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  1. Bracing myself for people who'll pounce on it as a desperate media stunt because even people who are never on media sites have heard about it today. *will stay within FCA walls for a while* lol... yeah, some exposure for the album would be a nice side benefit. I haven't had time to read much here but it's been pretty sane at the Shed but reportedly insane at the OFC (which I decided to avoid the headache of going over there to read the angst. Looks like Claygasm believed it and was angsting huh? No angsting in canfly's world. Hey didja know that Clay is on my TV right now on a repeat of Leno!
  2. Yup. I know the people who made the sign. So, canfly has been watching the events unfold tonight but refused to go to the OFC and sat bemusedly and early on I quoted this statement by Clay with the Singapore Magazine: May I say, "I told you SO!" In any case, I can't believe the hysteria by some. :fssign:
  3. :wave: Claygasm! (how the heck do ya wave around this joint anyhoo? Ah well...this'll do: Heh. And you even brought the kids as protection, lol. Why ya gots 2 Zs in alspaz here? :shrug
  4. I couldn't find a cut off date, but I'm guessing tomorrow 5/29. Remember - one vote per IP/email addy. Clay is in 2 categories, Hannah in 1 & Spamalot itself in 1. Favorite Breakthrough Performance (Male) Clay Aiken, Spamalot Favorite Replacement (Male) Clay Aiken, Spamalot Favorite Replacement (Female) Hannah Waddingham, Spamalot Favorite Long-Running Broadway Show Spamalot This concludes this evening's PSA! Thanks for reminding me. I was waiting for somebody to tell me some other people to vote for in other categories and I was going to vote from my home addy. Already voted from work. I give up. I just voted in 2 or 3 other categories for people I know that I like but most I had no clue, so not fair for me to vote for things I have no clue about.
  5. Aw shaddap! canfly got motioned to move UP closer by 2 different people, who presumably wanted clack of whatever might happen, so I was TOO close and when all of the cameras came out, I diligently pointed the camera at the stagedoor. Got clack of some chick with dark hair and was going "where the heck is Clay???". By the time I realized that he was above my head, I only got maybe 4 or 5 seconds of vid before he vanished. You can see his arms and his head though. Is there any good splack of Clay on the roof??? Can you tell I'm verra, verra good at hijacking threads, lol?
  6. OK, so you were one of the people standing near luckiest1, who was also being a back wall hugger, lol??? Ain't he though?
  7. That was very cool! I hope that at least some of the comments are "legit". I'm guessing that the "I hope that "I hope this song becomes a single" was posted by a clayfan, lol. It would be so wonderful if one of the songs on OMWH could end up being on a movie soundtrack for real!!! ETA, That's cool.
  8. Aw crap. I haven't been a freakin' newbie anywhere for a hella long time! OK, so I'm gonna bring a tradition with me. This is the newbies greeter guy, so I'll greet myself, lol. :lmaosmiley-1: Er...um... I met lotza of peoples outside of Spam, lol. Make a picture for me K?
  9. OK, so ya got a shitload of emotes here but where's the :wave or :hello one??? Not quite sure that this is what I'm going for: I came here to look around cuz luckiest1 said this place was sane and I was curious to see what that might look like. Apparently it looks like this? Kewl! (who named :thewave : ole0 ???? ) The emotes rock. Their names suck though. Anyhoo...off to look 'round da joint...
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