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  1. I don't think the first picture..where Clay's hair is lighter is a current picture. The hairstyle is different. He has had that dark hair color for a while. He has that style now where it is shorter on one side and longer on the other and it looked like yesterday that he just had all the hair swooped back..I think the hipper hairstyle he wears when he is on BOLD and the hairstyle yesterday was more conservative..either way..I don't like the style or the color and I wouldn't like the style on anyone..not just Clay.
  2. No tomatoes from me..I thought Clay looked awful..way too thin and the hair is just not good..he doesn't even look healthy. Maybe the stress from Jerome's accident could be a contributor but someone needs to feed that boy a hamburger. I thought the whole thing was odd..why out of the blue would they be singing together and Ruben promotes his project and Clay doesn't mention the concert tomorrow night..just weird all the way around.
  3. As one of his few fans on the other side I am happy to see that he is; so far; reaching out to all his voters. I have only had time to listen to one interview but I liked what I heard..I hope he follows through on what he says if he gets to Washington. He is looking very good and so far seems to be getting a lot of supportive tweets and comments although a couple of articles I have seen on yahoo the comments have been what I expected. Now for a totally petty moment..I see the person who was and expert on running his career is now an expert on running his campaign..just makes me laugh at how predictable it all is. Kim
  4. Happy New Year FCA! Party animals that we are, hubby and in were in bed by 10:00..just cannot stay up till midnight anymore. Surprisingly it was pretty quiet around here..well..except for snow plows down the street. We didn't get as much snow as predicted, I think most of it went north of us. Nice to see the tweet from Clay..wishing the same for this year and can't wait to find out what is up his sleeve! Kim
  5. Clay was not at O'Hare last night..a fan who had a stopover there heard some people talking and mention his name and thought maybe he was there; but those in California said the time frame would not work..he would not have had time to get from Arsenio's show to the airport to O'Hare at the the time the fan was there. It would have been about 8:30 our time which means he would have just finished taping the show. As to the show..well..I have always been called a "pollyanna" and part of the "positive police" and I have always tried to keep a good perspective on this fandom thing. I remember right after AI when it seemed things were going at warped speed and it seemed this could go on forever; I would always tell myself that it is not going to last forever and there would be a day when there would not be concert tours every 6 months and CD's and TV appearances. There would come a time when Clay would decide to move on and do something else..maybe have a family and not want to tour as much. Clay was thrown into this so quickly and while he says it wasn't his first career choice, I think that was what he told himself because it wasn't happening. I have always believed that teaching was plan B and being and entertainer was plan A but he didn't know how to make Plan A happen or didn't think he would be given a chance because of his looks and maybe his sexuality. But God had different plans and threw AI in his path. I truly believe he loves entertaining and being on stage and that AI gave him the opportunity to fulfill both sides of himself..the entertainer and the teacher. So many fans have said that Clay never had the passion for music because he didn't write his own songs but I don't believe that. I have seen the man sing and whether he has written the lyric or not; there is passion there and emotional investment in the song he is singing. His passion has always been singing and interpreting a song and he does it better than anyone I have ever heard. I think if he could go out on stage every night and just sing what he wants without worrying about CD's and record companies and fitting into a genre and whether or not a song is a cover or what the fans think...to just stand in front of a mic or sit on stool and just do what he loves..I think he would be the happiest man alive..but that isn't how it works. I don't think he has lost his passion for singing or entertaining..I think he has lost his enjoyment of doing it as a job. So after 10 years..he is changing his career path to something that will fulfill him..at least that is what it appears to be. We could all still be wrong and he could spring something on us in the next few months..but if he is leaving..I wish him well and hope he finds what he is looking for. And if he is not..and I still have two fingertips hanging on to "I am certainly not going anywhere" from the blog..I will celebrate that too. This has been an interesting ride and none I ever thought I would be on. I really hope the Clay train isn't coming into the station for the final time. Kim
  6. As much as I miss doing WFI..I honestly do not know how I would fit it into my schedule. Monday is my last night of class.."does happy dance around my desk" and then in January I do my practicum and then I will officially be certified as a Library Technical Assistant. I am so glad this is coming to an end. Have to finish up Christmas shopping this week-end if it doesn't snow too bad..this is way too early for this kind of weather. May try and get some baking in too..with the kitchen renovation I have not had time to bake like I normally do. Clay..never worry about him..hope he is enjoying the Holiday season with that sweet boy of his and looking forward to whatever he has in store for 2014. Kim
  7. Sounds like those who attended had a great time..glad they shared what they could. I agree about some maybe taking a break from the boards..seems like some are hanging around just to "stir the turd". Kim
  8. LdyJ I hear you on the timing..put mine in at 9:00 so it will be done at 12:00 and I have an hour to get everything else in the oven and done. But the turkey is delicious. Kim
  9. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Counting down the minutes until the family arrives..looking forward to having all the grandkids together. Because of the kitchen renovation, not doing anything fancy this year..have my great-aunt's tablecloth out but using paper plates and utensils since everything is packed away. Spent 20 minutes this morning hunting for my meat thermometer..hubby finally found it. Took yesterday off from work and made the pies, stuffing, cranberry relish. Put the sweet potatoes in the slow cooker about 8:00 and the Turkey in at 9:00. Just have the mashed potatoes and rolls to do. All my daughters are bring stuff. Just need to get the table set and clean up a bit. I do my turkey like Alton Brown...no stuffing, just apples, onion, orange, cinnamon, sage and rosemary inside, brush with oil and bake at 500 for 30 minutes, turn temp down to 350 and cook for another 2 and 1/2 hours. Comes out very moist and golden brown and I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn. Hubby is outside raking leaves..he was supposed to bring in the folding chairs from shed so they could warm up a bit. Cold outside but it is sunny..just glad there is no snow! Everyone have a great day! Kim
  10. Ldy Glad to hear you are okay, hope you get power back soon! Kim
  11. 2 Days until Clay is on Law and Order! Clay is looking good! Everyone have a great day! Kim
  12. 4 Days until Clay is on Law and Order! Sun is finally out after about 4 days of gloomy weather. Sienna's first birthday party today..a couple of weeks late but too much other family stuff going on..for my daughter..not me. Off to wrap her gift and clean up the house..such a mess..be glad when this renovation is done. Kim
  13. 5 Days until Clay is on Law and Order! Nice picture..wonder if that was Clay's Birthday gift to Granny..sounds like something he would do especially if Granny were a fan and Shirley is from Durham. Kim
  14. Yes I am beginning to think some of Clay's fans really are 12..I am sorry but I am just beyond understanding some of this. Kim
  15. 6 Days until Clay is on Law and Order Sorry I haven't been around...been a little busy. We are starting a new security system at the Library..RFID and have been learning that and now we have the monumental task of tagging everything. Good thing is it will give us a chance to weed books as we go along. I am also one that has been having a hard time with the fandom lately..not everyone but a certain faction..it is quite depressing at times. Kim
  16. 10 Days until Clay is on Law and Order! Baby shower this afternoon and Mark is going to start installing my new sink..that rates another Everyone have a nice day! Kim
  17. 12 Days until Clay is on Law and Order! Nice pictures! Everyone have a nice day! Kim
  18. 13 Days until Clay is on Law and Order! Kitchen floor is done and cabinets in place..now comes the plumbing..hoping that will go smoothly. Starting to look like a kitchen again! Everyone have a great day! Kim
  19. 14 Days until Clay is on Law and Order! Not much progress on the kitchen yesterday; to add to all the fun my husband has been cleaning out his parents storage unit this past Fall. This is stuff from his Dad's business that they put in storage when he retired and they moved; stuff has been in storage for 20 years because his Dad was not ready to deal with it. Well now they have decided it is time to clean it out and since we live closest to the storage place, hubby gets to do it. His sister and brother wanted no part of it. It has been a job going through things; His Dad was in heating and air conditioning so lots of mechanical stuff, motors, etc. He has sold a lot of stuff, but still more to go through. Good for us because we get to keep half of the profits. Its been a good heads up about cleaning out stuff so your kids don't have to..need to really do that myself. Everyone have a great day! Kim
  20. 15 Days until Clay is on Law and Order! So I am now down to washing dishes in the bathtub and using my slow cooker on the bathroom vanity. Hubby is pulling out my sink cabinet so he can finish the kitchen floor an then install the new one. So I have no counters right now and no sink. Really does feel like Little House on the Prairie! Told him to go get paper plates today. I will be so glad when this renovation is done. He has to have it done by Thanksgiving as I am having the whole family..if not we may be having a picnic on the living room floor! Everyone have a great day! Kim
  21. 16 Days until Clay is on Law and Order! Back to work after being on vacation for a week..hope I don't walk into too much of a mess. Loved being home..wish I could afford to retire! Everyone have a great day! Kim
  22. Thank you Couchie and Ldy; losing one's home is a lot more important than the petty goings on in the fandom. I realize that if people do not go to there boards they really aren't aware of what is going on..let's just say it ain't pretty. I am a rose-colored glasses person too and it has gotten me in a lot of trouble. I also realize that I am very opinionated and my opinions don't mesh with the majority of the fandom..so for the most part I always feel like I am on the outside looking in and sometimes I am glad that door is shut.
  23. Well I guess I have been told..in a nice way..to zip my lips..so that is the last word you will hear from me on the subject. I own my feelings..always have..always will..sorry if anyone was offended by my comments.
  24. For me it isn't about sharing Clack it is about respect. From day one the fans have been all about Clay gaining respect..respect from his peers, respect from the industry, respect for his talent..but what about respect from the fans? Ever since the blog and through the Gala and Jerry's remarks it has been all about how the fans have felt disrespected by Clay for not telling them everything about his plans or saying anything at all..the Gala comes along and they make changes and the fans feel they have been taken for granted..I have seen posts saying fans felt tricked into going, there was a bait and switch..the how dare they not give us what we want after what we have done for the Project posts. The anger and nasty things being said about Jerry and NIP after his comments. One fan even said that the Project needs to "suck up to the fans" if they want the fans continued support. Haven't they been doing that for the past 10 years? The clay-centric auction items..for the fans..Clay selling off his clothes and memorabilia..for the fans..the Clay dinners, etc. for the fans. Clay allowing clack in the early days for the fans. So now for the last couple of years Clay has decided that he wants the Gala's to be more private and special for the fans who pay a lot of money to attend the Gala's and all the fans do is bitch and complain because it isn't fair and we are entitled to clack. Yesterday when the clack surfaced; it was sort of the straw that broke the camel's back for me..especially because of the timing of the clack being posted; right after the brouhaha with Jerry and the NIP. It was obviously done to make a point about the Gala's and the entertainment and what the fans want and think they should get. To me it is disrespectful in the first place to take the clack when Clay has asked us not to; it was even more disrespectful to put it out there in a way that proved that the fans don't care what Clay thinks...if the fans want Clay to respect them then the fans need to respect him..it goes both ways.
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