, various family members wafting in and out, and then the blizzard. We are still dealing with the snow. Even tho I carved a place to get my van out of the garage, it is almost impossible to get it back in again, I did it yesterday in reverse, and then it took me 10 mins to get turned around and out of the driveway today! And the snow is just too hard for me to shovel any more. This is totally OT but tonight I and a bunch of bunco ladies went downtown to see the touring company do Grease. Taylor Hicks played the Teen Angel. Ace Young was supposed to be Danny, but he was absent for some reason. If they expected TH to be a draw they were wrong! The National Theatre wasn't full at all! In fact, we were supposed to go last Tuesday but couldn't because of the snow. DC was virtually shut down, and even tho the show went on, we could not get out to get there! Plus, parking was very limited until yesterday when they spent all night clearing lanes on city streets that were totally mounded up with snow. The Feds were closed for 4 days! That has never happened before! Back to Grease, I would have liked to see Ace play Danny, but he is not being promoted at all - TH is being billed as the big star. He did a song at the end of the show from his new album, and had ushers hawking it when we left the theatre. He was in the lobby signing autographs and posing for pictures. But we didn't stop. Taylor was good as Teen Angel, but anyone who has seen the show knows it's only one song in the whole play! Anyhow just wanted to vent a little, I'll stop rambling now!! I'll be in Raleigh on the 12th! Any speculation of Clay's "Special Guests?" Ruben perhaps!?? And I heard TITN in the grocery store a couple weeks ago! (before the blizzard) :party038: eta: I have lots of clack if you need any replacements!
  16. Hi ausdon!! We had a huge break when we moved here after living in the same house for 22 years. We were able to leave some stuff since they were going to tear the house down, but we had a huge accumulation of stuff. When we had moved into the house in '79 all my aunt's stuff (minus a couple furniture pieces) was still in it. (I still have some of it! LOL) We also had 3 months between the time we settled on this house and had to be totally out of that house. I know you'd probably not have that kind of time tho! I recommend getting large Rubbermaid containers to pack your stuff in. They look very organized and that's what the peeps on Clean House do when they come in a re-do someone's messy house. It looks very organized and clean to have color-coordinated containers sitting there in a closet, garage, or attic! I know you're asking for moving out tips, but another thing that helped was that when we moved in, we erected shelves in the basement and unpacked all the extra stuff onto them, instead of leaving them in the boxes. There were some I hadn't unpacked for 22 years! Good advice on the Windex and making everything shiny. I've also heard that it's good to have some frozen or canned bread products that you can stick in the oven for when there's a viewing of your house. The smell of warm baking bread makes a house really appealing for some reason!! There's also the custom of burying a St Francis statue up-side-down near your front door that is supposed to help sell your house faster, but I am not sure of that one. I might even have the wrong saint!! LOL GOOD LUCK!
  17. Hi FCA - sorry I have been MIA for so long.... but I have a NEWS FLASH! I just updated my claymatized site!! it's not much but it's a start!! http://claymatized.com/index.htm
  18. I forget who asked for the total from the Live Auction, but it was $184,000.
  19. Hello everyone at FCA! I'm excited about going to Raleigh tomorrow - hope to see a lot of you there!! To those not going - I know exactly how you feel! This will be my first time going. Birthday Greetings to all I've missed in the past couple of weeks. RL has been keeping me busy and there's no way I can catch up on 20 pages!! Gotta go finish packing! WOOOO HOOOO for the GALA!! :04: :04: :04: :04: :04:
  20. FCG - sorry to be extra trouble, but my travelmates want to get on the road instead of going to breakfast with you guys. Hope to see you all around at the gala festivities anyhow!!!
  21. is it too late to add more people? I am not sure what my travelmates are doing.....
  22. Can't let the day go by without shouting out to my good buddy ausdon!!!
  23. FCA!! Going to a Bug Out in a little while - it's a Volkswagon Car Show. I'll post some pictures later! There was a Jimmy Buffet Concert at Nissan Pavilion last night. We didn't have tickets but we drove by and listened for a few minutes. Someday we are going to go to one of those! We have Parrot Head licence plates on our 72 Super Beetle. I have vowed never to sit on the lawn again tho and the reserved seats available were $127 + service charges. For Jimmy Buffet, I don't think so! GREAT NEW BANNER!
  24. Way behind again as usual!! to Annabear - it seems my Julie/Julia obsession has inspired her to cook - so we both spent a good deal of the day in our respective kitchens! I made Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon and anna made Roast Chicken. Here's the recipe, a downloadable pdf scanned from Julia's cookbook. I followed it pretty closely and there were a lot of steps! Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon - well DANG! it won't let me post the link! I get an error message: "You have entered a link to a website that the administrator does not allow links to" - what's that about?? Well - if you just google it you'll find it, it's on the publisher's website, "Knopf." It isn't a recipe for anyone in a hurry, and luckily I didn't make any other plans today! I started at 3 PM and finally got it in the oven about 4:20! Then I sat and nursed my burned thumb, since I forgot that a pot coming out of a 450ยบ oven would be really hot. You're supposed to saute the beef, add flour and then put in the oven for 8 minutes, before adding the wine and beef stock and simmering on the stove. Oh well, I did the Julia Child thing and poured myself a glass of wine while nursing the thumb with a bag of ice. As Julia says, "You're alone in the kitchen, and who's to know!" Anyway, it was all done by 7:00 and it was delicious. I also made the Braised onions (peeling about 20 pearl onions!) and sauteed mushrooms, which on their own are quite tasty! On Topic - who is that gorgeous guy in that sexy banner up there? Where have I seen him before??
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