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  1. Ah...I see the conversation up there has turned to books. My favorite topic! As a, well...a bookwhore, I love the feel of a high quality book. The leather binding, soft smooth paper, running my fingers down a page of high-grade paper is almost erotic for me. That being said, I have a Kindle and wouldn't give it up for anything! I just LOVE it! I can get books a lot cheaper than buying hard copies, no trip to the bookstore, no waiting list. They're downloaded instantly. Plus that feature of being able to adjust the font size with a click is priceless. So, how have y'all been? I've missed you. I hope everyone is doing well. And Clay? How's he?
  2. Couchie you must be worried sick, not to mention exhausted. Do try to take care of yourself as much as you can. I know you're concern is mostly for your mother right now, but please take care of you. I'll keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. Richard Chamberlain? I'll be interested to know how you like the show. He just seems so....old... to be playing that part. Isn't he like 74 or something? Does he do comedy? It's freakin' freezing here! I hate winter with a burning hatred that should melt snow and ice.
  3. Clay looked much better than Marty in the white pants. No dis to Marty - it just would be hard to top Clay's closing night white pants. Shame on you! I'm telling Mr. Random Cute Guy. Damn, I love me some Closing Night White Pants.
  4. I believe you own an accordian.... oh...was that a secret? --- Well yeah...that's a secret just between you and me and....how many thousand people are members here? Couchie, do we have a 'slap the shit out of someone' emoticon here? My daughter informed me last night that she was going to take down the Christmas tree for me while I was in NY, but that it's a big job for one person! No shit? NO SHIT???? I said. Please, tell me all about it. I haven't been doing it by myself for the last 25 years.
  5. When you're done taking yours down, would you come do mine? I had better things to do after Christmas...like hang around in NY, watching Spamalot and talking non-stop with a bunch of wonderful Clayfriends. Can I be in the band? I have absolutely no musical talent, but that doesn't stop anyone else in the music industry nowadays.
  6. I'm ready for Clay and NYC, too, Couchie! I'm bouncing off the walls I'm so ready. Flats? How about tennis shoes? I understand there's a lot of walking in NYC. Nothing better than my Keds for that. I think my friends will make me walk 3 paces behind them, though.
  7. Merry Christmas Eve, FCA! I hope you all have a holiday filled with peace & joy (and tons of wonderful presents). <---pretend it's Santa. At least it's red.
  8. {{Couchie}}, hugs, prayers, positive vibes and everything else I can think of are coming your way for your mom, and for you, too. Selfishly, I am so glad you'll still be making your trip to NY as I am soooooo looking forward to seeing you again. I hope your mom makes a speedy and complete recovery. I have one gift left to buy, everything else is wrapped and under the tree. This year, for the first time in years I tried to avoid buying gift cards. I wasn't entirely successful because my daughter specifically asked for a couple to specific stores (Victoria Secret), but for the most part people are going to be subjected to my idea of what they might want. I suppose tomorrow I'll need to brave the cold and get my butt to the grocery store. Jeez, I hate winter! It's so effin' cold I just can't get warmed up, even in the house. I know I'm really lucky not to have had the ice and snow that some of the rest of y'all are dealing with, so I'll stop whining.
  9. Mornin' FCA! I watched the ETHS links before going to bed last night. What a wonderful bedtime story. It was just fun to watch, and he looked so good in so many of the clips. I didn't care if it was low-budget. The only part that made me raise my eyebrows was the guy (sorry, have no idea who he was) that said "He has no more announcements to make. This is Gilligan getting off the island". Hmmm....He almost made it sound as though the only reason people were interested in Clay was because of the questions regarding his sexuality, and that now that he's out no one will be interested in him anymore. Weird. How about being interested in the fact that he's a great singer, a wonderful entertainer, etc? Ricky is soooo sweet.
  10. Well, the other possibility is that he may have had a few dates with this guy but is not necessarily in a relationship. I mean, in my single, dating days I went on a lot of dates with a lot of guys but they were just that...a date. Go to a party, out to eat, whatever. And then move on our merry way. Or sometimes date someone occasionally for a few months socially but not romantically. luckiest I don't know where you live but I hope that snow isn't anywhere near me. I'm sick of winter already and it's only just begun. And I don't even have my tree up yet. We have a puppy that eats everything and I'm trying how to put up a tree and enjoy it without wrestling the dog every waking minute. Don't suggest a baby gate...she can climb them.
  11. Evidence? Evidence?? Whassat? Speaking of white picket mansions...did you look at the pictures on Reed's Myspace? He posted a picture of his home....a sweet, warm cute little house with...you guessed it...a white picket fence! I think it might be fate.
  12. Admittedly I haven't been around much lately, but is there any evidence that Reed could be Clay's new boyfriend other than the fact that he's got his picture with him? I mean, has anything been circulating lately about Clay being in a relationship? Or we just being our usual selves and shipping him with anyone he looks at or speaks to? I think Reed is a cutie and I would be tha-rilled for Clay if he were in a happy relationship. Of course, I'd be more thrilled if that relationship were with me, but since that ain't gonna happen I'll settle for a relationship with someone he might actually like. The Klelly! ETA: ok, I just read the comments on that blog. Apparently someone thinks they've been dating for quite awhile. Opposites attract I guess. This guy's agile and graceful and an excellent dancer and Clay's.....um.....Clay can do choreography.
  13. Happy Thanksgiving FCA! Yeah, I'm late with that, but it's been a grueling day. Of course I'm not caught up, but is everyone doing well? Any good Clay news?
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