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  1. OOlsee That is a cute picture. Clay looks so young! Merrieeee Welcome home! I am so gladthat you had such a great holiday!
  2. Clay looks really handsome in those pictures idyjocelyn!
  3. idyjocelyn and merrieeee thanks so much for the welcome. That was so nice! Thanks too for the Esquire article, it broke my heart to read how much Clay wants this! so Clay is over the $60,000 mark, there is still a way to go, everyone is trying so hard.
  4. What an idiot! Liar too1 He is a Republican. eta I love that Broadway video. They do love him, don't they!
  5. I am most impressed by Hannah Waddington getting a part in my favourite show! I have read all the books too. What are jersy mikes?
  6. I just checked the sales for tonight and it is sold out except for 2 handicapped seats! Yey! I will be thinking of you tonight merrieeee and waiting for your recap! Thanks everyone for the great videos and recaps. I wonder what he meant when he said "Oh that's clever" on the last sd video.
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IDYJOCELYN !!! :all_coholic: Happy Wedding Anniversary Kim!
  8. My computer died this morning and I just got back from Best Buy with a new one so am trying it out. They are putting all my data from the old one on cds for me so I don't have my favourites yet with all my urls. this is my first destination. It seems a bit slow. That sucks! What a disorganized place that is, there is no line for customers just the guys in blue shirts and a mass of customers who don't wait their turn!
  9. merrieeee! I am glad that you are alright! I know what you mean, I have been mostly staying away too. I am hoping that there is a big change and Clay will resume his career and everyone will be positive again!
  10. I am glad that everyone seems to be able to adjust their plans for the Gala but sorry about the extra expense involved. It sounds like it might be even better with the mini concert! I love Celebrity Apoprentice but like everyone dislike DT, however he isn't in it that much and imagine 2 hours of Clay every week! I would rather it be a singing appearance or something directly connected with his career though. If this is true he probably only agreed because it was an opportunity to raise moiney for NIP. Has anyone talked to merrieeee lately? She hasn't posted anywhere since she came back from her vacation and hasn't answered my pms asking if she is ok, and no comments about the latest Clay news. I am a bit worried.
  11. Please add mysself and my gd to the Nokia concert idyjocelyn.
  12. Travel safely everyone and have a wonderful Clay time! am looking forward to the recaps!
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