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  1. Clay's tweets are just so funny. I can't believe he's already made over 1700 tweets. He's a tweeting fool today.
  2. My friend and I have already been saving for the Christmas tour! We've been dieting and exercising and this will be our reward!
  3. After reading through all the angst on other boards about poor Clay having the temerity to tweet about a friend, I remembered why this is such a sane outpost. I was beginning to think most of Clay's fans were a bunch of f$%%$%g lunatics.
  4. Stopping by to say hello. I've been very lax, I'm afraid. Just sitting around killing time until the winter tour.
  5. I SO hope Clay is in town watching plays in preparation for a starring role on Broadway. I already have my suitcase packed.
  6. My friends and I are going to eat breakfast at Dottie's True Blue Cafe at 522 Jones (between Geary and O'Farrell) at about 8:30 in case anyone's around and wants to look for us.
  7. Not that I know of, but I'd be happy to meet up for breakfast or lunch! I can't do dinner, either... I was able to get my M&G rescheduled. Breakfast would be good. We'll probably be up and eating around 8 or 8:30. Where are you staying?
  8. AGHH!! I can't meet for dinner in SF as I already have plans to meet up with friends, but is anyone getting together for breakfast?? Or lunch on Saturday?
  9. That's a very good sign that he's being more accepted. LOTS of gay people. LOTS of potential fans. Bring them on!!!
  10. I can't wait for SF. This has been a good day. ETA; My friends and I are staying at Hotel Abri in SF. Who else is going to SF?
  11. Well, I lost 20 pounds and regained 15, so I'm desperate. What is the spark diet??
  12. Have you all recovered from last night? I hope this year is a good one for all of us--including Clay.
  13. Just stopping by to say hello as there's not much going on in the world of Clay.
  14. Fantastic show! I just got back to the hotel. Clay came out with Mack the Knife wearing his sharkskin suit--and it seemed a little baggy. Sure enough, he said that when he filmed the PBS special the suit had fit him and then opened it and wrapped one side over the other to show how skinny he was, saying "That anorexia's not bad" (paraphrasing of course as my brain is addled). I was front center right behind Scarlett as I was # 30 in line and made a beeline for the center as soon as I got through the door. Clay was in fine form. I'm sure the videos will be up soon. Let's see. Total Rooster Hair. He said he had done his own hair. This I believe. (LOL). Lavendar tie. White shirt. Striped socks. He took a phone from someone and talked to the woman (Deb) on the phone and found out she lived in Ohio and ragged on her for not coming to the show--snapped the phone shut and then started singing "Who's sorry now?" OMG, the look on his face was priceless (although he sort of whispered to the woman holding the phone later, asking if she'd gotten Deb back--she had.) Let's see, oh yes, he asked (probably not in order here) if anyone had NOT been to one of his shows and this older lady (using the term somewhat loosely) said she was at her first show, but I think she said she listened/watched?? him 4 hours a day on her computer. This should have given him a clue to run. Anyhow, he asked her to come up to the stage, and he came down (LOVELY VIEW) to meet her, and she looked like this sweet little old lady, but OMG, she started grabbing at him and hugging him (she may have even kissed him) and was rubbing her hand up and down his back. Holy crap! THE LOOK ON CLAY'S FACE!!!! I almost had a convulsion from laughing--if you hear a hyena laugh on Scarlett's video--that's probably me. Once he got away from her, he said he'd never been molested on stage before and told the woman she needed to stay off the computer. Then, he said, "Where was Jerome? We're going to have a staff meeting later." Jerome was standing over on the side laughing like the rest of us. I mean, was he going to haul a little old lady off Clay!!!?? Clay said the reason he'd asked about first-timers was because he needed new people to join "the cult." He made a few references to some (maybe all) of us being crazy. LOL. He couldn't remember the order of the songs and borrowed the program outline from one of the band. He said he had some of the lyrics written on the floor and he screwed up one song and sang about how he didn't know the lyrics. He was really funny, have I mentioned that? I noticed some of the band was pretty sober in the beginning, but they were cracking up later, especially the woman. There was a mini-orchestra (violin, viola, cello, horns) as well as two guitarists and Ben and Sean. Quiana wasn't there--only Casey--so maybe something came up and there was a switch or Quiana didn't go. Oh, yes, Clay was joking at one point and said he wasn't getting paid for the show. He invited one of the younger gals up in front to dance to Eso Beso while he sang. That was pretty funny too. LOTS of fun stuff going on. UM ended the show and if that were the only song he'd sung, it would have been worth the $250. (Can travel)
  15. I walked by the PW at 10:30 and there were 7 or 8 people in line--including Scarlett! Just stopped by on my way to lunch and there were about 30. Heading back with a book to read.
  16. I'm in Chicago at a charming B&B around the corner from the Park West. I walked over and bought a ticket to see Mark Cohn perform tonight. The woman who sold me the ticket said I didn't have to worry about coming early because they hadn't sold many tickets to his show. One of the guys who works there was outside joking about the "Claymates" and said they would be lining up about 1PM tomorrow. I forgave him for being a little shit when he added to his coworker that he had voted for Clay. ETA: Do you think he's RIGHT???? I was planning to wait until 2!!!
  17. Chicago, Chicago, it's my kind of town..... (Dumdadeedumdum) Can't wait.
  18. Somewhere someone posted which video has Clay calling himself a "homo" but I can't find it and can't remember (senility). Could someone please direct me to the right one.
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