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  1. Hi, I have not been here for a while. Where is everybody?
  2. Hi everybody, Have not been here much lately. Glad to hear that your move is working out to be not stressful Couchie!
  3. Hi everybody! Couchie congrats on the weight loss! That is a lot of weight gone. Sorry about your job hassle. I can't believe that they are not paying you overtime for all those hours of hard work.
  4. Merrieee If you still have a copy of the Christmas DVD that you made, I would love to have one. If you do let me know, and I will PM you my address.
  5. For those interested in going to Florida concert. Someone at CV just reduced the price of two tickets that sound really good. I will be in Atlanta at that time or I would probably buy these: I brought this post over. I am not the person selling the tickets. It is in the CV ticket thread.
  6. I had a great time at the Gala. Saw some familiar faces and got to meet Ldyjocelyn and Couch Tomato. It was good to see all you. Kandre was sitting in the front row of the Mezzanine right next to me. A pleasant surprise. I know that we have lots of emoticons. I cannot find out how to use them. Before it was easy. Where are they? How do I add them to my posts? I only see the smiley one.
  7. I am packing right now. I have to get up at 3AM tomorrow to head for DC. Flight leaves at 7AM. I am so not a morning person. See you all there!!!!!!
  8. Penn is a big wind bag. What a phoney! I am glad that Clay is not going to be on this one. I will never watch this show again, and until now I have watched every episode. Never again. OK, qualifying that I will watch if Clay is on again, but seriously doubt that will happen. Can't wait for the Gala. See everyone there. Where are you all staying? And when do you get there? Clayann and I get there on Wednesday. We got the NIP rate at the Marriott for Thursday through Sunday. See you all there!!!!
  9. ldyjocelyn That is so sad. I can't even begin to imagine something so tragic happening to a young couple. I am so sorry.
  10. There have been a couple of posts at CV from people that bought tickets, but now find that they cannot go. These tickets are offered to those that want to go, but couldn't afford ticket. If I see another offer, I will PM you, but you have to act fast because they get taken pretty fast. Someone even gave away 2 free tickets. Somebody that had gotten 2 free tickets, found out that she could not go, so she gave those free tickets to another fan. They post these on Clay Matter's main thread, so if you belong to CV, try reading it every day for a free ticket. There is also a Gala ticket thread.
  11. I am getting excited too! It will be great to see everyone. And I am really looking forward to meeting you Couchie. I missed meeting you in Las Vegas skating show. I met other FCA peeps there though. It will be wonderful to see the Houston Peeps again.
  12. I know for many this is frustrating the hell out of them, and I totally understand that, because I sure would like to know if I should plan on a concert or not. But at the same time -- I don't follow the conversations between Clay and his followers all that much, so I'm guessing he's had a few too many people "tell" him what to do, and so he tweets this. I have to admit I chuckled at this tweet. I did not see any tweets telling Clay what to do. Most tweets were asking him what he wanted his fans to do to help so they could do it. A lot of the tweets told him of the venues that fans had al
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