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  1. Bwah!!! Ya'll have brought me out of lurkdom with your funny recaps!!! I was there and all I can say is "DITTO". Well except for this part ** and did me up again the side of the theater, again the wall, on the table, bent over a chair, slapped my ass and asked "Who's your daddy?" That was good.
  2. Sure but there's one problem....my apartment is on the second floor! Nevermind. I don't know who's stuff you're fondling, but I just received an email from Clay that HIS package is on the way to ME. And you, a married woman, caressing a new large package on the first night! You've been around me too long, I see. You're all a leeetle late ladies. I've been fondling Clay's awesome package since last week. It's a wonderful package - so big & all, full of well hid surprises. Not sure what I think of Clay anymore allowing just anybody to caress his package. He's really taken "whoring hisself out" to a new level.
  3. I'm way hung over on all the awesome pics- I can hardly pick a fav. This gal has to be a fan to capture how WE see Clay. Hubba Hubba!! PS It was good to meet you " jmh123" ( and friend) at the Marriot before the show Mon.
  4. I feel the same way. I too grew up in Raleigh. Lived there til I was 12. It is completely unrecognizable to me now. The place has grown and expanded so much since I lived there that nothing looks the same. There were no beltline's or malls. But I lived there until 1960 so have been gone a long time. I don't feel any connection when I visit. Kinda sad.
  5. Still trying to recover from the Gala. I don't do losing sleep well, and we didn't get to bed until almost 3 AM after the Gala. Hung out in the bar area with other fans living in the afterglow of the awesome evening. Loved seeing FEAROFH2O and georgiesbybaby and others from here ( who's names I can't remember). It was such a fun evening and seeing how far Clay's dream has come was so inspiring. The NIP just epitomizes class and professionalism. I was so impressed!!
  6. Cam55000 and I ( ncgran4clay) are still in. Luckily we don't have to play ticket tango as we went in on a Silver table for the event. Unless something drastic happens we will be there. Shae
  7. Speaking of Raku, as a RN I was SO not a believer in this, and called it hoki, poki, BUT when my husband was ill & developed some complications that the Dr's couldn't seem to put their finger on the source, his sister ( who does Raku) called and said she needed to come over and do it because she had a bad VIBE about him. So, she did it & told me to get him to the ER right away as he had a problem and she showed me actually where on his abdomen the problem was. I listened & took him to the Dr. insisting on a CT zeroing in on the exact spot. Would you believe they found an abcess !! Needless to say he was treated & recovered. Now I am SO a believer in RAKU ( if done by the right person of course). It literally saved my husbands life!!
  8. The only good side to Clay's response to Prop, 8 being distributed to the blogosphere is that it really shows just how articulate, intelligent & thoughtful he is, and I think far too few people see this side of Clay, they only see the crap!! Of course our favorite asshole is taking credit for lifting the blog & sending it to PH's shit site, & he lifted the Adam blog as well & sent it to Gawker .com. He has bragged for quite a while that he is a member of the OFC under an alias. Too bad the OFC doesn't have a way they can track it to him & ban his sorry ass. But, if he didn't lift it one of the other wacko's over there would. Clay we need some news, Baaaaad!!!
  9. I don't understand the fans saying " but you need to listen to another song, you didn't give him a chance"". I do the same thing. I'll hear a song & if I don't like it ,the singer doesn't get a second listen from me. He says he doesn't read any board but the OFC but if I was him and had been reading on some Clay boards to see all the slobbering over AL I'd likely be a tad pissed. Who knows, maybe it doesn't bother him a bit. I don't think a Clay fan can't like other singers but the tongue bath AL has received on some boards, even his own has really bothered me. We wanted him to blog & hurray he starts blogging but now some are pissed because he states his opinion. Some people are never satisfied. Sigh
  10. I'm hoooome from my wonderful week-end visiting with Clay friends and seeing my HAWT or as Toni says f*cking gorgeous boyfriend. I won't mention any names of all the wonderful ladies I ate with, talked to, Eeeeeed with as I might forget someone as I don't have a memory for sh*t anymore. But, I do remember how awesome Clay looked & sang. The hair. OMG!! It was perfection. This color looks soooo GOOD on him, probably because it is close to his natural hair color. His singing was - there just are no words. He looked so comfortable up there. I basically enjoyed the whole show. I would have loved to have had more Clay but I knew it wasn't a Clay show from the get go so I wasn't too disappointed. I could have done without the opera lady but overall it was really good. I would do it again in a heart beat. I thought Cher looked reeaaaly good for a lady her age. I would kill for a body like that!!! When they did the finale song Clay started out singing alone, briefly, then the others came in but I could still hear his voice harmony part most of the way through the whole song. His tone was beautiful. The one thought that crossed my mind afterwards was I had heard so many good voices from the Canadian Tenors to Donny Osmond and I still love Clay's the best. No other voice out there no matter how good affects me the way his does. No, it's not technically perfect, or trained, but I love the tone, even the way he pronounces his R'rrrrs sort of hard, and the southern thing he does of dropping the er and making it an a in some words. His voice is just so distinctive. Hearing him sing just made me want a tour more!! I'm ready for a road trip ya'll. Gotta run, work calls just want to thank ymarie & eleid, & demeter for doing all you did to make it a wonderful fun time with Clay friends !! Did I say he looked f*cking gorgeous!!
  11. I love Beads for Life!! I'm up for what the group wants to do as far as a party. I just purchased several items last week for friends with BD's coming up. One of my bff's travels a lot & always carries the jewelry bag I gave her last year. The colors on these are gorgeous!!
  12. Loved meeting many wonderful ladies last year!! Sign us up!! ncgran4clay & cam552000 Tx
  13. Scarlett - first, so glad you are doing well!!!!!!!!! Second - the oily chests and the costumes on everybody made me laugh too much, so I just couldn't watch. But John Derek was nice to watch. Is he still married to Bo Derek, or has he moved on to the next young blonde wife? Heeee....I guess he can be referred to as a recycled husband, so he is a Green Day participant :-) Going to drive me crazy trying to think of the name of that Easter show we watched - the boy gets bitten by a scorpion or a spider, and speaks with Jesus on the cross. The boy dies at the end and we all cried, every year. Don't think John Derek is chasing the next your blonde- He died in 1998.
  14. I thought he was just adorable last night!! His thoughts & opinions of the girls appeared to be spot on. I think Clay is a pretty good judge of character & it really showed last night. He looked really good ( love the sideburns ). Couldn't you just eat him with a spoon!! I watched with my 9 year old GS & told him to try to be quiet so I could watch my boyfriend. He watched very closely for a while & looked at me & said" Nani, isn't that what they call cradle robbing??
  15. Scarlett So sorry you have been ill! Continued prayers for your complete recovery.
  16. For anyone who has not been to this Gala, it is fantabulous!! I am so skeeered we are not going to get a tour this year so I'm going with bells on!! ( that is if I can get a ticket) It was packed last year! Such fun & wonderful memories! He looked so good that night!!
  17. A couple of pics from the party posted at CV. They are public FB so I hope it is OK to post them. He looks happy. Can see a little swelling on one side of his face though. Poor baby!! http://www.clayversity.net/forums/index.ph...4945&st=480
  18. I was there also!! I remember tearing up when the scroll around came on saying " We celebrate you home". I was sitting a few rows behind & to the side of "papa" & could hear him shout out to Clay. There's a wonderful video somewhere ( I know I saved it somewhere) of what appears to be Clay tearing up when he hears his papa shout out to him. I took 4 friends with me to the show who were casual fans & they all loved it!! Good memories!! ETA- Found it, for those interested!! Clack Unlimited- Concerts- JNT 05- 051222- Raleigh-Star of Bethlehem- jojoct. Listen at around 1:23 & you can hear papa & Clay's response to hearing him!!
  19. I don't watch it either but I'll be there to watch Clay faster than you can pull a greased string out of a cat's ass!!!
  20. Found the Babel Fish translation on another board of the blog. It says March 15, around noon. So that would be yesterday. ( if the blog is accurate)
  21. Well, amongst you and I it's just you! Have you ever known a car place that didn't?? FromClaygary: Do we know when the picture was taken. I know the blog date is today. Just curious. If in the last few days, he is home & not in NYC. He looks good. Anybody know what the R on the hoodie stands for?? This post is by questions r us
  22. I remember the subject of Tasapio came up on another board & someone posted she was at the Pala concert & definitely was still a fan. Don't know about picture taking though. None of hers showed up after the concert that I know of. ETA: What ever happened to Aflack? I loved her post at the CH. She just disappeared.????
  23. Is anybody else having trouble getting into CV? :8: ETA: TX
  24. Never watched the 1st season of Idol & didn't watch 2nd season til Wildcard night. Hubby hollered to come see this skinny kid from Raleigh ( my birth town) sing. I was a goner. I cried when he lost. Hubby was a computer geek & found a site I think called Neurox?? He downloaded all the shows ( Clay's part) for me & found the Clayboard. I've been a messageboard mostly lurking fool ever since! Went to the IT in Winston-Salem, NAT in Charlotte. Have been to at least one of each tour ( except JNT 07 ) & for many of the tours we tour hopped to as many as we could!! Good times!! I've loved every minute of my Clay time & the special people I've met as a result. My job running my husband's company is stressful so Clay is my "peaceful" ( well, except when the angst is out the roof). I'm patiently waiting for him to be done "recollecting" & be my HAWT SINGER MAN once again!!
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